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  1. William Landers

    Oil hit a record recently at $135 a barrel. Congress has approved a bill to prevent the government from adding to America ’s strategic stocks of oil, and is contemplating another to enable American prosecutors to sue the governments of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) for market manipulation.
    OPEC members will invest $160 billion in oil development projects in the next three years to increase their production capacity by 15 per cent in response to growing demand.
    Increasing oil production is not the answer. The answer is to reduce the demand.
    We need to do something to better people and our way of life. We the people need to stand for something.
    We need to solve some real problems in our environment and our society. We need to address the depletion of our natural resources.
    I would like to present this challenge: How do we reduce oil consumption, while not sacrificing necessities like heating our homes? I would like to hear your suggestions for exploring new technology that will lower the demand on oil consumption.
    Who can offer a solution for what we can do as a Nation to produce environmentally responsible heating for our homes? How can we produce electricity on a mass scale so we do not need to use coal or nuclear reactors?
    I want to hear from you. Please leave your comments for discussion.

    Lets see which group of presidential voters can come up with a solution to lower the demand on oil.
    My challenge, leave a comment telling how we can lower the demand on oil.
    But the question is how can we lower the demand on oil!!!
    How can we lower the demand on oil while allowing Americans to still be able to heat their homes, drive normal amounts, and produce electricity.
    How can we do this cost efficient, and with clean energy.
    The challenge goes out to Obama, Hillary, McCain, Paul and the great Huckabee supporters.
    Leave your group name (Obama, Hillary, McCain, Huckabee, Paul)
    What technology can effect the change.
    What plan can do all three, ( Heat our Homes, allow clean driving, and produce electricity).
    Leave comment here.


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