Poll: Should Ron Paul Challenge John McCain?

This poll was open from May 4 to May 11, 2008.

The question was:

“Should Ron Paul challenge John McCain to a televised debate on important issues facing the country, such as foreign policy, border security, the economy, inflation, the Federal Reserve, and health care?”

The results were as follows:

Poll: Ron Paul vs. John McCain Debate Challenge

  • Terry

    Even the Elite are starting to get it. WE WILL WIN!!!

    Go Ron Paul!!

    Bilderburg discuss Ron Paul and how to stop him.


  • Jonathan Walston

    The problem is that the republican party doesnt like Ron Paul and has done everything in their power to keep his views from the mass media. It will never happen.



    Ron Paul’s message will reach far beyond this election, far beyond the 4 or 8 year terms of this presidency. He has fought for the American priniples, the Constitution, Liberty, Prosperity and PEACE for 30 years, and I’m sticking by him.
    I doubt that my state will allow a write in vote, so when the GE rolls around, I’ll vote against McINSAIN McBoosh, no matter who wins the nomination on the DEM side.

  • Insane in the MCain

    I can tell you right now…if Ron Paul is not nominated…I will definitly vote Obama….that is my story and I am sticking to it.!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Diller

    I was a supporter of Mike Huckabee but when Mike dropped out I knew that I couldn’t in all good conscience vote for McCain. When I saw that Ron Paul is still hanging around I felt that Ron better represented my views than McCain. Long story short, yes I would love to see a debate between the 2, but I know that McCain would never accept.

  • Ginny Moss

    I agree with “Someone” that there should be no moderators – they have cut him off, ridiculed him, and ignored him in the past.
    If McCain will not debate him, I will, and I advise everyone to write to their local newpaper editors, and make it widely known across America that McCain is terrified of Ron Paul. Call Glenn Beck and any and all Conservative talk show hosts, and SPREAD THE WORD.
    Likewise, should McCain accept, LET EVERYONE KNOW TO BE SURE AND WATCH IT.

  • Chris

    Ron Paul already stated he wouldn’t run on an independent ballot. And I hate to say this, but McCain is probably going to take the republican nomination.

    However, if there was actually a huge televized debate, and Ron Paul destroyed McCain, I think there would actually be a chance.
    But yes, McCain probably wouldn’t accept.

  • Finn

    This would really help Ron Paul.
    Does anybody know how we can make this happen?
    Or at least make it known that a debate was requested and Ron Paul accepted, and McCain declined? Or if McCain accepts, wouldn’t that be great anyway, since we all know our man Ron would school him in a debate?

  • Octavian

    LOL, when I first read the headline thought you meant “challenge to a duel”. Now that would be interesting.

    But seriously, I’m all in favor of a debate. It probably won’t happen but Ron Paul should take every opportunity to point out that McCain refuses to debate him.

  • Most certainly a debate is in order!

  • John Podlasek

    Dont forget the march on Washington as well. A large turnout is very important to show the commitment to the message of peace and liberty.

  • John Podlasek

    Ron did great in the debates, but we don’t need another one. I don’t think it would accomplish anything.
    Keep concentrating on delegates, the convention, more media coverage, the book, and the change process. This gives us much more power then debating John McCain. We would not accomplish anything more then what has already been accomplished through the debates. If we could raise enough money to somehow to support a third party run, and get Ron into the Presidential debates, that would be a great accomplishment to strive for.

  • Bug

    YES. Ron Paul needs to do something to get his name out to the people who have never heard of him. In my area I haven’t talked to anyone who has ever heard of him. I spread the word the best I can. What about a TV add or something to get around the way the media is blackballing him. This is so unfair and they need to be put in their places.

  • Yes

    I would pay a great deal of money to see John McCain debate Ron Paul. McCain would be torn to shreds. Unfortunately we haven’t ganed the traction to make this possible.

  • Mr. McCain would be an absolute idiot to accept an offer to debate. As much as I would love to see Ron Paul debate him one on one, it’d never happen. The New World Order wouldn’t have it.

  • Jerry Martin

    Ron Paul is a good man and I would not lower myself no waste my gas money voting for ANY of the front running swine. They have been picked by the news media and left the better qualified candidates outside their cliché.
    If Ron would start making some noise at get himself noticed BY the news media he might be reconsidered.
    To me, all Ron is doing is squandering away his campaign money flying balloons and talking at luncheons.
    Ron HAS to do something drastic to be in the news and time is running out.

  • me :D

    Ron Paul is practically flawless, the media can’t dig they won’t run it….the media doesn’t know how to handle an uncorrupt honest individual, but i would certainly L-O-V-E to see the two debat, I agree Paul would destroy McCain.

  • sherrie

    ron paul should absolutely challenge john mccain to a debate. we the citizens need to know the truth about what is actually facing our nation. the possible loss of our sovereignty with the north american union, the one world order, the welfare system that is helping to destroy us, the federal reserve which is helping to destroy us and all the other issues that no candidate with the exception of ron paul is willing to discuss. everything concerning we the people and our future needs to be addressed. after reading the article in the free press about the trilateral commission’s latest meeting one can only hope that we still have time to do something. we all need to be informed as to what we can expect if we do not rise up and take a stand against the elitist agenda. the next person who tells you that there is nothing that they can do about it needs to be informed of what will happen if we do nothing.

  • McCrazy

    YES YES!! But McCain would never accept, because he knows that Ron Paul will destroy him.

  • Someone

    Yes but no moderators please. A real open debate, with questions submitted by the people or audience. I would like to hope that if newspapers were allowed to submit questions they would submit credible questions but it seems like a fool’s hope.