Why I Support Ron Paul

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  • To “HW”,
    What’s the wrong with you? This was a video I made one morning and posted on my YouTube account for Pro-Ron Paul my friends to see. I didn’t intend for it to be a popular video and to be seen by thousands, I didn’t even submit it to this site in the first place. I didn’t practice it, or edit it the video, I just went with it after one recording. So I apologize for it not sounding like a professional political campaign speech, it wasn’t intended to be. And you’re right, I couldn’t vote in the last election. I missed it by a month. I’m sorry if that makes you feel like I don’t deserve a say in the matter, but I still served my country in the time of war, and continue to do so.

    -Scott Hallowood

  • I am a true conservative, as I believe is Mr. Ron Paul. I hope he continues with his run for the White House. I have become really disillusioned with the country club republicans. And if John Mcain thinks he needs moderate democrats to win then Ron Paul is getting my vote and if enough good Americans do the same we can have real respect back in the White House with a president named Ron Paul.

  • Syz

    My guess is that the above skippy is on our biggest welfare load of all, the U.S. Government of lefty-loosies and Righty Tighties.

    He has no understanding regarding love of country. He has no idea what the issues really are, so onward with our tremendous support for Ron Paul. By the way, we are 75 million strong for Michael Savage with a tremendous amount of willing Ron Paul voters. We have removed ourselves from the inauthentic journalists of the tv media because truth sells and you don’t find it there or in non-issues spewed above.

    Ron Paul is doing very well. Please research Socialist Party U.S.A., you’ll find the liberal socialist platform of Obama, Hillary and McCain who advocate total governmental control.

    There is no discussion from the Socialists about excess taxation, They don’t mind un-Constitutional National Health Care tossed at us with those of faith paying for abortions and gate-keepers to decide our fate after age 65. They have no plans for individual health care competition to stop the youth of our nation from shouldering the costs of the elderly. There is no discussion about our need for free right of choice regarding our educational disgrace. All our children left alone with no course in investment which should begin on the first day of enrollment because it’s the most important thing for their future. Where is the voice for social security reform instead of slick garbage that social security won’t last? Do the math yourself, you’ll find as individuals we would be retiring on a minimum of $500,000.00 stuck in any brokerage house in the land would yield a peaceful retirement for all. Lord, Lord, don’t let the people in on this tid bit. Do we hear anything about the interest we aren’t giving our elderly regarding their SS? If the intention of our leaders over the last 40 years was to benefit the citizen and our Nation, we would not even be discussing the price of gas. We would be a nation on a sound foundation instead of the base of quicksand created for us by the socialist mouths of those lefty-loosies and Righty-tighties????

    They don’t care who they submit as candidates for our Nation. Their concern is their party only so we are handed trash candidates who run trash campaigns. You can live with the Political Crapsters and call it necessary in the name of Anti-Americanism, but stand aside, we’re on the march.

    Just received The Revolution, a Manifesto by Ron Paul. Please read before you show our young Patriots in Iraq what bloody cowards, national crybaby and pervert the Socialist party prefers at our helm.

  • IX

    … have you seen the size of the federal budget? Hell, 50% of the budget goes towards medicare / medicade / SCHIP, Social Security and interest on the debt you so acutely noticed we have accumulated. Unless you’re willing to cut or reduce medicare, medicade, SCHIP or Social Security (or default on our loans), there isn’t much you can do to reduce that half. The INS and the Fed account for truly minuscule portions of the budget… together, they’re still less than 1% of the whole pie.

    On the park system and the interstate highway system, well, you’re wrong. The interstate highway system of the United States is by and large financed at a federal level. The National Parks are managed by the National Park service, part of the Department of the Interior (of the Federal government). While the park service does work with some corporations, $2 billion of its budget is federal in nature. Look it up on wikipedia if you don’t believe me.

    While the federal income tax was supposed to be a temporary fix, it is very much here to stay (and, frankly, it’s legal: look up the 16th amendment to the constitution). Also, the personal income tax supplied about 1/2 of the federal budget last year … meaning that if you want to get rid of the federal income tax, you need to be prepared to make major cuts in many many many programs Because of US involvement in international programs such as the WTO, it’s virtually impossible for the United States to raise taxes on imports (revenues from excise taxes and tariffs together make up less than 5% of the federal budget).

    As for reducing military presence worldwide … go for it. Europeans will probably be happy to see us go. We can’t really get out of Japan or South Korea though. Getting out of Iraq in a major fashion is at least a campaign goal of both potential democratic nominees, though that wouldn’t reduce the size of the military budget as its presented.

    As for the prudence of the things Ron Paul has suggested? Well, there’s a reason he hasn’t gained mainstream support. No one is saying the United States does not need some major changes, but Ron Paul’s ideas are just a terrible way to do things.

  • Chris


    Thanks for taking an interest in our government. I agree we need someone like Ron Paul in office to help restore our government back to its original state where it serves the people instead of trying to control them.


    I have to humbly disagree with you. Just because something was created long ago does not mean it doesn’t have relevance today.

    Although we should still keep a standing army, there is no reason why we have to have over 700 bases around the world. If we want to protect American, let’s keep our soldiers here so they can do it.

    The Federal Income Tax was supposed to be a temporary fix. We can do away with it. Offsetting that revenue can be done in part by eliminating both the IRS and Federal Reserve. Another area we can help offset that revenue would be by stop giving foreign aid. If we are in debt, we are in no position to be giving money to other countries.

    Your point of allowing the Interstate Highway system and all American national parks to essentially rot is just ridiculous. First, each state would still be responsible for the parks and highways within their boarders. Second, contributions from individuals would still support many of the programs.

    As for “consumer protections instituted at the federal level” the basic consumer protections are already in the constitution. Local government by the people who live in that area should handle everything else.

    Basically, the things Ron Paul is striving for are very much prudent. Scott may not have been able to vote to change any of the things that were happen when he was younger, but his point was that he was apathetic to what was going on, like most of America. That doesn’t change the fact that he could have been more active in trying advocate actions from adults.

    What I find foolish are people who believe everything is fine and that there is no need for drastic change.

  • HW

    You need to take speaking lessons. Pause less, speak with a more confident voice and look at the damn camera at all times. Your voice is completely monotone and almost without meaning.

    The website says you’re 21 now … you wouldn’t have been old enough to vote when the patriot act was passed, or when the Iraq war was started. Even if you could vote, the point would be moot: the people who created those changes were already voted into office in 1999 (took office in 2000).

    Finally, the time of people like Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, etc. has long passed. If you wanted to return to the governmental customs of that time, you’d have to enact several key changes: (1) get rid of a standing army, (2) vastly change the way that government revenues are handled (3) allow the interstate highway system and all American national parks to essentially rot, (4) abolish all current consumer protections instituted at the federal level, (5) etc. It’s not prudent to do. some might say it’s foolish.

  • Larry Bowe

    Thank You Scott,
    Your comments and sincerity has convinced me, that Ron Paul is not just a vote against the other guy’s who are saying the same old, same old; but how Americans should see their country.

    I am going to take a good look for myself, at Ron Paul. Our country is in trouble and unless we the people do something about it while we can, we have no one to blame but ourselves. I know this, I will not be voting republican or democrat, even if I have to write in Ron Paul.