The Ron Paul Revolution is coming to St. Paul

Ron Paul’s son, Rand Paul, spoke in Louisville earlier this month. He announced a “big final push” for the GOP convention in St. Paul/Minneapolis, which will take place from September 1-4, 2008:

“The Republican party is shrinking, and when they reject the Ron Paul Republicans, those who truly believe in limited government, they do it at their own peril.

Most of the Republican platform is good. They do not adhere to their own platform. We need to bring the Republican party back to its roots, and we can do it and we can take back over the party.

We have a chance, and we have one big final push, and it hasn’t been fully announced but will be on the website soon: We’re going to St. Paul/Minneapolis whether they invite us or not.

Anybody who can go up there, we need to turn out the biggest rally we’ve had. […] I think if we turn out 10,000 we don’t need to be given prime time at the convention, prime time will come and cover us if we have 10,000 people in St. Paul.

Details will soon be available at the official Ron Paul website. Naturally, one possible way of attending the Convention is as a volunteer:

A presidential nominating convention is a unique opportunity to see history in the making. Over 10,000 volunteers will be recruited to help with this once-in-a-lifetime event. Volunteers will be located throughout the Twin Cities. Opportunities include:

  • Welcoming delegates at airports and hotels
  • Assisting with transportation logistics
  • Working with security teams
  • Supporting convention operations at the Xcel Energy Center
  • Providing guest services and other hosting activities at CivicFest in the Minneapolis Convention Center

Volunteers will be selected based upon their areas of interest, skills and experience, and availability. Volunteers will be prioritized by the amount of time they can give to the convention. Volunteer shifts will be approximately four to six hours. All volunteers will be required to go through two levels of training prior to the convention; one session will be related to general volunteer roles and responsibilities, the second will be related to specific position assignments. Training sessions will be held approximately six weeks prior to the convention and again two weeks prior.

Apply at: (copy & paste the URL).

For obvious reasons (potential discrimination by some party officials) you should not state that you’re a Ron Paul supporter when signing up.