Ron Paul’s Message to Barack Obama

“Change” means nothing. It’s just a word, and it’s a cliché. If you just repeat it it has no meaning. You have to say, what are you going to change, and I would argue, you offer no change. You have the same foreign policy, you want more troops in Afghanistan, you’re not talking about only going to war with a declaration, you don’t want to deal with the monetary/financial crisis in this country, you want to keep the system together for the benefit of the banks and the big corporations and the politicians. What kind of change you have on social policy? Do you care about sick people using using Marijuana, have you come out for that? […] [Obama] doesn’t want change, he wants the status quo. […] If you want change, what you need is someone who’s going to make sure you’re never going to have a draft, and we’re going to bring our troops home, we’re going to balance the budget, we’re going have sound money… [Obama] never talks about any of that.

Watch the full speech here.

  • Sam

    Of course you would have harsh words for Obama, Mr. Paul. We all know how you feel about African-Americans….you think they’re all criminals, right?

  • Dante DeNavarre

    Our Second Best and Only Real Choice: Warning Overlords

    Our only public candidate who would be better than Obama,
    is the truest patriot Ron Paul,
    who confounds both left and right – 
    a republican libertarian,
    a true Thomas Jefferson.
    But the right fears him because
    he’s too fundamental even for the fundamentalists.
    He really believes the Constitution.
    He’s read it, just like Kucinich and Obama have,
    and he respects it with courage not seen for two centuries.
    He’s against big government,
    but also against big money calling the shots.
    He’s against abortion, but would not legislate so personal a liberty.
    He’s against the war because it’s an unconstitutional imperialist occupation and mass murder.
    Isn’t it ironic how pro-lifers want to be pro-war?
    Apparently it’s OK to kill any number of people, no matter how innocent, once they’re born.
    That’s righteousness for you.
    Bankers and owners of the world fear him right and left because
    he would abolish the illegal income tax and the private Fed manipulation,
    stop the endless printing of shrinking dollars and horrendous burial in debt,
    and end the real slavery, false welfare, and usury of us all
    by ending the power-serving Big Brother tyranny our government has become.
    Our government was created to be our servant, remember?
    Not the other way around.
    The left fears him not only because he’s Republican, 
    but because he would abolish government restraints on enterprise and the environment and climate.
    But he would also stop the suppression of innovative ideas and energies
    that threaten the exploiting, polluting cash-cow industries,
    and let people’s real choices in real freedom make the market.
    Yes, people would choose clean cold fusion were it allowed to be real, as it is.
    Ask Japan and Italy.  They know.  Ask Ed Storms, Los Alamos vet and courageous leader of LENR. 
    The real rulers, the owl-worshipping Murdochs and Kissingers, fear freedom above all, and loss of their authority.  Make no mistake, the already-crippled Constitution is their sworn enemy.
    They know that people, if given a chance, will choose 
    self-determination over propaganda and programming.
    They know many people still have hope that truth will save the world for their children.
    Ron Paul is too much of a shock for too many to yet be viable, but people are learning! If he ever gets close, watch out – he’ll need a king-sized guardian angel.
    Barack Obama taught the Constitution, and is a literate, visionary man of real character and principle with right desire, respect for freedom, and the courage of truth.  He knows much of Ron Paul’s truth.
    That’s more than enough for a dawn in this darkness.
    Barack is our best hope available – he is viable, he wants to change government by do-able degrees, and he has a huge guardian angel – millions of passionate people’s support in desperate times.  He will be President.  Warning Overlords: Go ahead and try to corrupt him; please compromise with him, but don’t you dare martyr him – you will then lose all authority, We the People promise you. 
    You must allow some change.
    Ron for VP?


  • There has been a recent surge in progressivism, or alternative ways of thinking. Ron Paul represents the republican side, as Kucinich does with the democrats, Huckabee was the more mainstream progressive republican candidate, as John Edwards was. And then your left with McCain, Hillary, and Obama. I get the feeling the presidential race is nothing but a big poll measure for the powerful people to see how much bullshit we are actually willing to consume, or rather what KIND of bullshit. By the amount of support obama has gotten, we can see that people still aren’t going away from the corporate media to get their information, but still feel a great uneasiness about the state of society.

    So, the H&O voters are here because, like I said earlier people want change, and Paul offered a clear-headed, specific way of changing things. Although, I agree with most of his goals, I might disagree to some extent on how to get there on a few of them.

    And while Obama and McCain are both controlled by elite institutions and will move towards a frighteningly unaccountable centralization of authority outside of nations, one will do it a bit nicer than the other. So, my advice would be do vote, and do vote for Obama, with the understanding that we should be working to change the entire system, and Ron Paul, God Bless the man, is doing what he can to do just that.

    So, we are supporting the sadly best realistic candidate, and working to fix our communities. And that process begins by establishing a community bank focused exclusively on democracy and partnering with local businesses to create incentives for people to buy and invest locally. This ultimately gives people MORE control and MORE power over their own lives. Check out to see a dedicated project on making this happen.

    I don’t mean to push the project so hard, but it goes right along with what many clear-headed people are worried about. So, do check it out, and offer your analysis through emails, and sign up if you are convinced you’d want to put your money into a supportive, not destructive bank.

  • Mike

    I’d like to know why Hitlery or Obama voters would be attracted to posting here at a Dr. Paul site to begin with. McCain, Hitlery, and Obama are all cut from the same mold. They vote the same way and are told what to do by the same puppeteers. I would rather not vote than be presented the choice of turd A or crap B. And for those who say if you dont vote than you cant complain, Bullshit, Its my right to do whatever I want.

    I just dont understand how anyone in their right minds could support any of the major leading candidates. EEEESH

  • Why call names? Simple fact 1) – half the troops home is better than zero troops home. Simple fact 2) – All presidents are empty suits, its about the people behind them. Simple fact 3) – Breaking the gender barrier is more monumental than the race barrier…so get over it, and don’t let that crap cloud your judgment. SO WHAT, if he wants to be the first black president. Simple fact 4) – Obama’s health care is very very similar to Hillary’s, in fact everything he wants to do is very very very similar to what Hillary wants to do… so why not vote for someone who is essentially the mirror image of your candidate, down to the barrier breaking.

  • Paul V

    Obama health care is a joke it worse than McCain and hillary
    Congress has the controlling body, and it can not get it under control. who ever is president, will not be able to make to war better or worse, that is a fact, if and that is if Obama because president, after his 4 years is up,, with a controlling congress troops will still be there, That is a simple fact ,, he will bring a lot of troops home ,, but half will still be there, Even Obama know this, and said it, but yet he still say he going to bring troops home because that is what people like you moron, want to hear, Obama knows that fact talked about it, How come you don’t , Remember Obama is just a Empty suite, who want to be the first black man for president, after that,, he not going to do anything for this country, that will be a fact

  • Paul, continuing down this same path WILL make things worse, more social programs being cut, more wretched health care policies, and NO chance of the war being brought under control. Now, understand I have no faith Obama will do enough to fix these things, but at least he pays them lip service, and at the very least he can embolden us progressives and give us some minute government inroad to call for change.

    Obama was at one time a true progressive and I think it shows in his passion, but unfortunately he has sold his soul to the powers that be when they asked him if he wanted to run for president. He’s our JFK, brought here to calm down those who are considering becoming more radical. McCain will do no good for us, with more people from the Bush regime, who were brought in from the Reagan regime. I mean please we have to at least send the message we aren’t going to stand for more secrecy, and let’s face it facism, as cliched as that word has become.

    In any case, any Ron Paul supporter should really take a look at this new bank being created up in Massachusetts. It will empower communities to make investment decisions. But the road to chartering and opening is a difficult one, and the project needs everyone’s support. Fight for a true democracy and sign up

  • Paul V

    I will give you this,, Ron Paul is a better Candidate then Barack Obama or Hillary, I did vote for Hillary but that does not mean you have to vote for Barack Obama You want to vote for who is best for the job,, Barack Obama is not it, it not a spite thing,, I just don’t believe in voting for a person just because he a democrat, Everyone thinks since Hillary lost, by less then 200 delegates!! that everyone should blindly vote for Barack, Why should anyone of Hillary Voters Vote for a Empty suite, who Wife is a racist, whos preacher is a traitor, & Jim Johnson on his campaign, is involved in the country wide loan scandal, Not going to waste my vote on him, And once again Ron Paul is better than all of them,, but he don’t have a chance, So you got two candidate’s that or Worthless,, Obama and McCain,, if you want things to stay the same vote for McCain, if you want things to get worst,, Vote for Obama, I really do wished Ron Paul has a shot I would vote for him,

  • I think it’s clear Paul V is not a native English speaker, so cut him some slack for that. But all these Hillary supporters voting for McCain is beyond me, its absolutely unbelievable! Obama and Clinton have the same agenda pretty much, so NOT voting for Obama must be out of spite. Just listen to the guy, he inspires me while talking about nothing…imagine if he was a true progressive.

    Ron Paul is dead-on though, Obama is using the age-old tactic of referencing what ails us, while ignoring it when it comes to substance. The corporate political machine will not even be touched during this presidency, the military complex will remain intact.

    When a looney lefty like me, shares 90 percent of Ron Paul’s ideas, society is certainly ripe for change. The people DO know how to spend their money better than the government. This is why we need a COMMUNITY based model of economics, that begins with a community bank lending to community businesses as decided byy…the community. If you agree go to and see what is being done to make this happen NOW.

  • barack obama for president

    barack obama for president

  • To: Howard

    Realistically, the choice is between Obama and Mcccain, and between those two, i would choose obama any day. I agree about everything you have said about obama except for the progressive taxing because he plans on repealing the tax cuts to those make 250 plus. I would love a ron paul presidency, like hillary presidency, deal with obama presidency, but won’t be able to stand John McCain.

  • Howard13

    While I would never consider voting for McCain, I fail to see how any previous supporter of Ron Paul (at least one that thouroughly understands the principles of limited government and free enterprise) could support Barrack Obama. Contrary to popular belief, Obama is not a “peace” candidate, but rather an avid supporter of interventionism as well as the United Nations. This should come as no suprise to anyone who has studied Obamas platform and ideaology which is explicetly egalitarian (which is to say socialistic) in nature. This is not to say that Obama is a modern day Stalin or Hitler or even Jimmyy Carter. Rather, it provides the prospective voter with valuable insight into what can be expected from an Obama administration. For better or worse (depending on your worldview and political disposition) an Obama presidency promises an increase in the progressive tax rate, increased enviormental regulation which will in turn lead to higher prices for all comodities and raw materials (i.e. oil), an assult on 1st, 2nd, 4th Ammendment rights (though it is hard to imagine how one could outdue the Bush Administration for erosion of the 4th ammendment),so called “free” healthcare and education, and the gradual erosion of U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations. Certainly one can have any number of opinions on weather the above would be good or bad for our country, but one can not fairly say that Ron Paul would approve of any of these policies. So I ask again; why exactly would a supporter of Paul poll the lever for Obama? Answers would be greatly appreciated.

  • To: Paul V

    I haven’t said anything, but i believe you are the most ignorant idiot i have heard from in a while. I voted for Ron Paul here in SC, but will vote for Obama. You claim he has no agenda. Either you refuse to do the research, or you are waiting for people to tell it to you. Please just read about it on wikipedia. You are one of those people who criticize at first, then learn the truth, but don’t admit your mistake. Your spelling and grammar is horrible. It doesn’t take that long to add a “y” in “you”. You said “Micheal obama on the email they can help ou”. I think you met Michelle Obama. Everyone criticizes her for things a normal wife does. Liz Trotta and Hillary talk about Barack getting killed and you expect the mother of his children to be silent about this? How are you going to criticize Barack’s spouse but ignore Bill’s misdoings and Cindy McCain stealing medicine from her own charity?
    Here is Barack’s agenda, , now find some other thing to complain about.

  • Paul V

    Read on the only thing sad,, are the people backing Barack Obama and his Magic show, read other blogs on still no one can tell me what barack Obama stands for except Barack Obama, He has no agend, and people are just voting for him, well he has a long way to go to get to the white house, Attacks on Hillary and people who don’t back Obama are the sadist people,, love to attack so bitter in their lives Hillary lost, No one can say other wise,, but does not mean Hillary supporter have to back barack Obama. just like Barack supporter said they would not back Hillary

  • Barney

    Wow, a Hillary supporter professing to back McCain in a Ron Paul forum seeking support,… how sadly misguided. As if backing Hillary wasn’t bad enough a judgment.

  • B

    I am not sure, but that is commendable. The two parties have lost their way. The government isn’t for the people anymore. We need someone like Ron Paul, or anyone that wants this job to help society, not their own political gain.

  • A

    Is this real, Ron Paul specifically against the obstruction to Ralph Nader being on the ballot?
    If so, I just learned even more respect for Dr. Paul.

  • To: Paul V

    It shouldn’t even matter for you, because by the way you type, i doubt that you are American. Even if you are, you probably aren’t old enough to vote.

    From what i picked up, you are saying Democrats are voting for Obama because they are scared, not because they are against the war?
    You tell me how you can support this war? The war is the biggest issue to most Americans and that is why Obama is going to win.

  • Paul V

    I don’t watch fox’s news, I don’t watch bill Orielly I don’t watch Msnbc, Keith Obmerman, the orange face gay,, want to be news journalist, Your taking things out of context, Tell me what is his achievements,, No one seems to know except having the simple minded vote for him , a lot of people get caught up in that barack Obaama magic show,, here today gone tomorrow, he won the primary,, and still Democratic party is scared, that is why gore is supporting primaries are over and he endorsing Obama,, DUH,, trying to convince people he the one,,, Not really trying trying to brain wash more un-educated, that Obama going to win,,, that is how scared they are,,, McCain won you don’t see,, people after he won the primary people are endorsing him that is a given on the republican side,, Scare tactic, to the simple minded,,,

  • To: Paul V

    Don’t go fox news on us. Put it in context. When he said they should go higher, he meant high gas prices are inevitable, but they should go up more gradually, 30cents at once. If you are just gonna throw quotes around then here are some of McCain’s “It’s not social issues I care about.” “No, but that’s not too important. What’s important is the casualties in Iraq.”–When asked about when we would get out of Iraq.

    I am sure getting out would decrease the casualties.

    If you believe that Obama doesn’t have and agenda and he adopted Hillary’s, then you should have no problem supporting him. Don’t argue for the sake of argument. BTW, the way you are saying stuff isn’t Ebonics, its 4th grade-ish.