Chaos in Hawaii: GOP Convention Turns Ugly

“Let me borrow a line from VP Dick Cheney – F.U.; get the F. out of my face and don’t talk to me.”

Senator Hemmings then stomped off, stopping about 15 feet away. Incredulous and confused, I approached him hoping to clarify and defuse the incident. The Senator then roared “For the last 30 years I have built the Hawaii GOP party alone. Where were you; where have you been?”

As I stood in stunned silence, he snarled “Get the hell out of here.”

That’s how disenchanted GOP member Douglas Oringer recounts his scary encounter with Hawaiian State Senator Fred Hemmings at the recent GOP convention in Hawaii.

What had Douglas done to provoke such an emotional – if not desperate – response?

Just like rapidly growing numbers of GOP members around the country, he had shared his ideas on why the Republican Party is on the wrong path, and expressed some reservations about John McCain’s candidacy.

Read the full story by Malia Zimmerman of the Hawaii Reporter, and read the secret convention script which was leaked by an undisclosed party official.

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  • It seems like the dinosaurs are still winning. Something catastrophic needs to happen to change the “status quo”.

    But keep in mind. The GOP is endorsing someone who is so far left, who has won several primaries, and who in 2000, Bush said was mentally un-fit to run the office of the Presidency.

    The GOP leadership knows they are going to loose this year. (as Ron Paul stated clearly when he said ” The republican party is going down this year if they don’t change. And all has to do with foreign policy”

    So they will allow McCain to run and lose. The Democrats will mess things up even more. And they will regain their power once again.
    It’s in the Democrats year of control, that the necessary changes to the GOP will take place. (if there is anything left of the GOP)


  • Jerry Martin

    How in the hell can you expect unity in a party of Bush lap dogs. The public knows the big money machines and the news media picked McCain, Hillery and Obama. The public really didn’t have anything to say about it. This was proven when the candidates had their debates and people like Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo and Ron Hunter were all but snubbed.
    The news media didn’t fool anyone and the public is very aware of a “fix’ going on.
    I wouldn’t give ten cents for ANY of the three amnesty sucking traitors that the news media has favored.
    God help the United States of Mexico/USA/Canada. NAU.

  • Jim

    The days of evil propagandists sending patriotic young men and women to die in fake wars under false pretenses will soon be over. The dinosaurs are running scared and rightly so.