John McCain Para Presidente?

McCain's Spanish Website

To celebrate the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo (and to attract the Hispanic vote), John McCain launched his campaign website in Spanish.

The website greets visitors with these slogans: “Estamos Unidos con McCain. ¡Mantengamos la esperanza! ¡Mantengamos la unidad! ¡No nos dobleguemos! … ¡Nunca nos rendiremos! ¡Estamos Unidos! Únete Al Equipo. John McCain Para Presidente.”

Translation: “We’re united with McCain. Let’s keep up the hope! Let’s maintain our unity! We’ll never give in! We’ll never give up! We’re united! Join the team. John McCain for President.”

McCain’s next stop: The National Council of La Raza (“The Race”). And it’s not just pandering… McCain has been in the “open borders” camp all along.