Why Ron Paul Matters

Of course, we all want Ron Paul to become President, and the work that people are doing around the country to gain delegates and change party rules needs to be rigorously continued.

But the thing that encourages me most about this freedom movement is that for once the people of this beautiful country are being exposed to an authentic intellectual debate against statism in the United States and against imperialism throughout the world:

  • For once, people are beginning to question the propaganda that is passed for knowledge in the government schools that we attended.
  • For once, people are beginning to question where their money is coming from.
  • For once, people are beginning to question interventionism and coercion.

Millions of individuals are turning to the freedom movement for answers, and luckily for them, Ron Paul is an excellent educator and spokesman for liberty.

Non-Agression and Private Property

It is often said that most people deep down inside are libertarians. As long as an individual does not partake in theft or aggression, that person can be considered at least in some part libertarian.

Indeed, civilization itself depends on the principles of non-aggression and private property. Without private property there can be no non-aggression and without non-aggression there can be no private property. If there is no private property, individuals cannot claim ownership in anything, including their lives.

But if we do not own our lives, our minds, and the fruits of our labor, then who is the rightful owner? Our neighbors? The IRS? The government? The absurdity of this should be plainly obvious.

In recent decades however, the government has made us believe both intellectually and intuitively that ultimately, all citizens and their property belong to the state. The state asks that we send our kids to government-run schools, and if we decline, they will be kidnapped and taken away from us. The state then uses our wealth and our children to fight wars of imperial aggression to keep us under control and to perpetuate itself.

The solution to this nightmare is freedom. Voluntary association between consenting individuals is at the root of a free society.

Freedom and Voluntary Association

Ron Paul does not want to run our lives. There is no midnight oil burning in the Ron Paul camp over the minute details of some new tax structure, energy regulation or education policy. The policy of Ron Paul is Freedom and Voluntary Association, and through this policy, the United States can once again be peaceful and prosperous.

People around the world are hearing the message and have started to act on it. That is why Ron Paul matters.

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  • Brendan Lanza

    There’s no way we can lose with Ron Paul, nobody wants to pay forced taxes and to stay poor forever because the middle class has been wiped out. We the people need to stand together and give our support, you need to tell everyone you know about this issue in one way or another, and those without the net will come to it. We definately need to make sure that there are only paper ballots and not electronic ones. WE can do this because WE are the people. If we want paper ballots, and voice it, we’ll get it. But we must voice it.


  • bd1957

    The people need to demand that Ron Paul be given equal time in the main Media. Not everyone has the internet and this being Dr.Pauls major source of exposure, the elections are unfair. Too, delegates can be bought and election’s rigged. For that reason, the people also should be demanding paper ballots with (Non-CFR afflitated) supervision. One man. One Vote. Let the people’s voices be heard for a change.

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