Ron Paul Launches “Campaign for Liberty”

Ron Paul kicks off the next phase of the Revolution and makes the campaign to restore the Constitution permanent (that is, until its goals are achieved)!

Watch the video announcement above and read more about Ron Paul’s exciting plans at the new Campaign for Liberty website!

Let’s all work hard and get together July 12th in Washington D.C. and September 2nd in Minneapolis.


  • M. Lane

    Ron Paul, and us, have taken the Campaign for Liberty, world wide. State by state. Country by country. The message of economic solutions is resignating throughout the world. In Indiana, there are many members. You may have some in your town or even in your neighborhood. If not, join and be the first in your area to spread this message. Here’s a link to your state.

    Have a great day. And help make tomorrow a better one.

  • Greg

    I hope that Dr. Paul will bring the campaign to Indiana. This state recently went “blue” in the national election for the first time in decades, yet around our wonderful state the residents are suffering from the very economic policies that brought about our job and wealth problems which they elected. Yet everywhere I look I can see the conservative views still pouring from the hearts of hoosiers. I don’t believe that we will stay “blue” or more acurately liberal in the next election if our state can recieve an education in liberty. I am a student at Purdue University which is a very conservative campus atmosphere. It might be a terrific place to start a new revolution.

  • M. Lane Culpepper

    One thing that Ron Paul and this Revolution has taught me, is to see threw the rhetoric, to see the truth’s behind the lies. Sarah Palin is a liar and a socialist. To tax the oil companies and “Spread the wealth” to Alaskan’s, is socialism.
    And to think that she supported her husbands efforts to get Alaska out of the USA, even while running for the vice presidentcy, is just un-american. How can she want to be 2nd in line of the USA, when she supports Alaska, not being part of the USA.

    “What you do, means a whole lot more than anything you’ve got to say”…Radney Foster

  • Judy

    Is there any chance of a Ron Paul/Sarah Palin team?

  • M. Lane Culpepper

    We are gonna win this Revolution. The only thing that can stop us, is us. We have to get more involved. Print out slim jims. Got to your local graghic business and have a “Campaign for Liberty” graghic printed up and put it on your vehicle. (Both Sides) Go to your local Democrat and Republican offices and talk to them about it.
    You can’t expect people in debate forums, or in chat rooms to even come close to understanding anything that they don’t want to understand.
    LEARN YOUR FACTS… Get the facts on Obama. Not the unproven ones like “Obama is a muslim” Those don’t stick. Learn that Obama voted twice to give Bush more money for Iraq. That he voted to re-authorize the Patriot act. Learn the facts about how McCain voted more times against soldiers and veterans benefits that he has voted for.


  • M. Lane Culpepper

    We had a great choice. We had someone who had the solutions. We had someone with the experience to deal with a bias congress. We had someone who knew the financial crisis we are in and had the solutions to solve them. We had someone who would have abolished the banking and lending problems. We had someone who had solutions to our trade debts. Someone who would have created a free trade for all nations including our own. Someone who would have actually had a “humble foreign policy”. We had someone who could have abolished our immigration policy/problem with Mexico.
    Someone who could have solved our dependence on foreign oil.

    We had an easy way out.

    But we blew it. We the people, let Ron Paul’s chances of being elected as President slip away. Though there are hundreds of thousands of us who fought long and hard, we failed.

    And maybe it’s for the best. Anything that comes easy, as getting someone elected, we might not have had the appreciation needed to really respect it. Ron Paul is truely a great man.

    Now, those of us, must do it the hard way. By getting even more involved with our local, state and federal government. To run for office of some sort. Or campaign for someone who is better qualified for the job. To help those, who like Ron Paul, believes in this country. We now must continue the fight that Ron Paul started over 30 years ago.
    This will be a great opportunity for all Americans to break out of the staus quo. To break free from the issues of “no substance”, and intrench ourselves with things that truely matter in our lives.

    I discuss politics with hundreds of people almost every day. And I’m amazed at the amount of support for the “Campaign for Liberty” that is taking place right here in our own country. From Democrats who have held State legislature seats, to the common man/woman working 40hrs a week.

    The ones remaining apathetic will soon learn that getting involved is the only way. They will learn this from either the un-employment line or the welfare office. Or maybe when their job gets sent overseas. Or their child comes home from Iraq, Afghanistan or even Iran in a body bag. They will be forced to get involved when they can’t beat the forecloser because their stimulous check was spent on a big screne TV or a hospital bill.

    Where do those of us who now know the truth go? We go out and continue to spread the message. The message of solutions, not change. The message that educates people of the real honest way our government is supposed act. The message that makes people realize that what their neighbor does, is their neighbors business. A message that tells everyone in the middle east that America isn’t going to dominate them any longer. The message that reveals the true freedoms that Americans are supposed to enjoy. That the Federal Government isn’t allowed to take your money and spend it on things you don’t agree with.
    We will go out and continue the fight for the American way of life that our mothers and fathers, their mothers and father fought and died for. We will reveal the lack of substance in the Obama’s and McCains.

    Freedom will ring in this country again.