“McCain is a coward” says Ron Paul Assistant Organizer

“McCain is a coward for avoiding questions” says local Ron Paul Assistant Organizer.

Following Senator John McCain’s visit to Nashville on Monday June 2nd, 2008, former Nashville Assistant Ron Paul Organizer declares “McCain [is] a coward for sidestepping and muddling answers to questions” at the town hall meeting in the Ryman Auditorium.

Senator McCain was first asked the following question by a member of the audience: “What or who is the supreme authority in your life, and how will it be evident in your presidency?”

McCain responded by telling a story of a sympathetic guard in the POW camp where he was imprisoned, and finished with “that’s the one person I’ve always wanted to see again” before moving on to the next question. The question about his faith was not directly answered but instead sidestepped by taking the audience on a journey of his experience as a POW.

Former Nashville Assistant Ron Paul Organizer Matt Collins states “although I don’t care what religion or faith McCain subscribes to, he is a coward for not answering the question. If he didn’t want to respond then he should’ve said so and moved on to the next question. Instead he tried to trick the crowd by using underhanded oratory tactics that avoided giving a straight answer.”

Senator McCain also used similar tactics when asked about his stance on immigration. After jumping to the previous question, fumbling around, and then coming back to the immigration question he stated, “all of us are created equal”.

Matt Collins commented on Senator McCain’s response as follows: “I think it’s pretty obvious his answer shows that he is pro-illegal immigration and has a desire for amnesty“.

Collins also states, “McCain knows that both faith and illegal immigration are hot topics here in Nashville and his response to these direct questions prove that he does not have respect for Nashvillians or he would’ve answered them head-on. It is also disconcerting that a Senator and a man running for President would ‘wimp-out’ in this situation and it’s ironic Senator McCain uses the slogan “Straight Talk” when he doesn’t have enough resolve to answer questions like this. How can he function as President?”.

Collins concluded his statement with “Since I refuse to vote for a slick liberal regardless of their party affiliation, Senator McCain will not be getting my vote”. Like many other disenfranchised Republicans Collins is still unsure if he will vote for the Libertarian candidate Bob Barr, the Constitutional candidate Chuck Baldwin, write-in Congressman Ron Paul, or simply sit out the November election.

Matt Collins was a key player in the Nashville grassroots campaign for Ron Paul as an Assistant Organizer during the Presidential Primary season. He considers himself a conservative-leaning libertarian. The Nashville Ron Paul Meetup Group does not represent, nor is it affiliated with, the official Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign. The Nashville Meetup Group was founded May 17, 2007, and is part of the Meetup.com online community. The group currently has 820 members. Group members participate in local and national events to promote the message of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, whose positions include support for the Constitution and the promotion of personal liberty for all Americans.

Matt Collins can be reached for questions or an interview by contacting: [email protected]

Recorded audio of these two questions can be found here:

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  • LadyHawk

    My wonder is whether there is any connection between these testy statements by Ron Paul’s Assistant Organizer and the fact that Dr. Paul dropped out of the race one week later. Did the faux GOP perhaps put “pressure” to quit on him (and his family)? Did they threaten his (and his family’s) life the way they did Ross Perot’s years earlier? All’s fair as long as you don’t get caught, eh, Old Boys? (((Sic* Sic* Sic* Sic* Sic*)))

  • bill

    Dear sir, medical marajuana is good when its not medical. You’re ruining the purpose of pot by saying it should be used for good things. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! Obama should raise taxes when he becomes so poor that broke hippies like you wont even consider running for president. JK