• Richard Gambrill

    I am starting to agree with you Kelly about Bob Barr. I think I am going to unsubscribe to his email list because I am tired of him asking me for money. Here is the latest guilt trip he has tried to put on me.

    “Because if you can afford a computer and Internet access to read my message, you can certainly afford a $10 gift to this campaign.”

    How does he know what I can afford. Maybe I am at the library, or at work. These guilt trip tactics of Bob Barr are really getting on my nerves.

    Hey Bob, why don’t you talk about what you stand for and why it’s right rather than complaining about how everybody else is wrong? You complained about how you weren’t allowed at the Saddleback debate being in violation of McCain/Feingold, maybe so, but McCain Feingold is in violation of our constitutional free speech anyway. I am giving you a chance to show me why I should vote for you and possibly donate money to your campaign. And please make it about you and what you stand for, not about how the others are wrong.

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  • Kelly Quinn

    I just found this website and I’m glad I did!

    What prompted my google was at attempt to find out if there was anything to this rumor of a possible Barr/Paul candidacy.

    I truly hope thi doesn’t happen. Ron Paul stands for something. Bob Barr stands for Bob Barr. It’d be a sellout.

    I plan to be in DC and hopefully MN. Go Ron!

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  • http://none Simon Bayes

    dear Mr paul

    I have been watching you over the last year in Spain, and truly believe that you should keep going, i so hope that on the 14th July people of America come out and show there support, i know you have now stopped your campain, but you will go down in history as the only one that tried, i just hope its not to late for us all.

    I wish i could come on the day, but i have no money to get a ticket.

    Simon Bayes
    Mallorca Spain.

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