3 responses to “Sowing More Big Government with the Farm Bill”

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  2. John C. Randolph

    I propose a solution: step one, make farm subsidies available only to individuals, not corporations. Step two, eliminate them altogether. This removes the ability of Cargill and ADM to hide behind family farmers when milking the taxpayers. Once the advantage goes the other way, the corporations will demand that their minions in the congress abolish the subsidy which would then favor the family farms over the conglomerates.


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    1. Agman

      This all depends on your defenition of a “large or corporate” farm. My family farms around 2200 acres of corn and beans and for our area we are considered large and our business is incorporated as well. Just 60 miles away from us, we would be considered a below average sized farm, but because of things like farm subsidies we are able to keep paying outrageous input prices and stave off selling to larger farmers or corporations. The problem with the farm bill and farm subsidy debates is that no one actually asks farmers what they think, but rather the representative that resides in the captial city of an agricultural state who probably has no experience in agriculture whatsoever.

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