Welcome to RonPaul.com

Welcome to RonPaul.com!

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Now that we got that out of the way, a hearty welcome to the all-new RonPaul.com! Take a look around and let us know what you think. Then, join RonPaul.com and help us spread the message of the Ron Paul Revolution.

For Liberty!

  • Wm

    What is going on in Missouri where 300 elected (Ron Paul) delegates to the state convention are being dis-credentailed presumably because they voted for Ron Paul in the primary is outrageous!

    They are being told that the party has a presumptive candidate and they are being considered to be disloyal!

    And we thought the democratic party had the monopoly on power lusters!

    We were going to play by the rules and only vote for Ron Paul after the first ballot in Minneapolis if, and only if, McCain didn’t get the nomination. Now what?

  • Ernest

    This post should be kept near the top permanently, somehow…. The info in it is pretty vital. Some might say its “hidden” here near the bottom, leading some less meticulous readers to fault. Just an idea. I say this in hopes of the best for the site. Thanks for fighting.

  • bob

    sandra, with RUN do you mean run as an independent? Or Libertarian?

  • run ron run,our country needs you NOW!!!!!How are you going to get into the republican convention when the idiots wouldn’t even let you debate? Are your followers supposed to write you in?
    In history this has never worked. What are you planning? Where is your campain? How do I help you, especially when the last 2 elections have not been just or true? I don’t beleive that Bush actually won either election. I think that both elections were fixed. The republican party cheats and lies. Why would you be aligned with a party that has abused their power and is taking our country down for their own personal gain. We are no longer the leader of the free world, we are rapidly becoming like a third world country. Look at health care! Look at Katrina! Our country is a mess. And the republicans hands are very dirty and their purses are full. I am a former repubilcan who is sickened by what I have seen to last 2 decades.RUN RUN RUN RUN. GET IN THERE AND FIGHT FOR US, WE NEED YOU!


  • Wolf B.

    Amazing, amazing…

  • RedPhalanx

    Either this can become the premier Ron Paul site, or just one of the crowd. I hope the admins and members stay active, involved, and give everyone a good reason to come here.

    A domain name does not a good site make.

  • Delsol

    Good to see the Revolution growing, keep it up and good luck with the site.

  • erased

    Site looks good. Well worth the wait.

    Semper Fi