Poll Results: Revolution March on July 12, 2008

Two weeks ago we asked the following question:

“Will you come to Washington D.C. on July 12, 2008 to attend the Revolution March, a peaceful march followed by a rally where Ron Paul and others will speak about freedom?”

674 RonPaul.com visitors submitted their vote and the results are as follows:

Poll: Revolution March

  • Roland

    I think you could elect the smartest, brightest, most honest person to the office of the Presidency, and it wouldn’t change things that much. The fact is that no matter who gets “elected” (actually more like an anointment by powerful controllers like Rothschild, Rockefeller, Bilderbergs, etc), the system is set up to appear balanced between two opposing parties at opposite ends of the political spectrum, but in fact is not. The progressive liberal wing of the Democrat Left no longer exists. The Blue Dog Democrats have removed whatever existed of the Liberal Left or made it totally ineffective. There is no more “Center” in congress, and entire body has swung so far to the right that they passed the Patriot Act which undermines the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This act was written by Georgetown law professor Viet Din for the Bush Administration BEFORE 9-11, and was then forced on congress in October of 2001, as they were trying to write one of their own.

  • Dillahunt

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    I would Love to go to DC and be Part of the March , but MY WIFE and I WILL March in Our Town , we have told others but time will tell if they will be there .

  • the website is http://www.ronvoy.com
    check it out 🙂

  • yes there is a huge carpool thing going to the march and it goes to pretty much every state, its called the “Ronvoy” its a bunch of buses and large vans that are taking people to the march in D.C.
    They go round trip and if you take the Ronvoy you don’t have to worry about hotels or anything, because we will be camping in cabins.
    Its going to be amazing, I can’t wait 😀

    the website is http://www.ronvoy.com
    check it out

  • Isn’t this something the meet-up groups can be working on as far as transportation goes? It’s been two summers since my car failed inspection. So I’d either have to carpool or go by rail or bus.
    There’s a small meet-up group here but I think I’m the only civilian in it. But I also joined the group in my “home of record” so I can see what they’re doing.
    Too bad all our vehicles don’t run on veggie oil like Marc’s friend’s bus. By the way, that tour is also looking for financial help for a van to get to the cities (there’s a link somewhere on this site talking about that).
    So I’d have to be in the “maybe” category: want to, but not sure how to.

  • sallye oldham

    We had to vote in the primary because of state/local issues. I am sorry I cannot vote independent this time, as Ron Paul truly is the choice of everyone I know. None of us know how McCain got to the top of the list, since he wasn’t anybody’s choice around here. We are all Republicans, by the way, and definitely do NOT want Obama in office. Once again, sorry for this awful mess this election year. I really believe the blacks do not care who is running, as long as a black person gets into office. As for the race thing, I also think if Condoleeza Rice ran with McCain, it would be a no-brainer victory for him.