Ron Paul is still in the race for President!

Ron Paul and John McCain are the only two candidates still running for the Republican nomination.

And even though McCain claims he has all the delegates he needs, Ron Paul’s chances are very much intact.

Ron Paul got 16% of the vote in Pennsylvania, his best showing so far. And last Saturday his supporters gained so much traction at the GOP’s Nevada Convention that the convention had to be rescheduled. It’s not entirely clear what happened behind the scenes, but there are strong indications that after counting the initial votes, party officials realized that Ron Paul would have received most of the delegates had they allowed the voting to proceed.

The following Republican primaries are still upcoming:

May 6: Indiana (57 delegates) and North Carolina (69 delegates)
May 13: Nebraska (33 delegates)
May 20: Kentucky (45 delegates) and Oregon (30 delegates)
May 27: Idaho (32 delegates)
June 3: South Dakota (27 delegates) and New Mexico (32 delegates)

What if Ron Paul had a strong showing in several of these states, and a new scandal came out about McCain?

Former supporters of Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are enraged and disappointed that both of these opportunists have sold out, thrown away their “principles” and kissed up to McCain just so that they’re considered for the VP slot. Many supporters of these candidates will gladly join Ron Paul once they realize that he still has a chance.

Will Ron Paul make history by winning the nomination at the GOP convention, which takes place from September 1 to 4 in Minneapolis-Saint Paul?

There is a possibility, and that’s all we need to know to keep the momentum going and to redouble our efforts.

  • Mark Sockman

    Ill be casting my vote for Ron Paul today. Ill not waste my vote on the same old lies that have blinded so many , so many times . Go Ron Paul

  • Political Realist

    Just a quick reply. First, I have no idea where you get the facts to support your statement that Paul’s support is growing. You can’t possibly be basing it on the fact that he is now getting a larger share of the primary vote. Surely you are intelligent enough to realize that he is now getting ALL of the anti-McCain vote, since Paul is the ONLY OTHER ONE IN THE RACE! Of course his percentages are going up but that means nothing, especially when those voting for him know he has no chance of winning. These folks were NOT voting for Paul when they had other choices.
    Almost all of Paul’s supporters have long since left. Look at this website. In January this place was packed with people making tons of comments about Paul’s candidacy. Now it’s a ghost town. There is no topic on here that has gotten more than 10 comments and most of those are from people making fun of you. Have you not noticed that? Duh. A few months ago I couldn’t walk down a street in LA without seeing Paul supportrs waving signs or passing out leaflets. I haven’t seen even one in the past couple of months. Even Paul announced 2 months ago that he was effectively turning his attention to other matters.

    Finally, why not expend your energy on more productive matters? Paul is 75 and will never run again run for President. Rather than spending all of your time and money on his hopeless candidacy, why not put that enery into electing local, state, and federal candidates. That is how movements expand. I have seen nothing in LA where Paul supporters are supporting local candidates or contesting congressional primaries. Isn’t that the way to go? To rational people it would be — to cult members who are fixated solely on one man all of this is impossible to understand.

  • John Podlasek

    You only lose your principles and integrity when you give them up without a fight. Anyone who believes they need to support McCain because the Republican Party has pushed him down our throats, go ahead. You have that right. Its a free country. I wont vote for McCain or the others because I actually want to believe positive change can be accomplished.
    Those same people who tell the Ron Paul supporters to give up, or face reality are only trying to diminish his popularity, not protect his integrity. Ron Paul has made a difference and will continue to make a difference as long as he has supporters that believe in his message. With all your criticism, his numbers and popularity are growing.
    He will not support McCain, Huckabee, or any other candidate that continues to follow these disastrous policies that are leading this country to ruin. You can if you want, I wont.
    At least I can say I voted to try and change it. The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results. McCain, Hillary, Obama are perfect candidates for those who complain about whats going on, but do nothing about it. Go ahead and vote for them. You will in time wish you had been strong enough to support Ron Paul. Or you will say I wanted to vote for him, but I did not think he had a chance.
    Go to the convention all the way, and fight to live another day.
    In 1980 the US Olympic Hockey team beat the Russians because they believed they could win. You have to believe in something no matter what the odds. As long as there is a chance, keep fighting. There is only disgrace in selling out your beliefs, and integrity.

  • Political Realist

    Ron Paul has some interesting ideas but you guys have to accept reality. This isn’t some kool-aid cult, it’s an election. Ron Paul still has a chance???? No matter how big a supporter you are you can’t inteliigently believe that. C’mon. If McCain were to die before the convenction, Paul still wouldn’t be the candidate. That position doesn’t go to the last candidate who clung on for dear life in the race; it goes to the candidate with the most support, as decided by the convention. And folks, taht ain’t gonna be Paul. Regardless of what you might imagine, Paul got almost no votes in any of the primaries. He has like 20 delegates who are hardly going to take over the convention. Romney and Huckabee would probably be the leading contenders, since they had strong showings in the primaries (unlike Paul). I know many of you will think that I’m somehow frightened, just like the yapping poodle thinks everyone is frightened of his ferocious yapping. There have to be a few of you left who still have some sense of reality. You have taken Paul’s serious candidacy and turned it into the laughingstock of America. Paul deserves much better than that. Don’t screw his good name any further.

  • Ron Paul Supporter

    “Fools”, “fringe”, “abducted by aliens”…

    If it’s so impossible, what are you afraid of?

    Don’t you realize that Ron Paul is the only Republican who stands a chance against Obama or Hillary?

    McCain = Eternal War, McCain = Bush’s Third Term

    The nominee isn’t decided until the GOP Convention in September… Ron Paul will be there and so will we.

  • You

    You need to be prepared in case McCain, Huckabee, Romney, Thompson, Giuliani, Brownback, Hunter, Tancredo and Gingrich are all abducted by aliens. That is another scenario where Ron Paul could easily become president.


  • Ashley

    Ron Paul is a respectable and educated man, but y’all make him look bad. If you really want to help him, and our political system, use more substantiated facts and less unsubstantiated bias.

  • GV

    I don’t think you guys really understand much about politics…

    But at the end of the day it’s ok. I guess it’s why you’re a fringe group.

  • Octavian

    Guys, check this out. Looks like the elite is running scared! (Make sure you read the entire article.)


    While they are confident they can deal with any “potential president,” the Trilateralists paid huge tribute to Ron Paul in an equally large twist of irony, by expressing alarm that he is causing “significant future damage.”

    They expressed concern that Paul’s rallies have attracted multitudes of young people who are getting “their political education.” They want Republicans to pressure Paul to drop out now and stop his education rallies. This assignment was given to Thomas Foley, former U.S. House speaker.

    The reasons Paul’s “education campaign” strikes fear into Trilateral hearts are obvious. Paul would refuse to surrender an ounce of U.S. sovereignty to an international organization and TC wants world government.

    Paul would immediately bring U.S. troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan and from 130 UN “peacekeeping” missions around the globe. TC wants to enjoy war profiteering and global power. Paul would abolish the federal income tax while the TC wants to pile on a global tax payable to the UN.

    The formal agenda was loaded with everything Paul and American patriots detest: higher taxes, more foreign giveaways, more immigration, both legal and illegal, into the United States and “engaging Iran,” among others.

  • John Podlasek

    To ET,
    From what I understand, McCain does not have the required BOUND delegates needed to secure the nomination at the moment. That is why they call him the presumptive nominee. “Presumed”. This is why Ron Paul supporters are trying to become delegates. Also why the RNC is trying to block Ron Paul followers to become delegates. Bound or unbound.
    This is an important factor becuase at the convention they decide by vote. So in the first round, if some of his “unbound” delegates decide to change they may do so. Others that are “bound” can not change in the first round. If he does not have enough after the first round, some % of bound delegates can change there vote if they want. If he does not win the second round, more delegates become free to vote for whom they chose.
    So the odds are against Ron, but the opportunity is there. The more delegates he can get elected to the convention, the better chance he has, if any. Since the supporters are very organized and motivated, many Ron Paul supporters have been elected as delegates both Bound and Unbound. No one knows the real numbers at the moment, and hopefully they keep quiet until the convention, but it should be a substantial number when its all said and done. The RNC is very nervous about this.
    Abe Lincoln won in this same manner, so it has been done before.

    So Keep up the fight. We have to show our resolve. Every step in this process is relevant, win or lose. We have to prove to them we are not going away, no matter what tactics they use. We are winning everyday and getting stronger. Ron has not stepped down, and I don’t suspect he ever will. He has never been a quitter against the overwhelming odds, and look what has been accomplished already. Never lost faith. So why should we. Then they surely will defeat us. Quitters fail.

  • Kipper Mathews

    I wrote these two articles on John McCain’s dirt.
    Either one could be the smoking gun needed to expose McCain.

    John McCain Accused of Genocide

    John McCain’s Mob Connections

  • GV

    So your hopes for Ron Paul becoming president rest on John McCain dropping out of the race. Are you still donating to his campaign?

    A fool and his money…

  • TJ

    Watch Dr. Paul on the Situation Room yesterday May 2nd. Digg the story too. Great to see this site up!

  • bob

    Yes, but what if McCain drops out? He is known for verbally abusing his wife and suspected of exaggerating his POW ordeals. He co-authored an amnesty bill that would have destroyed America as we know it today. He refuses to release his medical records (postponed many times, now scheduled for “later in May”). It’s entirely possible that one of these things will gain traction or that something else will come up. He does looks pretty frail these days while Ron Paul actually seems to get younger, energized by all our support.

  • ET

    Wow, this is what is currently motivating the libertarians… a fundamental lack of understanding about basic math.

    Realistically, no. Ron Paul can’t win the republican nomination. Even if John McCain lost every contest after today with 0% of the vote, and Ron Paul won with 100% of said votes, McCain would still have both more delegates than he needs for the nomination and more delegates than Ron Paul. Slightly more than 4 delegates for every delegate Ron Paul has, to be slightly more exact.

  • Yes, WHAT CAN WE DO to help this man become president.?!?!

  • bob

    Taylor, check this out:

    troy, we know what the odds are and they’re not zero! Victory is not impossible and there are plausible (if unlikely) scenarios where Ron Paul could win the nomination. Based on that assumption we must be ready and prepared just in case history decides it is on our side this year.

  • Liberty Blonde

    Don’t forget Colorado May 29th-30th for the congressional and state assemblies.

  • troy

    I am a huge supporter of Ron Paul, but the campaign is not gonna happen, the man will not be president. That said, we do need to concentrate on these last primaries so that Paul can take as many delegates as possible to the convention. Also, the time to start building the Ron Paul Republican movement is well at hand. We need to create a libertarian, truly conservative party out of the GOP and start returning our country to it’s constitution.

  • Taylor

    I worked on the campaign before the primaries in my state but I have been out of the loop for awhile – what can I do to help this man become president!?