Ron Paul Exposes the Neocon Agenda

In this classic 2003 speech to Congress, Ron Paul exposes the neocon agenda, outlines its background and goals and names its proponents.



July 10, 2003

Neo – CONNED !

The modern-day limited-government movement has been co-opted. The conservatives have failed in their effort to shrink the size of government. There has not been, nor will there soon be, a conservative revolution in Washington. Party control of the federal government has changed, but the inexorable growth in the size and scope of government has continued unabated. The liberal arguments for limited government in personal affairs and foreign military adventurism were never seriously considered as part of this revolution.

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  • Cat-in-the-Hat

    If the Tea-Partiers, or any other political movement, could demonstrate that they were fundamentally opposed to the NeoCon agenda (which has taken over the Republican Party) of Big Govt, Violating the Personal Privacy of Citizens, and blowing our citizens hard-earned money on military voyeurism ie funding unjust wars abroad to line their (those economically vested in the US military defense complex) pockets, I would be 100% on board.

    Instead, as it stands right now, the Tea Party looks more like an anti-Obama, anti-liberal, anti-“anybody that dont look like us” reactionary movement that has no identity of its own. As a bleeding patriot, that truly believes that what separates us from them as Americans is our work-ethic, morality, and intellect, I refuse to be in cohoots with a bunch of beer-brandishing, gun-wielding, war-hungry low-lives. Its their ignorance and gullibility that allowed the NeoCons to drag our Country into inadmissable mess that we are currently in.


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  • Matthew Krueger

    Hi Ron,

    I’m so, your vice president!!! I’m 35 years old. I’m from Wisconsin! I am pissed! I’m a cop! I’m so old School!

    The U. S. Constitution needs help!!!

    Let’s go baby. I have reached the age of leadership. Call out to the citizens for help. Let us hit the reset button. I am old School Wisconsin Law Enforcement!!! Lets’ protect the Constitution. It’s now about sovrienty!!!. Forget the other countries. It’s time we take back control. Obama is selling us out.

    I am all about ….And Justice For All… We need to hit the reset button. You have smalltown America. I’m so there. I’m a cop with an agenda! Let us take Amereica back. No more talk of a Global Government. We’ll use guys like Alex Jones as advisers. Glenn Beck will be on board. George Norry will also contribute.

    I am Christain and I am old school. I lost my dad a year ago. He preached the same thing my Grandpa said. The Bill of Rights Will Set You Free. It’s time we re-set the rest button. God, Guns, and Guts will get us a chance to stay alive. The banks can bust. The car companies can bust. We will help the middle class. We will re-introduce our Constitution and the American way of life that needs attending to. I’m so your VP. Unless you get bought out.

    Let us hunt those against the American Way down without mercy. Lets’ hunt them down all nightmare long. Lets’ kick some butt. Lets’ win for once…really. Lets’ put someone in office that really cares about the Preservation of the U.S.A. If not…Lets’ stand up and fight. No One World Government. We have total control. You mess with the U.S. You mess with the Best!!!!

    Your humble cop,

    and Vice President,

    Matthew Krueger.

    Independence Now….


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    • ron walker

      Hunting down those who don´t approve of the so called “American Way” is ignorant stupidity.
      They american way is full of faults, corruption, miliitary excuses to steal money, and globalize lesser countries out of existance.
      For 150 years, and more, we have suffered every form of manipulation and corruption and fixed elections, and non adherance to a constitution.
      The rest of the world may be a piece of crap, but USA is falling down into the same cess pool.

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  • jason bagnall

    This is the only guy that should be president, period. He is the only unbiased person who has run in last 12 years.

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  • Scott

    I am a true AMERICAN. I feel this is nothing but a racial war on Ron Paul’s part. America is great and always will be great. Leave the Germany thing in Germany. If you want to live Hitler way’s go live in Germany. Our Goverment is what made AMERICA GREAT.I love AMERICA and alway’s will love AMERICA. I have reletives that have fought for our FREEDOM. I know young men that have lost there lives fighting for our feedom. If it was not for there courage we would not have the freedom that we now have. Do I believe in everything that our Goverment does? NO I DONT, But the Whit pwer way way is not the way and AMERICA does not have the time for it to voice things in this matter. Loose a young son to something like this. You will understand that we are a free land. Germany is not free. If you want to live that way go live there. leave AMERICA be AMERICA. Black, White,Yellow. Who cares we are all one.

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  • EmJ

    Unfortunately, the idea of revolution is becoming synonymous with the idea of terrorism. The revolutionary spirit has died while people become isolationists and look out for their own well-being. We’ve become slaves to the system, but anyone who chooses to break free and front the revolution certainly has a character bigger and braver than any since the days of our founding fathers. As of today, I am a Ron Paul supporter.

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  • A Thomas

    David Icke has some interesting politcal views:

    Take a look and open your eyes

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  • David Hullu

    The power of nightmares is a very good program, but I would suggest you start with the “The Century of Self” by Adam Curtis hosted by the BBC. Good to see that people are finding this information.

    you can obtain a copy on amazon, or download the torrent at

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  • jeff m.

    flavaz- no, not all democrats or republicans are evil. the problem is the current administration throws these bills out so quick, they don’t get a chance to read the fine print. and the upper portion is usually a good bill, but it disguises the hidden stuff underneath. we are talking a 2 inch thick document, like a phone book. and he is one of the few congress men that have exposed and been against all the filler that is put in these bills. he also, does’nt vote for them most, if not all of the time. he actually does his job, and is not lobbied by any special interest groups. so keep in mind, there are good senators and reps, on both sides. they are simply mislead by the majority around them, and are so busy, they cant check up on every document. they usually reverse their mistakes as kucinach who is trying to get the rest of congress to impeach and prosecute the criminals responsible.and people arent aware, but ross perot was threatened by big money to back off. his family was threatened. he is a good solid man as well, thats why they got rid of him. these people kill people all the time, and the news doesnt even report it. remember the anthrax guy that killed himself? well i’m sure it was made to look like a suicide, everyone knows that anthrax was an inside job, to promote the terror conspiracy. check out arkancide web site if you want to see examples of this. there is like 70 surrounding bill clinton,and more that arent even covered on this site. have good day, and always do your research, because regular news will not give you a full picture. peace.

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  • flavaz

    atleast Ron Perot got on the ticket… why can’t Ron Paul??

    he is a crook too if he gets everyone excited and grabs money and then bails out.. he could of left the republican party

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  • jeff m.

    i watched, but my info comes from zeitgeist,the ring of power,Loosechange,rule by secrecy,& the coming of the fourth reich.(by jim marrs) Its common knowledge if your hungry for truth.I also recommend the alex jones program prison planet.

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  • Dan

    Is that u jeff m…did u finally get a chance to watch it?

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  • jeff m.

    if you want to know how much he didnt mention.look up the bush family tree, and everyone in his cabinet. they are all white collar criminals, and have been for almost 100 think enron was something, this family invented that technique of thievery. If you dig further you will find contacts to nazi’s. yes , funding them, helping hind there money, and launder it, as well as help build concentration camps. you people need to understand what we are dealing with. what ron is talking about here is the same thing that happened to germany. Ever heard of operation paper clip? well all the captured nazi scientists came here. some where your nieghbors. it was simple,their science and knowledge for freedom. some of there sons work in congress. are you getting it yet?

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  • melinda b

    the giant corporations that hijacked our government are tearing the heart and soul out of america. democracy now reported david kucinichs speech incl. protest of war veterans and current military personnel demanding to be heard. the police were going to use force on the vets until an obama rep. said they would be heard and would get back to them which immediately calmed the crowd. however, last i heard they hadn’t gotten back to them so i can only assume it was to appease them holding them off for the time being. if word got out the police were using excessive force and arresting vets who had served this country and others still serving it would have been a disaster for either presidential candidates. have to wonder what their next strategy will be.

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  • sarfaraz hussain

    i am not an american voter for the forthcoming elections.I dont know Ron Paul but After going through his speech to expose the dangers posed by neocons,one can feel that the Americans will wake up from their ignorence in which the whole nation has become hostage and the entire wealth of the world in general and the americans in particlar has been snatched by a privately owned “thug”organisation called Fedral Rasarve.

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  • Amazing

    Ron Paul is a true American hero. He probably risked his life to make this prophetic speech in 2003, at the height of this millennium’s “dark ages” of fear, paranoia and propaganda.

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  • Ragnar

    Was there anything actually new in this?

    Nothing new in here, the speech was actually given in 2003 (when the general climate was much more fearful) and it is more applicable today than ever. Other than millions of people having “woken up” to the horrors of big government, not much has changed since 2003… no new wars, no new terrorist attacks, just a slow and ongoing erosion of our freedoms.

    Also, look how far we’ve come for people to actually ask “is there anything actually new in this”? Back in 2003, nobody listened to Ron Paul, but today the entire world is paying attention and informing themselves about these important issues.

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  • Bud Crawford

    I was right! The people sleep!

    Ron Paul is right about many things including the idea that government can legislate sin!
    Our God gave mankind the freedom to sin and or mess up their own lives while government tries to help people from themselves.. That is a false premise to control people beyond God’s freedoms!
    The free choices are individual freedoms that must never be tampered with or we will ultimately destroy what God ordained!
    Why!? It would be a direct imposition of free will and free choices that takes away our God given liberties that our for-fathers left us…. It also allows government to play God.
    Man is free to make bad choices as Our God asks for repentance from our own individual minds without outside influence of others.. It’s his proving ground for all people on the earth to make a choice of listening to him or others…..
    So that being said. All we can do is ask the government to REPENT of the evil, manipulating minds as forced repentance is not true repentance to God at all!
    You may quote me and our God , Bud Crawford, Coopersburg PA

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  • Matt S

    Was there anything actually new in this?

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  • Jana Murray

    No other candidate has ever been so clear on Constitutional issues than Ron Paul.

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  • Ragnar

    You should also watch “The Power of Nightmares”, a BBC documentary that will never be aired in the US because it spells out what even a Ron Paul can only allude to between the lines.

    Part 1 – “Baby it’s Cold Outside”

    Part 2 – The Phantom Victory

    Part 3 – The Shadows in the Cave

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