Why Social Security Doesn’t Work

How will history judge Social Security in America? I predict Social Security will be viewed as a “program that helped many older Americans offset the high cost of living, provided important supplemental income for many Americans, and generally was a success”.

And that can’t be further from the truth. In reality, Social Security is…

  • Morally questionable at best (forced labor)
  • Unaccountable, as there is no clear separation between Social Security funds and other government expenditures
  • Unsustainable, with the proportion of payees and recipients dwindling due to people living longer, illegal immigrants, and other factors

Social Security is Morally Questionable

Is there any reason I can’t save for retirement and old age on my own? Of course not. People did it for centuries before Social Security came about. Secondly, is there a legitimate reason why I could be forced to save for someone else’s “Social Security?” Again, no. The truth about Social Security is that it robs and enslaves Americans, and hinders economic growth while stifling freedom and liberty both now and in the future.

Social Security is Unaccountable and Unsustainable

Now, in the year 2008, the Social Security system is both morally and economically bankrupt. We are still forcing working Americans to fund the “golden years” for other Americans, with no real choice in the matter. However, not only is there no specific fund for Social Security, there isn’t even money to fund it beyond the next 15-20 years!

It is possible (although certainly not moral or economic), for 3 or 4 working Americans to support 1 or 2 retired people. Possible does not make it morally acceptable or desirous, but possible nonetheless. However, can you expect those same 3 or 4 working Americans to support an ever growing number of retirees? These working Americans have their own bills to pay, their own families to support, and now we are burdening them with an ever growing number of dependents?

And Then There’s Inflation…

This doesn’t even take into account the role inflation has on the Social Security scam (has a nifty ring to it, doesn’t it?) If we factor in inflation, we get this not so rosy picture of the future of Social Security:

Say I pay in $20,000 in my lifetime into Social Security. Not only do I not know where this money is going or if I will even get it back, if I ever do get paid, my money will purchase less and less than it would if I just took the cash I earned and stuffed it in my mattress. God forbid I put it in a low risk investment such as a CD, or (shhh!) my own personal 401k or Roth IRA.

So if you are under 50 and working in this country, you are looking at the following scenario: Forced labor, no transparency as to where your money is going, a broken system, and a repayment of your money that is less than what you paid in (in real terms).

The Government’s “Solution” Perpetuates The Problem

This would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad and true: There is no real push to eliminate Social Security! Some in the government actually want to increase the earnings cap and thus tax earnings even more to make up for the shortfall!

Only in government would this fly: We’re facing a huge shortfall, we have trillions in unfunded liabilities, so instead of even considering a different direction, let’s just tax and tax and tax and throw more and more money at the problem. Don’t even give people the option (there’s that pesky freedom thing again) of opting out of Social Security, just tax them some more and see where it gets us.