2 responses to “Rising Energy Prices and the Falling Dollar”

  1. Bill McArthur

    Back in the 70s, I happened upon a copy of the book “Limits to Growth” by the Club of Rome. The book was very controversial and stimulated a great deal of work in computer modeling. One of the implications discussed in the book was that the world would run out of oil at some point not in the distant future.

    Now that we’re paying over $4.00 a gallon for gas, more people are believers that we have an energy problem to solve. In the interest of preserving a decent way of life for my children and grandchildren, I’ve formulated the following plan:

    1. Rather than seeking more ways to get oil, make a national decision to convert all possible machines to use electric power.

    2. Ensure that all generating plants for electricity use clean, non-fossil fuel sources of power, including nuclear, hydro, solar, wind, and tides.

    3. Utilize and enhance the current infrastructure of gas stations to swap out batteries as a new form of refueling. This will require a few standard types of batteries that can be quickly replaced and recharged by the stations.

    I’m convinced that, if America mounts an Apollo-like program to accomplish this plan, it can be accomplished within a decade. Big Oil will balk and try to be a hindering force, but they can get in on the action in transforming the infrastructure and make their money.

    Ships and trains can be powered by nuclear reactors, but I’m not sure what replacement power source would be appropriate for airplanes. I am sure that all issues can be solved if the national will is behind the effort and the resources are available.

    We’ve been refusing to take on the energy problem, but the time is now, or never.

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  2. Linda

    Why are Paul supporters voting against Mike in the vp poll and trying to tear down hucksarmy? We are peacefully working for our guy and have nothing against Paul. Mike has always treated Paul with respect and I can’t imagine why you are trying to attack us and vote against Mike. It is also not right for you to pretend to be Romney supporters attacking Huck. Romney would never have anything to do with that, nor will Paul if he knows. You are trying to further divide the Republican party but it is backfiring. We will unite, McCain, Romney and Huckabee supporters against cheating and people who are not working for a cause but against another…..

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