Revolution in Idaho: 24% for Ron Paul!

In a stunning upset victory for the Ron Paul Revolution, Presidential candidate Ron Paul obtained 24% of the vote in yesterday’s Republican primary in Idaho, by far his best showing in all primaries so far.

Idaho Results

John McCain: 87,341 votes (70%, 17 delegates)
Ron Paul: 29,741 votes (24%, 5 delegates)
Uncommitted: 7,974 votes (6%, 1 delegate)

Congratulations to Idaho voters, to Ron Paul and to all supporters! Opposition to John McCain keeps growing and the message of liberty keeps gaining momentum.

Let’s redouble our efforts and work on further improving our results in the last two remaining primaries next week.

Remaining Republican primaries:

June 3, 2008: South Dakota and New Mexico

  • ladyjane

    There was more than 2400 at the Boise rally we went to on Mar 4th. The primary proceedure was changed and Mitt Romney went thru on the first ballot. Ron Paul had less than 1500 votes even after he had 2400 at the rally. We came to they conclusion that the Republican party in Idaho is corrupt.


  • William

    Daniel: Bow down to the king of putrescence. The rest of us would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.

  • HighwayBlogger

    im new here. i overlooked rp in the primary but now i truly regret it. The media has buried him and you hear NOTHING. I have done some research and this is the man that i want running my country. i hope the american people grow a brain and elect him. i’m gonna start a local write in campaign.

  • daniel morgan

    I know the difference betweeen a liberal and a Libertarian. But if it didn’t occur to you- the Libertarian party is liberal! Also, they are about as far from a good governement (monarchy) as you7 can get? You know who I would support in place of McCain in a second: Michael Savage. MICHAEL SAVAGE FOR KING!!!!

  • Cheryl Atwell

    Why do we want more war? Are these people asleep? Ron Paul is a human before he is a member of a party. Shouldn’t we be concerned about what a person is saying rather than what party he is affiliated with? I mean Ron Paul’s actions over the years speak louder than the words that these other candidates are spouting off. I am for keeping my freedoms. I am not a fearful citizen, I am a fearless citizen. If you warmongers want war go fight it yourselves. If you don’t want to be scared of anything place yourselves in jail. I like my freedom. I served to preserve.

  • Suzy

    To daniel morgan: Idiot! o.k., maybe you’re just Confused! Ron Paul ran as a “Libertarian,” not a “liberal.” Libertarian is “for “Liberty,” as in individual freedom, as in the government staying out of people’s business as much as possible, as in the government not passing laws “to boss us around and tell us what to do for our own good, ha!” Liberal is for just the opposite of freedom, as in “liberal Democrats” and “Socialism.” I hope this will clear the matter up for you.

  • Syz

    Ron Paul is an American. We all know what the others are. They haven’t done one thing to benefit this Nation or the Citizens, only their own pockets. We don’t need oil, we’re wallowing in their bloody snakeoil until we’re choking on it. Put the two party Socialist crowd back on their covered wagons and get out the tar and feathers. ENOUGH OF TRASH RUNNING OUR COUNTRY.

  • Anti-Despot

    Hehe We have a McWar troll here! Hey McTroll: Your candidate IS a liberal and a socialist. You can keep your traitor candidate. Ron Paul has never voted liberally. He ran as a libertarian, which is quite a different thing. His record is sterling, and is merely a reflection of a character rarely seen these days. It is sad how so many are lead to believing in and supporting those who have the destruction of our people and their sovereignty at heart. Go Ron Paul! Go Patriot Paulites! Eventually we will topple that which is the enemy of freedom! Soon, our country will again be reclaimed for its people. Soon the imperialism will end. Soon we will see peace and prosperity. Soon…

  • daniel morgan

    I voted in Boundary County- for John McCain. Shut up and get out of the race, Mr. Chameleon (who ran as a liberal last time)!

  • right the fed. reserve which is england world bank oligarch’s they own us. used name federal to throw the people off. no tax law only the corporations were to be taxed after WW11. they turned the tables on the people. who? rockefeller’s rothschild’s who are for the queen as david’s brother is queens advisor or something. read the rothschild manifesto his plan to cull us all off the planet so they can and he states so on youtube vid. live in luxery. like halburton now a company of Dubi! halburton poisoned the troup’s water.

  • Rabbit

    There is nothing in the world which could induce me, or most people I know to even visit the USA, let alone live there. The only people who want in to the USA, come from third world countries where they also probably lack enough knowledge to realise the USA is a big lie for the most part.

    However, with a Ron Paul Presidency, I would be jealous of the USA. I would choose to live in a USA that could return to its constitutional base. The whole world would look up to you instead of as now, we look down on you and actually look towards Russia and China for protection from the USA.

  • Status Quo – 87, 341 – 70% – 17 Delegates
    Ron Paul – 29, 741 – 24% – 5 Delegates
    Uncommitted – 7974 – 6% – 1 Delegate

    Really good results for Paul!

    PA and ID both had the High Tide Ad running. If you are looking to donate to a further the message of freedom, donating to this ad would be great. It will be airing in South Dakota for the June 3rd primary.

  • I have one question. I need know what
    to do in the general election
    because the ballot is on computer. I am not going to vote for these
    rascals.So how do I go about to vote for Ron Paul in the general
    election.Because we know they are not going let him on the ballot.
    Sorry,for the errors. I am not a typer.But I want to know how to go about writing him in.
    Thanks,Vickie Farson

    P.S I have friends who want to know too.But I will relay the message.
    Patriots Forever!

  • The reason the Federal Reserve is purchasing debt-mortgages, bear stearns, and credit cards……..If one owns all the money and all the debt……add it all up and it still comes to zero for the individual who ends up owning nothing but being owned. Are you a citizen “of” the United States or a United States Citizen? Let’s get back to individual liberty and make sure that the primary purpose of Federal government is the preservation of said along with a common defense and justice-making sure that the states do not trample individual liberties by dictating virtue.

    Not the last patriot,
    Will Haverty

  • Maintain the course!

  • We need Ron Paul. I am a democrat but don’t like who is running. Ron Paul will be the best President the US has had in a very long time. My husband and I really believe he is out for the people, and will keep the elite from taking over and destroying the middle class.
    I have done a lot of research on Ron Paul and he has impressed me with his way of thinking to fix our country. All the others’ are out for themselves. Ron Paul is a smart man and the media knows this but has been told to ban him from TV. Google or go to You tube and learn like I did. If we don’t get Ron in our Presidential office the world will change as we know it and disaster will strike our country.

    Research Ron’s idea’s and see. You WILL change you mind for our next President. Read about the others’ running and you will see what I mean. Ron Paul supporter