3 responses to “New York Times: “Dazzled” by Ron Paul?”

  1. Cassandra Bachrach

    Dear New York Times Editor:

    Alex Williams’ article in the Fashion and Style department of the NYT, “It’s Not a Campaign, It’s a Mission,” about Ron Paul irks me, to say the least. Many of Williams’ statements are erroneous and inappropriate. “He wore a crisp dress shirt the color of mint ice cream and a color-coordinated tie, which made him look like an insurance claims adjustor.” Who cares what Ron Paul WEARS?????? And why the negative connotation to an insurance claims adjustor? Who do you people think you are to use this demeaning, disgraceful and disrepectful language?

    I am completely disgusted. Is there no honor left in what you do? Must every topic, even one as serious as a community leader lamenting the abdication of our Constitution, be addressed tongue-in-cheek?

    My repect for your “news” had plummeted to 0%.

    Cassandra Bachrach

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  2. SamFox

    Darkness has always feared the light. In this case the light from Dr. Paul’s platform is exposing the US gov’s abdication from the Constitution. These ‘people’ support that departure whole heartedly. They support selling out the US for their own profit. Like cockroaches they head for the shadows when a light is turned on. From their cozy darkness they foment & publish their rubbish, attacking, truth be durned, the only one left who would actually try to restore the US Republic & return the USA to Constitutional law & the Founder’s guidelines.

    When the roaches see the fullness of Light on judgment day I am gonna watch them squirm. Then we will all see them burn. I do hope they will repent before that day.

    Ron Paul is still in the race & Jesus Christ is still Lord. I just hope & pray He sees fit to allow the US to come to it’s senses.

    Remember, God uses what the world system calls foolish to confound the so called wise of this world system. Better to be a Christian fool than a walking dead man.


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  3. Jerry Alexander

    These people are never taken behind the barn,so!,they will never stop lying to us.
    They never have to pay a price for their “Dirty Deeds”.They are free to do and say whatever they want,including lie after lie.

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