Ron Paul Ends Presidential Campaign

Ron Paul ended his Presidential campaign on June 12, 2008 through an announcement at his website, shortly after he gave a stirring address to a packed audience in Houston, Texas. He confirmed that he would hold a rally in Minneapolis next to the official GOP Convention and demonstrated his commitment to continuing and growing the movement, with the goal of electing advocates for liberty at all levels of government. Watch the speech below:

Plans for the Revolution March (July 12) and the Ron Paul Convention (September 2) remain intact and are not affected by this announcement.

The Ron Paul Revolution continues.


  • Daisy

    I hope he says he’s going to run Independent. That is the only clear hope we have of rebuilding our nation and this mess that both parties (notice I say BOTH) have gotten us into. Americans are looking for someone other than McCain and Obama to cast their ballots for and he would win…no doubt in my mind at all. I will be very, very disappointed if the drops out tonight, when his country needs him most.

  • Aaron

    MSM finally got to your website…congrats. you really think he will drop out??? HELL NO.

  • I just want to say that i hope and pray this man runs for 2012. I had hoped that Dr. Paul would stand his ground thru all of the garbage slinging that Obama is going to destroy his credibility as a compassionate individual. Neither candiadte is ideal, most of the primary states that voted early on had no idea who Ron Paul even was. I hope the movement continues to grow, I spent an hour this morning converting a McCain supporter =( His original question to me was – “Ron Paul, why would you vote for him?” My answer – “Why wouldn’t you?” ….silence ensued and a shrug of shoulders. I proceeded to give him the reasons why I would not vote for McCain or Obama – why would I vote for someone who doesn’t even respect his civil liberties or what it means to be an American. Why would somone pursuing a presidential campaign not salute the flag? I just pray McCain doesn’t make it or has severe health issues, either way I will probably end up taking my family to Canada. Today is definitely a sad day =(

  • Mike

    I just bought your book 2 hours ago Ron, im on chapter 2. I set the book down, hop online, and find out your stepping down…..or rather stepping up!

    the Revolution will continue, you have inspired me, and masses of others to re-evaluate their future plans, and possibly run for political leadership one day.

    Support Pauline Doctrine, the doctrine of our Constitution! Ron Paul write-in 2008!

  • Olivetta Chavez


    That was an absolutely beautiful statement. Send it to your newspaper. I was planning to write in Dr. Paul’s name in November. I agree with all the posts above. Who will lead our nation now? God help us all.

  • Rule #1: There is no silver bullet.
    Rule #2: See Rule #1

    Any of us and each of us is as free as we choose to be.

  • Still Got Fight

    Let us clear up that we’re not calling Dr. Paul a boy or girl. This is referring to Obamanation and Hillarity of the worst kind. Sorry, if there was any confusion!

  • IX

    thank god

  • Neither will I vote for Obama because I cannot stand Agenda 21 and more deficits living in a bankrupt country copying what the old USSR did prior to Glostnost and Peristroika. But I will vote for local candidates and will support my Township and County for the trouble coming at the local level. And pray 2Chron7:14

  • Still Got Fight

    Oh wow…Has anyone ever heard “It ain’t over till it’s over?” Well, if this turns out to be his final decision then there will be many who won’t be voting. Don’t do the “lesser of two evils” when the lesser is still evil. Nice way of saying good-bye, but honestly there won’t be much left after this election. The proverbial handwriting is on the wall…and not just in America.

    Good luck then.

  • Ron, say it ain’t so!

    Dr. Paul, we need you in the White House, and an independent run could just be the ticket. You’ll have the support of all the libertarians, true conservatives, minarchists, and millions of Rs and Ds unhappy with the choices offered.

    “Help us, Obi-Ron Paul; you’re our only hope!”

  • Still Got Fight

    Yes, PLEASE reconsider!!! Now is not the time to quit. We know of so many who don’t even know he’s running and when his name is brought up they want to know everything about him! They can’t believe there’s a candidate worth a vote! Push it. We think Ron Paul can break through to the people that matter. The cause is nice, but this isn’t about fixing a broken party, but doing the right thing for this country, God willing. We should never vote for party, but for what’s right. Don’t leave us with only candidates that are worthless, corrupt, mindless, establishment robots. Don’t leave us hanging. We’re not naive. It’s not a battle easily won, but the worthy ones never are. Where we live we are inundated with “Obama-nation” and “Billary” signs. Go figure, we are also surrounded by gambling, brothels, and bars. Chuck Baldwin is a brother in Christ, but his job is as a pastor not as a president. Unless we missed something, we see in Ron Paul a man of deep integrity and faithfulness who will lead this nation rightly or should we not put out info fliers to educate people on the real choices this coming election? Hillary and Romney didn’t quit, they merely suspended their campaigns, a huge difference. They will continue to be a danger as long they are in. One wonders if Obama won’t implode to make way for Hillary in the end. As it has been said, the only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing (or quit). Do apologize for the length and any typos. Could go on, but the point surely has been made. Hope to see good news in inbox shortly!

    BTW, We need more of Ron Paul than the supporters, who are just that, the supporters. Ron Paul needs to “fire that bad boy up” and get going. Rally the troops, get out there!!! We need a man, not a boy or a girl!

  • max

    It was a heck of a fun ride, this presidential campaign. We all rallied behind our hero, Dr. Ron Paul, cheering him on with gusto as he delivered the message of liberty to the nation. Remember those debates? Even though the MSM did their best to shut him down, he made the very best of the limited time they gave him. Whenever Dr. Paul made his cuttingly clear points, standing up firmly to his media-darling competitors (not to mention the biased moderators themselves), he had me clapping and cheering like I was at a football game and the home team just scored! No doubt – for the past year and a half, I have remained a true Ron Paul junkie.

    So there was a tinge of sadness when I heard that the presidential campaign was ending. We could all see it coming. But when the news finally settled in, and I understood what it meant, I actually cried. Bawled like a baby. Of course I knew this beautiful season would someday end, but the reality of it just came as a shock. I have so many fond memories of the past year and a half that I will always cherish.

    But of course I understand why he had to do it, and had to do it now. The GOP wasn’t going to let him speak at the convention — no way, no how. Not unless he swallowed his true Republican principles and endorsed John McCain.

    The media had already long passed judgment that he wasn’t going to win. “He’s still running?” was the response I heard time and again in the last few months when I talked to people about Ron Paul.

    It is pretty hard to win when people don’t even know you’re running, and when your own party won’t even let you into the convention. And to top it off, the legalities and Byzantine rules and regulations governing presidential committees basically prevented Dr. Paul from offering help where it is now needed most – with the burgeoning activities sprouting forth at the grassroots level across this great country. So there really wasn’t much point left in keeping the presidential committee open.

    As Dr. Paul put it in March, “Elections are short term efforts; revolutions are long term projects.” Between now and September, the Campaign for Liberty is looking to go from zero to 100,000 members. Think we can make it? We’re already over 1,000 and it hasn’t even been officially launched yet! And don’t forget that over 1.1 million people voted for Dr. Paul in primaries this season.

    Ron Paul is a genuine, 100%, bona fide, true American hero. He showed us the way, gave us the courage, and taught us using the most effective method available – by offering us an example. Now it is our turn to be the hero – to take the message to places only we can take it, to take action in our own communities that only we can take. This is a grassroots revolution that will be led not by a single man, but hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions of us all across the country. Individually and together, united in the cause of peace and liberty, we can and will take our country back and restore our republic.

    Long live the revolution!

  • Gin

    I agree with the above…I won’t believe that Ron Paul is ending his campaign until it comes straight from his mouth. We have gone down this road several times already. I believe that he still has a chance as do many others….

  • max

    Did you read the letter?

    And the blog?

    Maybe it’s all a PR stunt to get a lot of attention for tonight, and then he will announce an independent run? Here’s hoping.

  • Oh Ron Paul is ending his campaign hey? Really…?

    There is no news until Ron Paul makes whatever announcement he makes.

    I will wait until I get the news from the source, not from anticipatory “reports” from sources unknown.

  • Poe 29

    I agree w/ Max. Please reconsider. Neither Rep. or Dem. candidate is strong, and both bad choices.

    This could be the year.

  • max

    Millions of Democrats won’t vote for Obama. Millions of Republicans won’t vote for McCain. And what does Ron Paul do? End his campaign. Now would be the perfect time to really go for it. Dear Ron Paul, please reconsider your decision.

  • I wish Hillary and he would run as independents. They’d make a good team together!

    Is he endorsing McCain now?

    Whatever the case, KEEP OBAMA OUT!

  • Theo

    Probably the right decision considering the circumstances. However, I still don’t understand why Ron Paul doesn’t run as an independent… he could probably reach a lot more people that way.