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  1. Roland

    The problem is that the "Free Market" is profit driven, and this is the end product, not education. To think that turning elementary, junior, and high school education into "Harvards" or "Yales" where only the elite rich can afford an education would be better than state sponsored education is not thinking at all!
    The problem with the present system is that too much emphasis is placed upon teaching subjects with textbooks that are biased or do not reflect historical fact. These books, many of which are published in Texas, are re-writing history to smooth over any acts committed by the government. It appears that the government wants loyal taxpaying citizens that do not question government actions. Much of what is left out or mineralized are incidents such as the massacres at Sand Creek, Washita, and Wounded Knee during the "Indian Wars." When I was in high school in the South, Slavery was an issue glossed over, and one of the school service organizations would dress up in Confederate uniform to sell "war bonds" for the Thanksgivings Day football game, all the while flying the Rebel Flag. Certainly the struggle for workers rights was not an important issue, or union battles where workers were massacred such as at Ludlow, Colorado. Incidents like the attempted overthrow of FDR in the Thirties by the heads of powerful corporations, isn't even in the text books. Also missing from textbooks is Kent State, Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the experiments performed on unsuspecting Americans as evidenced in Eileen Wellsome's "The Plutonium Files." Also missing from textbooks is the CIA's "Family Jewels." This much redacted admission by the CIA to assassination of foreign leaders and overthrow of foreign governments came as no surprise to anyone who has studied their history. This history also includes the CIA's involvement in running drugs during the Iran/Contra affair as evidenced in Gary Webb's "Dark Alliance."
    The Christian Right has also co-opted Darwinian theory with Creationism, in order to place their agenda on the table. Organizations like the Moral Majority, and Christian Coalition have violated the separation of church and state.
    Finally, the "Humanities" are being sacrificed and replaced by computer driven technological subjects. It's ok to teach someone a subject that might help them get a job, but they also need to be taught the values that help create a better society. Many of the Liberal Arts subjects have been sidelined in favor of football teams, and the purpose of school (to get a well rounded education) seems to have been lost. Music, foreign languages, painting, the performing arts, philosophy, ethics, logic, all which help create a better society are relegated to the bottom.
    Education, like health care, city streets, highways, bridges, schools, hospitals, sewage systems, water supplies, agriculture is part of our infrastructure. In the name of the "War on Terror," we have spent far too much money on the Industrial-Military Complex, and far too little on our infrastructure!


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