Primaries in Nebraska and West Virginia Today

Nebraska will be sending 33 delegates to the national convention. Today’s closed primary is non-binding and final delegates will be determined at the Nebraska state convention on June 28.

Nebraska Results:

John McCain: 118,065 votes (87%)
Ron Paul: 17,647 votes (13%)

West Virginia will be sending 30 delegates to the national convention. Of those, 9 are elected today in a closed primary (Independents can vote on the Republican ballot), 3 are supplied by the GOP state leadership, and 18 were elected in a winner-take-all state convention held on February 5th. Ron Paul will get 3 of these 18 delegates per a deal between Ron Paul delegates to support Mike Huckabee in the second round of voting.

West Virginia Results (with 98% of precincts reporting):

John McCain: 87,786 votes (76%)
Mike Huckabee: 11,896 votes (10%)
Ron Paul: 5,812 votes (5%)
Mitt Romney: 5,062 votes (4%)
Rudy Giuliani: 2,777 votes (2%)
Alan Keyes: 1,389 votes (1%)
Jerry Curry: 714 votes (1%)

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