Revolution March: July 12 in Washington, D.C.

Video by Jamsie567. Music by Moby. Inspiration by Ron Paul. The animated clips are from the High Tide promotion. Please donate for air time of the original high tide promo.

For more information about the Revolution March on July 12, 2008, visit


  • For all who don’t understand what’s happening with the incredible sum of money that’s (illegally) being collected by the IRS go watch late Aaron Russo’s movie “America, Freedom to Fascism” (order or watch on the web, Google for it). After watching you’ll no doubt join the Ron Paul movement.
    Another good and very interesting eye-opener is this film: “Zeitgeist, the movie”:

    Enjoy and inform yourselves!


  • dr brendan oconnell

    no need to fight. the bottom line is we need change to a government that is more responsive to the people. THE PEOPLE NEED TO RUN THE GOVERNMENT not vice versa. Ill be going to washington in July Ill fly in from Netherlands.


  • Carla D

    Amazing video! This man has been ignored, insulted and provoked by the media yet he keeps his cool and continues the fight for freedom. Go Ron Paul!

  • C.


    Under the current system there is no need for an IRS (or any sort of taxes) because the Federal Reserve can print as much money as it wants, and the government can borrow as much of that money as it cares to. The only purpose of the IRS is to …

    a) control the people (to know exactly what they’re doing to make money)

    b) redistribute income according to political “needs” (to get elected and reelected, politicians promise money to favored groups and take that money from other groups)

    c) distract the people so they will not question the Fed’s ability to create money out of thin air.

    Once the IRS has been abolished the system will be exposed for what it is… a gigantic fraud. At that time, the gold standard can be reintroduced and from that point forward there will be a need for taxes to pay for the government’s expenses (as it’s not possible to create new gold out of thin air!).

    Those future taxes won’t have to be in the form of an income tax and if the government is kept as small as it should be, all the money it needs could be raised through various non-violent and non-intrusive means which do not punish productive activity.

  • Anthony Moore

    I have one question. Just suppose you do get elected and you do abolish the IRS.

    Where do you think the money will come from to pay your salary and provide all your perks and benefits? To say nothing about Congressional pay and perks and benefits. And pay and benefits for those who will be “controlling” our borders.


    • MynamisFudgeThat

      Ron Paul has never taken a government paycheck or perk. He made his original money as a physician.

  • JC

    I believe it is HIGHLY disrespectful that the Mainstream Media has even INSINUATED that a man of the caliber of Ron Paul WOULD EVER endorse Barack Hussein Obama, whose policies are completely ANATHEMA to what Mr. Paul and all freedom loving Americans believe.

    Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, sending a missile into Pakistan without their knowledge, and an increase of the Welfare state.

    When you add the un-American associations Obama has maintained for more than 20 years.

    Please check out and today’s post on this issue. We pasted a video which has Ron Paul clearly telling the anchor that what Obama is doing is clearly A FRAUD!

    Don’t let the Media lie to the American People, let’s make it clear that RON PAUL does NOT support OBAMA!