Ron Paul is still in the race for President!

Ron Paul and John McCain are the only two candidates still running for the Republican nomination.

And even though McCain claims he has all the delegates he needs, Ron Paul’s chances are very much intact.

Ron Paul got 16% of the vote in Pennsylvania, his best showing so far. And last Saturday his supporters gained so much traction at the GOP’s Nevada Convention that the convention had to be rescheduled. It’s not entirely clear what happened behind the scenes, but there are strong indications that after counting the initial votes, party officials realized that Ron Paul would have received most of the delegates had they allowed the voting to proceed.

The following Republican primaries are still upcoming:

May 6: Indiana (57 delegates) and North Carolina (69 delegates)
May 13: Nebraska (33 delegates)
May 20: Kentucky (45 delegates) and Oregon (30 delegates)
May 27: Idaho (32 delegates)
June 3: South Dakota (27 delegates) and New Mexico (32 delegates)

What if Ron Paul had a strong showing in several of these states, and a new scandal came out about McCain?

Former supporters of Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are enraged and disappointed that both of these opportunists have sold out, thrown away their “principles” and kissed up to McCain just so that they’re considered for the VP slot. Many supporters of these candidates will gladly join Ron Paul once they realize that he still has a chance.

Will Ron Paul make history by winning the nomination at the GOP convention, which takes place from September 1 to 4 in Minneapolis-Saint Paul?

There is a possibility, and that’s all we need to know to keep the momentum going and to redouble our efforts.

  • Nope – you are way off with that.. Wrong on too many levels to count..

  • HW

    And frankly, to get back to the original topic, why is Ron Paul still in the race? John McCain now has enough pledged delegates to get the nomination. Ron Paul hasn’t even got 1 / 50 the amount he needs, and John McCain is using him as a joke on John Stewart (and yes, I did laugh).

  • GV

    relax, I didn’t “run away,” I went on a road trip. DC would have been fun if it wasn’t for the rain.

    I think you have some very … interesting ideas, but they’re not all very good. For one thing, I don’t keep long-term savings in a savings account, I invest them in things like the stock market, bonds, when the market’s down, CD’s, etc. In terms of short term savings accounts … I need to have ready access to that. I don’t want to have to wait two days or dick around on the internet to find a buyer for gold, I want to move my money from checking to savings, or checking to TV salesman, etc. when I want to.

    If I do go into international business, I will have some decisions to make about what currency I want to base my operations in. That said, there’s a big difference between deciding on the financial accounting of a multinational corporation and the easy at which your average Joe at a baseball game can buy a hot dog. Competing currencies unnecessarily complicate life for all involved parties.

    In terms of Gold always having value … well, sure, as a commodity. The thing is, moving to a gold standard wouldn’t stop things like inflation or deflation. Hell, massive deflation is what caused the Great Depression, we were on the gold standard at the time (since then, economic regulation has stopped other recessions from growing to the same level). The current problems with the oil market (rapid economic expansion of India and China, political instability in the Middle East and Kenya, etc) would have all occurred whether or not the United States was on a gold standard currency. Futures traders would still have massively inflated the price of oil, leading to our current problems.

    To be honest, we would probably still have had the housing crisis on the gold standard (doubt it? Do more research on the great depression: a large cause of the stock market crash that immediately preceded and partially caused it was banks giving out unsecured (ok, 10% secured) loans to large numbers of people, with the knowledge that those loans would later be invested in the stock market. A small stock market slide led to banks calling in their loans. People couldn’t pay the loans back, and a spiral began).

    As you stated above, economic problems are caused by people, not different types of currencies. Realize this: even if the economy was changed to a gold standard, the same people would largely be in charge of the economy.

  • John Podlasek

    Ms. Chris,
    Thanks for the support,
    The critics always run away when you bombard them with logic. I like Ron Paul because he is logical, honest, and makes sensible arguements. In todays world I guess that makes him crazy. I agree to one thing is that we need more Ron Pauls instead of one in order to make a difference. In this case I agree with “Political Realist”, but for now Ron is all we have, and so I support him.


  • Liberty

    Of course I’d prefer to have gold in my bank account but most people don’t know they have a choice. Check out as they offer such a service. Not exactly a bank account but it works almost the same.

  • John Podlasek

    Fox New article today about McCain stated: “McCain, now the Republican Party’s likely presidential nominee”
    Likely is an interesting choice of words here, considering all the talk here about it being over. Could be picking at straws, but this is from Fox News remember.

  • John Podlasek

    In terms of competing currencies.
    Running an company that does business around the globe, you have to realize that we are already working under competing currencies. This is a fact of life whether you want to admit it or not. Euro, Jap Yen, Gold, Silver are already available to most people who deal in a business environment. I have to use them to protect against the failing dollar and run a profitable business.

    The real issue is the control of money over the people/citizens. The Constitution was very clear in trying to protect the people against govt control over there lives.
    Possesion of Gold, Silver or other commodities, shifts the power back to the people and away from the govt. Paper money is worthless, and since it is worthless it can be devalued quickly. Gold/Silver/Commodities will always have value, thus you have the power over you lives, not the govt. Now Govt/banks can quickly strip you of your wealth and leave you powerless to their activities. This is the fundamental arguement behind Ron Pauls “crazy” ideas. Wealth controlled by you.
    Gold itself can not ruin an economy. Greed, malinvestment yes. Paper Money itself is also not the problem. The people who control the money are the problem, and create the problems of today, tomorrow and historically. Currency is only what we decide it to be. Can be anything actually.
    Ask yourself would you rather have gold/silver in your bank account or dollar bills.
    If you answer Gold you must be “crazy”

  • Ms. Chris

    John P. you are a very good debator. You stick to the issue instead of going for personalities, ridicule, etc.
    Keep up the great work !

  • John Podlasek

    You assume to much about me.
    Greenspan, Reagan, and many others supported a return the the Gold Standard before they were pulled into the fold. Gold Standard is worth a debate, but it does not make you crazy. Gold was the world currency for a few thousand years and still is for the most part. Dollar will crash, Gold will always have real value. If you have savings accounts, get rid of them and buy gold. Over the long run you will never lose.
    Saying someone is crazy for supporting a gold standard is sort of crazy. With that said and done
    I am not sure a full gold standard is the answer. There are supporting/non-supporting videos, theories for the gold standard as well that are interesting. “Money Masters” is quite good, as well as “Fiat Currency” videos. “The Case Against the Fed” is a good book I have seen/read most of them. Does not make me an expert though. Taking a few classes in economics does not make me an expert either.
    Ron Paul has written books and is considered by many to be a financial intellectual. Who else in Congress can argue with the Fed Reserve? Since the country is on the edge of economic ruin, and Ron has been warning us, I tend to trust his beliefs more then the status quo.
    However considering current events Gold Standard has some qualities I like. Mostly it keeps govts from printing money at will and creating inflation.
    Debate the issues. It could be easily argued that since the US left the gold standard the decline of its currency and society is quite obvious.
    Ron is not crazy by any means. You may disagree with him, and I do on some issues to be honest. However he is not crazy. Following our current policies to economic ruin is crazy though. Its coming. I dont think we can avoid that now.

  • GV

    yeah, maybe, but if at the end of the day a candidate can’t get people to vote for him then he’s worthless.

    What has he said that’s crazy?

    Go to your section on economic policy. I realize that you haven’t taken any serious courses on economics or economic policy, but realistically competition between currencies within one nation is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Also, the gold standard has been tried (google specie circular). It was a miserable failure, and it severely and unnecessarily damaged the US economy.

  • John Podlasek

    Its easy to get votes by lying to people and telling them what they want to hear. Obviously you are falling for it again. Did Bush over his eight years bring us what he promised? I think not.

    I can agree that some of Ron Pauls supporters are off the wall, but what exactly has Ron said, or done that designates him as bat-shit crazy. Interesting term from a supposedly sane person I might add.

  • GV

    watch out! Flying mud!

    Try to remember, if Ron Paul does run in ’12: votes matter more than money.

    Also, bat-shit crazy candidates tend not to win.

  • Jim

    John, you said that better than I ever could have.

  • John Podlasek

    Political Realist,
    Its easy to be a realist, easy to criticize people with passion and dedication. You call us Dreamers. History is made up of people who dream for something better (Founding Fathers, etc.) and realists that have given up trying to change things, work to prevent change, and accept the world as it is.
    The best part is that the dreamers usually get all the chicks. Realists get the girls that leave the dreamers to live in reality (Very boring). I prefer the dreamer role.
    Why do you care so much if Ron has no chance? Go bother the Naderites.
    In the end of this election all you will be able to do is say I told you so. Like a said before I few years from now, you will be wishing Ron Paul won. Its gettting worse. Then I will be saying I told you so.
    Face up to that reality. Its getting worse. and McCain, Obama, Hillary have no solutions to the problems, because they are the problem.
    No true Ron Paul follower can ever vote for any other candidate.
    Its not about winning or losing, its about integrity and believing in something that will make a difference.
    As a realist you can never truely understand. They usually have sold out their integrity and passion long ago.

  • Political Realist

    Paul loses to Huckabee in Ind. and NC — and Huckabee dropped out several months ago. No one can stop the Paul revolution now!!!!!!!

  • GV

    He may still be in it, but from the looks of it he’s going to come in a distant third in North Carolina, behind McCain … and also Huckabee. Hell, he’s only beating “no preference” by 3% of the vote.

    Really, there has to be a better way for Ron Paullites to spend their time.

    Ron Paul might run again in ’12 … hell, sure, why not. Hopefully the Paul-based orgy will have died down a bit by then.

  • Mike

    Political Realist: Ron Paul is only 72 and might run again in 2012. This website didn’t even exist in January; it was only launched last week, apparently to coincide with the official release of Ron Paul’s new book, The Revolution: A Manifesto.

    Ron Paul said just a few days ago that the race is still on and that he’s still in it. Even if he doesn’t become President he will have inspired many supporters for the rest of their lives and some of them will pick up the reins and continue the work. There are already several Ron Paul-approved candidates running for Congress right now.

    Finally, how could it be a “cult” to support someone for speaking truth to power? If you’re really looking for a cult you’re more likely to find it in the “Change We Can Believe In” camp. 😉