Minnesota GOP: “Vote for McCain and Shut Up!”

Minnesota Letter to Republicans

The Ron Paul Revolution’s growing success continues to haunt Republican party officials who support amnesty for illegal aliens and Al Gore’s global warming propaganda by pressing on with their efforts to make John McCain this year’s Republican nominee.

In Minnesota, John McCain got only 22% of the vote in the state’s caucuses on February 5, compared with Ron Paul’s 16%. The Minnesota party establishment is concerned enough to send out an unsigned letter to GOP members, signed only as “Friends of the Minnesota Conservative Delegate Team”.

In a chilling attack on free speech and open discussion among Republicans, the missive exhorts GOP members to attend the State Convention this Friday and assist the party establishment in stifling the growing number of dissenting voices:

Dear Republican friend,

Conservatives must unite if Barack Obama is to be defeated in November. As conservative leaders in this state and in our party, we have come together to seek your support for the positions of National Delegate, Alternate, and Presidential Elector.

As members of the Minnesota Conservative Delegate Team, we began this campaign season supporting a wide array of candidates for President. The primary and caucus season was hard fought, but fair. Through the rigorous nomination process, John McCain has emerged victorious as the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. As members of the Minnesota Conservative Delegate Team, we are pledging our support to John McCain should you elect us to the positions we seek at the upcoming Republican State Convention.

Unfortunately, the supporters of Ron Paul still refuse to unite our party behind our presumptive nominee. At our Congressional District conventions, the Paul supporters ran slates of candidates seeking to thwart the will of the majority of those who have already united behind John McCain. Paul supporters are promising to do the same at our State Convention by fielding a slate of candidates who continue to refuse to accept the outcome of the primary season.

You can help launch our party to victory in November in a few important ways. First, please attend the Republican State Convention in Rochester. The convention will come to oder at 9 AM on Friday, May 30. Please be registered and in your chair by 9 AM. Virtually every Paul supporter in the state will be in Rochester. Let’s not let the will of the vast majority be overcome by a tiny, organized and motivated minority.

Second, support the Minnesota Conservative Delegate Team with your vote. Whatever success Paul supporters have had in Minnesota conventions has largely been the result of the failure of mainstream conservative Republicans to unite behind a qualified team of party leaders. A fragmented votes opens the door for the organized minority to have much more voice and control than their numbers justify. Unite behind the Minnesota Conservative Delegate Team.

Finally, reject efforts of the Paul minority to disrupt and manipulate our convention with challenges to the convention rules and procedures. Cries for “fairness” by the Paul group are simply desperate tactics by a minority who simply don’t have the votes and wish to overcome the will of the majority. Manufactured confusion and delay has been the standard for Paul supporters at other State GOP conventions. Support the Committee Reports that will be presented and don’t open the door for Paul manipulation.

History has taught us that Republicans need to stand united if we are to win in November. The civil war that is ripping the Democrats apart does not need to occur within our party; we have our nominee, John McCain.

Friends of the Minnesota Conservative Delegate Team

Paid for by Minnesota Conservative Delegate Team, 4521 Belvidere Lane, Edina, MN 55435. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Just like its counterpart in Hawaii, the Minnesota GOP is looking for “sheep to hand in the ballots they want” and who will unite behind their “leader” even if they completely reject his elitist values and plans for America’s future.

Here’s what one outraged GOP member responded:

I do not, cannot, will not, understand the argument that because people in OTHER STATES chose McCain in THEIR primaries, that somehow that defines the will of Minnesota Republicans. It certainly doesn’t represent the people I talked to on Super Tuesday. Why I should support people who try to bully ME so that they can bully everyone in our state from St. Paul is beyond me.

The Ron Paul Presidential Campaign issued the following press release, announcing that Ron Paul would be speaking adjacent to the convention:

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Presidential candidate and Congressman Dr. Ron Paul will speak to his supporters, and other delegates and alternates to the Minnesota Republican State Convention, Friday morning, May 30, at 7:30 AM at the Mayo Memorial Park, 30 Civic Center Drive, Rochester MN. The park features an amphitheater setting adjacent to the rear of the Mayo Civic Center where the convention is to be held.

After repeated requests for an invitation, the Republican Party of Minnesota’s Chairman, Ron Carey, issued a letter to Marianne Stebbins, Minnesota Campaign Coordinator for Ron Paul 2008 PCC, denying Ron Paul a speaking opportunity at the convention. (Letter attached.)

“I put in five calls to the MN GOP over the past several weeks, requesting a simple yes or no on letting Dr. Paul speak, with no response,” said Stebbins, “and only received the written denial following a demand for response via certified mail. So the Ron Paul campaign extends our invitation to all GOP state delegates and alternates to hear for themselves why this remarkable man has created such a stir in this presidential election.”

When the gavel drops in the Civic Center at 9:00 AM, Stebbins anticipates the convention Rules Report will favor the MN GOP Chairman’s picks for national delegate, allowing only “qualified” candidates to appear on the ballot, to be named later by the Nominating Committee, while not defining such qualifications. Paul’s supporters will appeal to the delegates of the convention to amend the rules in the interests of fairness and openness to allow for all who filed their intent to run with the MN GOP to appear on the ballot.

“Other challenges to the rules may be brought in an orderly fashion,” said Stebbins, “by no means as an attempt to disrupt the convention, but strictly to favor an open, democratic process to allow for the delegation to make decisions about whom it wishes support, as opposed to an orchestrated election of unopposed, backroom candidates.”

MN GOP Chairman, Ron Carey, last week sent an email to party officers urging them to turn out their McCain delegates, forwarding an email message from the Ron Paul campaign as an additional motivator. Contrary to Carey’s claims, the vast majority of caucus attendees voted against McCain.

Marianne Stebbins, Minnesota Campaign Coordinator for Ron Paul 2008 PCC stated, “Ron Carey is misusing his office of Chairman to encourage turnout only of delegates for one candidate. The Republican Party Bylaws clearly forbid this activity. If Mr. Carey wishes to actively campaign for one candidate and for his slate of candidates for national delegate, he should relinquish the Chair to someone who can more impartially handle the duties of the office.”

Dr. Ron Paul, tenth-term Congressman from Texas, is one of two candidates remaining in the Republican race for President, and has earned seven national delegates so far out of Minnesota. With his new book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, now in its third week on the New York Times Bestseller List, he remains in the race to offer conservatives an option in the primaries, and to spread the message of Liberty, Peace and Prosperity.

Minnesota Republican State Convention
WHEN: May 30, 7:30 AM
WHERE: Mayo Memorial Park, 30 Civic Center Drive
City: Rochester
State: MN