Ron Paul On McCain, Potential Third Party Run

Ron Paul was interviewed on “The Morning Edge” by Trey Ware of KTSA 550 AM of San Antonio, Texas.

After talking about the success of his book “The Revolution: A Manifesto”, Ron Paul pointed out the hypocrisy of McCain’s recent quip on wanting to run against him in the general election:

They asked McCain the other day which Democrat he wants to run against so […] he said, “I want to run against Ron Paul, because he is like a Democrat”. That got me thinking, why am I the “Democrat”? I want balanced budgets, limited government, I want the foreign policy that Bush ran on, of no nation building and no policing of the world, I don’t want No Child Left Behind, I don’t want higher taxes like McCain has voted for, I don’t want McCain-Feingold, I don’t want Gore’s environmentalism – and he calls me the Democrat! And then they wonder why they’re losing elections. […] I think they’ve lost their way.

Trey then asked Ron Paul about the probability of a Paul-Barr or Barr-Paul ticket. Ron Paul responded:

I think that I’m going to continue to do what I’m doing, trying to convert people to constitutionalism in any way I can. I’ve done it during this campaign, and we’ve had some relative success, so I won’t be on a ticket here in the fall. I’ll just continue to do the best I can to represent these views in the Republican primary, which means I will have a presence at the National Convention…. not that they’ve invited me, but we can be there [and] we’re going to have a lot of supporters, but we know the reality of it: McCain has the votes, so […] I’m not looking for the continuation of a presidential involvement in the fall.

Trey: Are you ruling out an independent run, possibly with Bob Barr [on the Libertarian ticket]?

Yes, it’s a little bit late to put that together, and it’s really tough with the laws that keep you off the ballots, and then you get more marginalizing even in the third party. They worked hard to marginalize anything I did and said anyway in the Republican primary, and yet we did get some coverage, but they don’t want to hear this message so we have to work really hard at it and I’m not willing to take the third party move this time.

Ron Paul also talks about the possibility of Obama-Edwards and McCain-Huckabee. Listen to the full interview here and post your comments below.


  • NH

    Imagine John McCain, best friend is Joe Lieberman, he’s a former supporter of John Kerry’s, opposed to the Bush tax cuts, took money from international criminal George Soros, and wanted at one time to change over to being a DEMOCRAT himself, calling RON PAUL a Democrat?

    What a fake and disingenuous fool he is!

  • ted

    RP may have one every race he was in but with the Diebold voting machines counting the vote we will never know.

  • blakmira

    What difference does it make what party Ron Paul is in? It certainly doesn’t make any difference to the Diebold voting machines!

  • Charlie

    I understand Ron Paul’s decision not to run, but the reasons given don’t make a lot of sense. It’s not too late… and he could get on the ballot if he wanted to. As for being marginalized… that’s a reason to run (to reach a larger audience), not a reason not to run.

    Many people don’t want to vote for McCain or Obama, and Ron Paul could conceivably get 20% of the vote, like Ross Perot did. Maybe we can change his mind?