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  1. Sean O Brien

    Papers Papers Said The Nazi Gestapo ...Our You Will Be Tattooed or worse shot!

    The Real Dangers Of REAL ID...

    The new RFID technology on Drivers Licenses & Credit Cards can be scanned using a remote electronic RFID Scanner. Then Decrypted, sold to some foreign terrorist or domestic criminal to become you using your ID for Profit, leaving you to straighten out your stolen credit and ID.

    Hackers are clapping their hands giving a thumbs up to the our US Government and HLS...they just made it easier to hack the private info on the rear of the license, with the embedded RFID Chip.

    What people do believe is it can not be decrypted (Hacked) with the PGN 128 bit encryption.!
    Ask your friendly computer programmer who wrote the encryption...

    His answer “A Programmer Bozo”!

    Just read on the Internet about US Government top security fears of a cyberwar...
    Foreign countries using trained criminal hackers to hack into our Military Top Secrets...this is the same Programmed info on the RFID CHIP.

    Since it was programmed by man it can be decrypted (hacked by a Criminal hacker for profit).

    What is the worry... Most US States that are in compliance with HLS are requiring to much private info to be programmed on the RFID Chip (Radio Frequency Identification).

    Example: First and Last Name, DOB, SS# Medical Records...(MEDICAL RECORDS???)
    Eventually more personal info to be added (Sexual Preference, Religion, Vote Registration, Democrat, Republican)

    By 2017 everything you do purchase, see a doctor, travel, go to a movie. you will be required to show your papers (Federalized ID Drivers License)

    Plus forget the going to the bank to deposit or withdraw money from the bank or an ATM, you will not be able to continue getting your Soc ail Security Checks, VA disability Checks Cashed (this is black mail in the works)

    Cashing your government checks your license will be slid through a special device that reads the personal info and sent off to HLS, IRS, FBI.

    All of your banking, purchases, will be sent to a data mining company & stored on their data base, contracted by our Government (Our Government can't store your data without a warrant,but they can contract with a private data mining company).

    My Father fought against Hitler's Nazis … Whenever Hitler took over a country, he immediately created a ID System to weed out the history repeating itself?

    Our Government knowingly violated our constitutional & civil rights (4th & 10th Amendments)

    The state of Florida is a sovereign state with statues in place including the 10th and 4th amendment to protect Florida residents privacy, yet they force you to handing over your personal documents (Black Mail Again) without a warrant to scan .
    (5 documents are required, Birth certificate Social Security Card, Utility Bill, Mort age Payment. Divorce papers).
    Then it is sent to a data mining data base storing millions of Americans private info
    for HLS or FBI (including criminal hackers) to view (why does HLS want to know why I purchased Preparation H.
    Recently hacked & 40, 000 lost their ID to some criminal hackers...
    Women that were divorced pay hell getting their new Federal Real ID Drivers License...they most show each name change.

    Advertisers can obtian this info simply by purchasing it for a penny a piece.(unless you go to court and have your private info sealed, our pay for the opt-out app for life.

    Older seniors born in 3rd world country's...that had poor record keeping for their hell too...since they can not get the required Government Digital Certificate if they can at all...
    Then come the homeless, then come the backwoods people not born in a hospital that recorded their birth.
    What do you do with those that can not get this REAL ID Drivers License and ID?

    Dumped them off to some planet...say to these Americans too bad just provide us with your Papers.
    In my opinion we are becoming a total police state...we are the terrorist...along with this REAL ID is "Bio Technology" using the stop light cameras with facial recognition identify or spy on US citizens.
    Large chain stores that have an RFID Scanner Readers... that can read your info on your credit cards(wireless credit cards) and the new federal real ID and greets you with a display sign "WELCOME RON PAUL".
    Hackers can & will steal the info off a credit card, drivers license with RFID Chips embedded with private info...simply by walking by you within 3feet to 20 feet (depending on the signal strengtht of the RFID Chips Manufacture.

    How much freedom are we going to allow to give up...Freedom of Speech, Freedom of movement...

    Stop Burring your heads in the sand like an Ostorege only to get your ass kicked...
    Join the fight to protect your constitutional rights...write your congressman...take the info off the rear of the license....

    Do we really need a license to fly, by food, travel, see a movie...Someday Yes That will happen if you just stand there and let it happen..

    Sean O


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