Ron Paul Ends Presidential Campaign

Ron Paul ended his Presidential campaign on June 12, 2008 through an announcement at his website, shortly after he gave a stirring address to a packed audience in Houston, Texas. He confirmed that he would hold a rally in Minneapolis next to the official GOP Convention and demonstrated his commitment to continuing and growing the movement, with the goal of electing advocates for liberty at all levels of government. Watch the speech below:

Plans for the Revolution March (July 12) and the Ron Paul Convention (September 2) remain intact and are not affected by this announcement.

The Ron Paul Revolution continues.


  • jiommy calvert

    i am very sad to hear this news, i hope its just a pre-amble and re-organisational of the campaign towards an independant run

  • Ron Paul is a work of art. He has worked every angle that makes progress toward the end goal…grow the movement until “We The People” replace those who allowed and helped the system to get almost beyond the point of no return.

    Who did the dirty deeds? We all did…but the ones we entrusted need their sorry butts replaced.

    It took generations of negligent inattention to get where we are, so we can’t expect one guy to get us back on track with the biased MSM and the rigged 2-party system, both of which totally control who gets to run.

    So, at this point we should count ourselves very fortunate that there are a whole lot of leaders who have risen because of the only guy in the race, Ron Paul, who is willing to press on as long as “We The People” are willing to take the progress we’ve made and make it grown into a r3VOLution they can’t suppress.

    The timing is really perfect. It’s been a long shot from the get-go to get the public informed and the voters to the polls against all odds, but we did amazingly well. We all should realize what
    Ron Paul has realistically known about winning a GOP nomination. So, now is the best time to serve notice on the Party and the public that we’re not quitting and don’t intend to just ‘go away’ after the Convention.

    It’s more important than ever to have a ‘show of force’ at Convention time, intelligently, peacefully and in grand fashion. Then, commit to writing in Ron Paul, join any and all existing and new groups, especially the Campaign for Liberty, support and vote for every Paulite running for any office and just plain keep up the good fight!

    …….Ron, [email protected]