What Should Ron Paul Do? – Interim Results

Two days after the launch of our poll entitled “What Should Ron Paul Do?“, 1,876 voters have submitted their choice and the results are as follows:

  • 45.26% want Ron Paul to launch a new Presidential campaign as an independent or third party candidate.
  • 34.22% want Ron Paul to stay in the Republican race and continue his efforts to take back the GOP.
  • 12.05% want Ron Paul to drop out and endorse Barack Obama.
  • 3.57% want Ron Paul to drop out and endorse Bob Barr.
  • 2.24% want Ron Paul to drop out and endorse John McCain.
  • 0.53% want Ron Paul to drop out and endorse Chuck Baldwin.
  • 2.13% want Ron Paul to do something else (see comments).

The poll will remain open until Tuesday night. Submit your vote here and make your voice heard.


  • Joey

    Well as much as i would love to see him run again, i highly doubt he could win against obama one on one if he even got that far. Because since obama is the first black as president (though i clearly remember this election not being about race; 98% of blacks voted for him) hes being made out to be a saint and can do no wrong. he will be in office for the full eight years, and even if he does mess which he already has, everyone will just brush it off and say no big deal its okay because your the first black. though i must mention that he is half white (no one seems to realize that) i still strongly support dr.paul and i always say hello to other followers. it makes me sick how this country is treatin obama with posters shoes magazines cards anything and everything has his face or name on it. hes a joke. im sorry for ranting but it seems that theres no hope for america till 2016. i hope dr. paul will run as a third party though i think his best bet will be republican again. thats if the media will actually show his face this time and give him credit i doubt it though cause the media and congress fear him.

  • jks

    Ron Paul’s Book, “The Revolution” was right on. It is vital that we as Americans understand what is happening in America so that we can DO something about it. Dr. Paul spoke with a group a few months ago who call themselves the “FreeCapitalists.” I was surprisingly impressed. Apparently they have influence in communities all around the US. This group demonstrated that they “actively support the principles of freedom and prosperity.” They believe that it is our duty as individual citizens to become self-reliant and fix our own lives so that we can get more involved, as Dr. Paul has, in being a significant and constitutional influence in America. Ever since I began associating with them, I have become more convinced that they clearly understand what Dr. Paul talks about in his book. He stated, “liberty and prosperity [are] the birthright of Americans.” You can check them out at http://www.freecapitalist.com. It’s surprising how controversial freedom and prosperity is. But I’m glad there are people who have the answers so that we can unite and win the fight.

  • Tommy

    I have talked to a some friends who thought I was crazy promoting a cook for president. Then they read Paul’s new book.
    All three of them are now telling me they are voting for him as a write-in. Why isn’t that option listed in the poll?

  • Jeanie

    Dr. Paul was the first candidate I’ve ever financially supported. His was the first bumper sticker I ever bought. I’ve been a voter since 1976.
    Seeing that over 12% would throw support to Obama, I gotta say, “ARE YOU KIDDING????”. His political philosophies are so opposite of Dr. Paul’s, with the exception of the war. Our country has so many additional problems and looming disasters, and Obama’s philosophies only compound nearly all of them. Electing Obama will be a disaster for the citizens & taxpayers of this country. Any Ron Paul supporter who is now throwing support to Obama simply doesn’t understand what Dr. Paul represents.
    Dr. Paul is a conservative (the only true conservative running), a Constitutionalist, a small-government politician — Obama is certainly none of these things. He is, in fact, the polar opposite.
    I will vote for the philosophy, not the candidate. At this point, the only philosophy I can agree resides within the Libertarian Party. That’s where my votes (local, state, & national) will go from this day forward, as they have many times past.
    Hoping to be at the March on July 12– maybe I’ll meet a couple of you there.

  • redwhite&blue

    Ron Paul should immediately start an independent campaign. This year, we have the chance to have several alternative candidates for President to the Dems and Repubs. Nader is running and will pull at least 6%, So is Bob Barr. Ron Paul still has a chance of becoming President! And he can help change this country to a multi-party, democracy where there is real freedom of choice. Not just two choices of the same flavor.

  • Can you leave the poll open one more day? I just discovered it and wrote about it today. I already voted, but hope that my readers will be able to do so as well. Thanks, if you can do so.

  • Ancloter

    There is only one political party in these United States and that is the Communist Party. It has two wings, i.e., the Democrat Party Wing
    and the Republican Party Wing. Both Wings have long ago agreed and have worked for the destruction of these united States for the benefit of the Illuminati’s New World Order. Thus Dr Ron Paul is our
    only hope for a return to Constitutional government with our Bill of
    Rights intact. We the People have to stand with Dr Paul all the way if there is to be a hope of succeeding for if we do not succeed then
    we are probably doomed to the old Feudal state of Master and serf for
    the foreseeable future or until Jesus Returns to set things aright.
    God bless America and God bless Dr Ron Paul.

  • wm

    While you folks pontificate, quibble and whine, others in the movement are working on identifying non-Ron Paul Republican delegates and endeavoring to enlighten them about Ron Paul. In the process they are telling them just what it is about the Ron Paul phenomenon which his supporters find so appealing with the expectation that many of them will come to find Ron Paul to be to their liking as well.

    It is still possible for McCain to fail to get the nomination and for the nomination to go to Ron Paul!

    Have you read The Revolution: A Manifesto yet? It remains on the New York Times Best Seller List again at number 5. It is conceivable that enough people will find Ron Paul to be the breath of fresh air, the voice of reason, and the answer to our prayers so that the number of his supporters will exceed those of Obama.

    Thanks for indulging my feasibly realistic dream. Keep passing the torch remembering that there are one or two million of us doing just that each day. I will reach people you will not meet and you will encounter people I will never meet. Together we may yet reach the 48% of the voters who are disenchanted with both Obama and McCain. We can offer them a man of principle who understands what caused us to get to this point and the way to correct it all and get us going forward with the Constitution as our guide as well as our wisdom and wits.

  • sdrhs

    Its not what Ron Paul should do at this point, it is what the GOP should do. John McCain is already showing the world that he is un-electable. All the Obama campaign needs to do is surf YouTube for material to beat him up with – their homework is already done for them. It is a long way to September and now in June, Ron Paul still has an ever-increasing slim chance of getting the GOP nomination. Yes, I said that. Do I think they will offer it to him? No. I think that McCain will continue to implode and that the GOP will relegate itself to a place among the also-ran 3rd parties. Barr will end up in 2nd. Yes, I said that too. I firmly believe that Ron Paul is rapidly becoming the GOP’s only choice – a choice that they will not make.

  • bri

    Hi, just pulled up Ron Paul’s website, and was just checking him
    out. Was leaning towards Obama, but Ron Paul certainly has a better
    thought process on all the issuses. I was never really impressed
    with John McCain. I do feel he would continue with EVERYTHING, Bush is doing now. Bush has disappointed me tremendously over the last 4 years. I am hopeful that Ron Paul can pull the, “rabbit out of the hat.”

  • mlmvh

    Dimi, you make Obama sound good. However, he and McCain are both members of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), which advocates world government. And, after seeing Obama (and McCain) groveling before AIPAC (the American Israeli Political Action Committee), I’m skeptical of Obama’s foreign policy. I’m also skeptical that Obama doesn’t receive any money from lobbyists, and I’m not too thrilled about Obama’s UN tax. But, if no miracles happen this year (Ron Paul getting the GOP nomination, or if he doesn’t, a third party victory in November), I’d prefer Obama to beat McCain, because if McCain wins, the GOP will think it doesn’t need Ron Paul supporters to win, and we won’t be able to challenge an incumbent in 4 years. If Obama wins, Ron Paul supporters can retake the GOP more easily.

  • MC

    I strongly suggest that supporters of Dr. Paul and his ideas, which embrace transparency and efficiency, remind themselves that the power of a free national election, much like a free market, is wholly diminished if individuals engineer their choices.

    McCain is to no-one’s first choice here; it thereby cheapens the election tradition to cast votes for him on the grounds that Paul does not have enough popular support to win. Certainly, the prophecy will fulfill itself and he will not win if every one of his supporters votes for McCain. The polling place is by no means a venue to exercise a “better than nothing” mentality. If he’s your man, do the honorable thing and vote for your first choice, perceived odds of victory be damned. Stand for something.

    I too doubt that Paul has enough strength in votes to win, but he’s the candidate aligned very closely with my best interest, and unless he drops out of the race or very unfortunate events befall him or the election process, he deserves and will get my vote.

  • Dimi

    Well, i think Obama really means what he says, but on the rest i completely agree. Looks like a tough (but worthy!) cause, good luck.

  • Tom

    @Dimi – I think we’ve all seen the “Hope & Change” thing before. The majority of politicians say whatever it takes to get into office; once they are in they can do whatever they want; or so they think. What we as the people of this country need to do is to start holding our elected officials responsible for their actions and to uphold their promises. Obama certainly is a well spoken and charismatic person but he lacks real experience. McCain just wants more war so he and his buddies can make more money off it. Paul actually has a mission to accomplish, in office or not I certainly hope he still puts up a good fight for the people of this country. We as the people of this country need to get rid of the two party system; it doesn’t work and forces people to vote for “the lesser or two evils”; unless your voting Paul of course!

  • Dimi

    In the interest of full disclosure i’ll start off by saying i’m from Europe and an Obama supporter.
    I very much respect Ron Paul, but i find it strange that a lot of his supporter seem to be willing to support McCain over Obama.

    * McCain is pretty much the opposite of Paul when it comes to war. He’ll stay in Iraq (in his own words “even if it takes another 100 years”) and is already spewing rethoric about invading Iran. Obama wants the troops out of Iraq (although not as fast as Paul would do it). Obama is also very much commited to diplomacy.

    * Although McCain’s central arguments seems to be that he’s the guy with a lot of foreign policy experience, he confuses the different groups in the middele east A LOT. I find that pretty disturbing.

    * The horrible economy is a direct result of the enormous amount of money being spent in Iraq. Don’t expect this to change with McCain. Oh, and McCain has admitted himself (although he denies it now of course, just check youtube) that he doesn’t know a lot about the economy.

    * Obama doesn’t accept money from lobbyists, McCain relies on it. I think we can all agree that the government should abide by the will of the people, not by the will of lobbyists.

    * Just listen to Obama a little bit. The speech he gave against the war in Iraq was extremely insightfull. He predicted all the current problems and pointed out that there wasn’t even any clear evidence to support the invasion. And he did so while opposing the war was very unpopular. Just like Paul …
    Looks at some of the things he’s accomplished.

    After 8 years of Bush, i really don’t want another 4-8 years of the same with McCain. Is that really what you’d prefer over Obama?

  • csks

    Asking him to go third party would be asking him to go against his word.

    As for writing him in being a vote for Obama or being a “wasted vote” (as others tell me) I will not vote for the “lesser of 2 evils” again I have the right to vote for who I want and I won’t betray conscience. I say get rid of this “2 party” system… Run on your principles and merits because we can all see that McCain is not a republican he’s a federalist just as Obama is not a democrat he’s a socialist. Maybe with the parties gone people would see them for what they truly are. (hey, I can dream can’t I :))

  • Del, the core of the libertarian philosophy is to avoid the initiation of force and not to back social policy with a hand on the trigger. McCain is fine with starting wars, is a proud member of the political party most fervently advocating in the past and today for said war, and has made a point of cozying up to the President and backing him on the war and other issues. He backed off his strong stance on torture (a shameful stain to our national honor) and now advocates many forms of torture as well as warrantless wiretaps, searches, arrests, etc.

    In every way McCain is the embodiment of the aggressive, unthinking, and unjust policies of the current administration. He’s gone to great pains to fit himself into that role. And it’s very clear that a vote for McCain is a vote of confidence in the path that Bush, Cheney, et al have led the country down.

    As voters we must make a stand against the greatest moral wrong we can, one being done in our names. We must vote against McCain.

  • Char

    I’ve been voting for years. Taking a vote from McCain is the least of my worries at this point in my life. McCain isn’t going to win anyway. The right third party run with the right vp candidate would very possibly win Dr. Paul this election. It needs desperately to be done and I hope he will do it. Many of us are desperate for him to do it. McCain and Obama take us to global government, crashed economy, socialism, amnesty, etc. I cannot go there.

  • Del

    As much as we like Ron, he CANNOT and WILL NOT win the election no matter what he does, so please do NOT write him in as that will be just another vote for Obama. Ron should continue to expand his circle of influence and use his existing power of influence to try to change things from the inside, where he already is. Ron doesn’t need to endorse John McCain, but he shouldn’t do anything to hurt McCain either. Like it or not, write-ins have never won anything. You need to decide who you’d rather have: McCain or Obama.

  • Del

    If Ron continues as a 3rd party candidate, all it will accomplish is to take votes away from McCain, thus making it easier for Obama to win. McCain is surely not perfect, but isn’t he better than Obama? If Ron cannot win the Republican nomination, how could he ever be expected to win the general election. I like Ron a lot, but if he runs against McCain, it will only hurt the conservative cause, not help it.