The Primaries Are Over. The Ron Paul Revolution Continues.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul continues to gain support among growing numbers of Republicans who are dissatisfied with John McCain’s enthusiasm for “comprehensive” immigration reform, global warming propaganda, endless wars of aggression, and corrupt monetary policies that have brought us skyrocketing inflation and economic decline.

Montana, South Dakota and New Mexico held Republican primaries yesterday, and in a surprisingly strong showing for a candidate the GOP establishment loves to hate and the media continues to ignore, Ron Paul received 22% of the vote in Montana, 17% in South Dakota and 14% in New Mexico.

The primary season may now be over, but the Ron Paul Revolution continues stronger than ever before. If you too are dissatisfied with the way things are going, make your voice heard and join us on July 12 in Washington, D.C. for the Revolution March and on September 1 – 4 in St. Paul/Minneapolis for the Republican National Convention. Ron Paul is counting on our support.

Montana Results

John McCain: 72,208 votes (76%)
Ron Paul: 20,408 votes (22%)
Uncommitted: 2,033 votes (2%)

South Dakota Results

John McCain: 42,843 votes (70%)
Ron Paul: 10,127 votes (17%)
Mike Huckabee: 4,337 votes (7%)
Uncommitted: 1,793 votes (3%)

New Mexico Results

John McCain: 93,496 votes (86%)
Ron Paul: 15,296 votes (14%)


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  • David Singhiser

    It is important that the two parties see that there is a large minority who are not satisfied with the status quo. The fear mongering of both parties allows the two to continue their destructive march. If I vote Republican no matter what because I’m scared of some Democrat, and if some Democrat votes Democrat because of his or her fear of a Republican than the same failed policies will continue. Even if some one worse than McCain wins, he or she will not be that much worse, and if a large enough minority show their dissatisfaction then the media, the parties and the dissatisfied minority itself will realize that something is happening in America and things need to change. Even more importantly the message will finally start to be taken seriously. Restore the Republic; restore the Constitution; dismantle the Empire, the Federal Reserve, and IRS.

  • N. Sheets

    Taking a lot of votes away from McCain will not win the election. Yes, it will make a definite statement, but an even worse person or persons could get in office than McCain. Yes, I reckon you’ll be getting some Democrat votes too, but could it possibly become enough? I can only hope and pray it would. Whaddaya say?

  • David Singhsier

    There’s a petition to the GOP you might be interested in.


    Ron Paul will get my vote ! Why would I vote for a liberal to keep a liberal out of office. Wasting my vote? HELL NO! McCain will lose because he’s a liberal, not because I didn’t vote for him !


  • NM

    Ron Paul and John McCain were the only candidates on our New Mexico ballots.

    The New Mexico results are:

    John McCain: 93,496 votes (86%)
    Ron Paul: 15,296 votes (14%)

    The Mike Huckabee and Uncommitted added on to the already 100% New Mexico total (86 mccain + 14 paul = 100) were a copy paste from the S. Dakota results.

    /* admin: Thanks for the correction! */

  • Lou Baransky

    If Ron Paul does not receive the Republican nomination, ask him to consider running as an independent.