Poll: Should Ron Paul Challenge John McCain?

This poll was open from May 4 to May 11, 2008.

The question was:

“Should Ron Paul challenge John McCain to a televised debate on important issues facing the country, such as foreign policy, border security, the economy, inflation, the Federal Reserve, and health care?”

The results were as follows:

Poll: Ron Paul vs. John McCain Debate Challenge

  • Syz

    I don’t need Dr. Paul to debate McCain. We all know what and who McCain is. It’s Paul alone we need to hear and as often as possible. Let him use the internet, outside radio and anything but the Socialist TV Media to get his message across.

    We are 75 million strong in support of Michael Savage. I’d love the two of them to sit down and talk with each other on a c-span review instead. I’m sure a staggering amount of Savage supporters would vote for Paul and this is when the media will beg to interview both of them. Let the media sweat it out and all of us boycott their salivation at controlling our elections. Enough of their placing the foundation of this nation on a bed of quicksand so they can keep their jobs.

  • Max

    Why am I not surprised? Of course the visitors of Ron Paul’s grassroots supporter site are overwhelmingly in favor of such a debate. To be fair, maybe this question should also be asked at a McCain grassroots supporters site? I’m sure the results would be the exact opposite.


  • Brent

    No he should not. That would spend political capital that is at a premium right now. Let the infighting be with the dems and let Paul wait to debate McCain and Obama in the general. As an independent Paul has a considerable chance.

  • Wilma

    I think Ron Paul will follow our Constitution and bring AMERICA back to AMERICA. McCain is a Democtate in Sheep’s clothing. The Republican Party should dis own him May truth prevail.

  • Asaph

    I am comfused! Is Chuck Balwin or Ron Paul running on the Constitution Party?

  • Matt

    I love ron paul but that’s not going to work. People will be like why is this this is silly. PEople who like ron paul already like him, a debate isn’t going to make up for the tons of delegates necessary between Paul and Mccain. It’s just going to make us look bad. We need to study the theories that Paul preaches and promote those, but not look to more political nonsense.

  • John Podlasek

    Comedy Central Jon Stewart Show

  • Liberty

    On the news this morning, the question was posed to McCain as to whether he was more worried about facing Obama or Clinton. His answer was Ron Paul.

    I would LOVE to see a video of that! Anyone?

  • bd1957

    On the news this morning, the question was posed to McCain as to whether he was more worried about facing Obama or Clinton. His answer was Ron Paul. And for good reason. If the CFR owned and operated media ever allowed Ron Paul equal time, he would walk away with the Presidency. The majority of the People aren’t even aware that Ron Paul is still in the running. The media has tried everyway possible to keep Dr.Paul in the background and hush, hush. This fact alone should send a message to the people of America. Ron Paul is the only candidate that will put a stop to the North American Union and thereby save our Constitution. People need to stand together and spread the word while we still have the Constitutional rights to save our “UNITED STATES of AMERICA”. If we merge borders with Mexico and Canada, we will lose our Sovereignty. And with that loss, goes to the right to free speech and the right to bear arms against the corrupt Government that is bleeding America dry. Think about that before you vote for a CFR puppy.

  • Patt

    Challenge him – yes. He’s(McCain) is just a puppet, but the sheep of “america” will never get that. My vote is for Ron Paul because he makes sense and is willing to sacrifice everything for what is true. A “TRUE” PATRIOT. Hitlary ( I mean Hillary) is not it and neither is mabus(I mean “Obama”). Wake up sheep and do your homework. We have 240 million people in this country and our choices are these 3 “americans?” They are hand-picked and the “illuminati” has already appointed obama as president. Can you say freemason? Can you say illuminati? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do your homework or get out of the way for the True Patriots of America because these “3” aren’t it.

  • John Matheson

    I personally believe that he should call mccain out on national tv. Currently we have so many citizens who are disgusted with the government that a open debate on national tv on the issues which truly matter to the people would literally open the floodgates. I don’t understand why ron paul has demanded a debate against mccain before. We should contact the good doctor and respectfully request that he debate john mccain and literally take the “songbird” to school in front of millions of people.

  • Lord Rothschild

    Ron Paul already smacked it to MC Bomb Iran McCain at the debate when he directly asked him a question about Presidential Financial Advisors.

  • goat

    Yes, they should have a nationally televised debate so the masses could get a little exposure to who Ron Paul really is.

  • I’m all for Ron Paul debating any and all of the candidates that are still in the race.

    He’d be taking names and kicking ass lol.

  • Dana

    ABSOLUTELY!! I love to watch Dr. Paul debate! Take them all on!!

  • Asher

    mark- why would Barack Obama debate a losing republican candidate? It doesn’t make any sense for him to accept, and he’d never do it.

    He wouldn’t even debate Kucinich and Gravel, members of his own party, back when they were both still in the debates.

    Nobody in Obama’s position would debate the loser of another parties nomination.

    I do think that Paul should challenge McCain though.



  • mark

    No, Ron Paul should challenge Barack Obama every time he’s being interviewed. If Obama eventially accepts, Ron Paul will get a complete and nationwide media confirmation as a GOP candidate. Even the MSM can’t stay away from this debate. No doubt Obama will fold in the debate as Freedom starts to ring and Ron exposes him as the weak facimile of what a true leader should be and in the background, uninvited and all left out, will be McCain who will surely blow a gasket. So I say nah, McCain doesn’t need Ron’s help looking like a fool, he does a great job on his own. Take Clinton and McCain out of the picture and get down to it.

  • Dave

    Songbird McCain wouldn’t stand a chance.

  • Carol

    96% Yes
    4% No

    So when will Ron Paul officially challenge McCain!?