Ron Paul’s Message to Barack Obama

“Change” means nothing. It’s just a word, and it’s a cliché. If you just repeat it it has no meaning. You have to say, what are you going to change, and I would argue, you offer no change. You have the same foreign policy, you want more troops in Afghanistan, you’re not talking about only going to war with a declaration, you don’t want to deal with the monetary/financial crisis in this country, you want to keep the system together for the benefit of the banks and the big corporations and the politicians. What kind of change you have on social policy? Do you care about sick people using using Marijuana, have you come out for that? […] [Obama] doesn’t want change, he wants the status quo. […] If you want change, what you need is someone who’s going to make sure you’re never going to have a draft, and we’re going to bring our troops home, we’re going to balance the budget, we’re going have sound money… [Obama] never talks about any of that.

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  • MarWil

    I believe you can write in still. But the problem with that is the chances the write in will do anything are slim to none. My Son also wants to show his support for Ron Paul. I am trying to tell him, his vote will not make a difference, but he wants to show Ron Paul he and others support him. That is how I raised him, to believe in what he believes in and not be swayed by others, stand his ground as long as it has good and justice behind it. So, I am stuck in a pickle this time with this one. But, the vote will not get him in office. Sad and sorry, but is a throw away vote. Wish we could all have our President, our ways as the Nation so supports the voice of all. We the people. But, since we have so lost the Constitution in special interest, that is not possible either. It is meant to be for the people, by the people, etc. but, special interest needs to be addressed. If you do not approve of this Nation, then go reap benefits else where. Otherwise, enjoy the Constitution this Country was founded on, and live equally as intended. And lets all keep our own sexual identity out of the government as well. It is not necessary. They kicked my God out, and watch the Nation fall for it, but makes no sense no one can see the writing on the wall. The more we loose God, the worse things get. The less the protections, prosperity, Less, the American way or dream.

  • Janice Norris

    I think we should start a write-in campaign for Ron Paul. I have heard enough people say they are not going to vote because Ron Paul is not running that he might just win. People did not want these bailouts and the pork barrel that went with them. It is insane to say that a bankrupt government can provide “health care”, which is really disease care, for everyone. It is equally insane to say a bankrupt government can buy out all the bad mortgages and assure everyone the “American dream” of owning a house. The kind of real health care would be teaching people how to change their lifestyles and lessen their chances of being sick. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Disease care is bankrupting the country already. Insurance companies need to reward people who live healthfully, just like auto insurance rewards safe drivers. How can I vote for either candidate when I believe so much that they are going to make matters worse?
    Is it possible to write-in these days or have we lost that right along with so many others? Americans need to be held responsible. Govt needs not continue to foster irresponsibility.

  • Marion Wilson

    Dear Ron Paul Supporters. Like you I also liked Ron Paul. My dilema is he cannot win right now. So we,as so many have recognized, have to make a vote that counts. First, I have to say, so many have bought into Obama’s rhettoric. Why would you believe a man when he talks about his opponent, so deeply as to when he says he is Bush? He is not Bush, even obama voted with Bush on issues. You can pick an choose and twist words all you want. But, I want to make one point very clear. I understand he appeals to the African American voters. I understand their identifying with him, but even them are not listening to his words. He speaks of big Government, Government control of the people. One prime example is the health care issue. Suppose you are out of work from a downsizing and cannot afford to buy into his own, personal interest, insurance plan? He is going to go after you and punish you. He is dictating. Everyone is snow blowed by he is going to pull out of Iraq. Are you listening to the rest of his words? We are going into Afganistan, we are going into Darfur, we are going to be at war. The cost of war is the cost of war, we will have no change, but because he is appealing to a certain race, no one is hearing his words. Does anyone realize Sarah Pallin has more experience then Barrack Obama? She is only running for the second seat not the first. Even Joe Biden tells us, he wants him by his side, at all times, even to correct him if he does not agree with him. That is Obama saying, I do not know what I am doing, and I want you to disagree if I make a mistake. Does anyone realize we have bridged the gap on racial relations. There are laws and so many things put in place to give the race a privaleged advantage, and yes I do know what I am talking about, and if you do not want to listen to me, listen to Bill Cosby, Collin Powell, two very intelligent men who do know what they are talking about. Anyway, In this terror ridden, “threatened Society”, we need to consider who molded Barrack Obama. Rev. Wright who hates America, the very Nation that supported him, the terror connections. now I will be the first to say do not judge, or birds of a feather never apply. however, all of Obama’s voting records, the facts, support this radical ideology. We do know one thing is for certain, McCain is without a doubt, American. He does have a separate voting record from Bush, but all need to remember, all the Democrats that voted to go into this war also, that Barrack also voted with Bush on this economic package, and we also know for certain, McCain is not a terrorist. We are not one hundred percent certain with Obama. Furthermore, if Obama abuses his own wife, what does he think of or will he respect you if he cannot support and respect the very woman he is supposed to love. ????, if you cannot run your own house, you do not need the big house. Obama will not answer the question regarding the draft. He is speaking a loud and resounding push toward the draft. McCain has denounced, said he does not support, agree with or etc. the draft. We know it does not work. I originally started feeling sorry for Obama and like you, did my homework as well. Check out You tube in his younger days. Smoking pot, our military cannot do that if they are visually without care smoking pot. People just do not understand the tax cuts. Just look at what you have paid into the Federal Government. The Bush tax cuts give all poor people every single penny back that they paid into the Government. So the support for the rich is a reach and another wash. When they get to their bottom dollar at the end of the return they are paying in, if they didnot pay enough at the end of the year. Your child tax credit, is a tax cut by Bush. Senator McCain has no and I repeat NO pork spending his entire time in the Senate. Obama has millions if not billions of your tax money, spent and planned spending. Who do you think is going to pay all the tax hikes he is proposing? YOU> He also is a far cry from Martin Luther King. Who entrusted the African American with a dream. Barrack Obama is telling you to dream, but be careful, don’t dream too big. He is calling a poor sap that will not make it to the two hundred thousand dollar range. Don’t believe him, with the college fund. You have to get into college to get that tax cut. In other words, you pay first, then get a tax write off, we “already have that”!, nothing new. He has also on the debate displayed his inability to respect guide lines. In his voting he has no regard for a nine month old baby, kill them, born alive or not. That is your baby, regardless of color. Why? he is betting you will be a poor person, he was raised illite, he doesn’t need poor people. He needs the rich, what he grew accustomed to. Back to health care, the plan he proposes, does not support pre existing, but what about if you forget to get your preventative mammogram for example. You will not be covered for your cancer if you come up with it later, because you did not get your preventative scan. Hefty, too hefty to bet on. People say McCain has lived a privaledged life. Ok, so what was that time he spent in captivity for his Nation? Most likely some of the worst living conditions any of us have suffered. He knows hard time and hard life. He knows restrictions, and dictation. Unlike Privaledged Obama with over $950,000.00 yr. income, of which he too got the tax cuts, but, is going to be tax exempt from what he is going to impose upon the American people. So how are his increases goin g to affect him, hahahahaha, not, not going to. never knew hard times. And even earlier had grandparents care even when his mother was young, so have to wonder how hard he ever had it. I would also like to mention the footage of the troops in Iraq. All spit shined and polished, just wanted to shake his hand and meet him. Haven’t seen anyone from the states in how long? He looked at them, turned his back and went into the mess tent. Yes, true, the cameras were rolling during this time. Lets not forget his support of the terror nations. Their idealisms in their nations and the idealisms of Barrack Obama. He supports terrorist ideas. We cannot afford to take a chance. Not to mention, during the debate, he barely squeaked out mentioning Iran, almost like I hope admadidajine isnot watching this right now, when mentioning the monies being made by oil countries. But he certainly did not mention the terror nations. And, much of the financial problems ourNation is having today is in regards to legislation by the Clinton white house, not the Bush white house. Bush has been faced with one Natural disaster, crisis, etc. after another. To include the war everyone else voted for and then just like wimps dumped it in his lap and ran. But, It is a sincere wonder how we did not fall before now. We know Senator McCain is an American. We know he is not President Bush, We know he loves his Nation and will defend it, to include the finances, and all the issues that face Americans today. He has served during war time and has enough intelligence to protect us alot more then what I like to call a well polished pretty boy sales man. If Obama had an ounce of concern in his body for life, yours, mine or anyone elses, he would not so strongly support the partial birth abortion that does nothing to save the mother and has no medical necessity at all. The only reason for it is murder. In fact itprolongs the birth process for the woman. She has to stop delivery while they kill the baby that is half out, then continue to push. Find medical necessity in that. A man with so little regard for life, has little regard for life. He is young enough. Wait four more years if you want Obama and let his true colors show. They will come out if he does not make it in this time. Watch the audacity and temper tantrum of a spoiled little terrorist bratt. No he isn’t Rev. Wright either, but, if that was being said in my Church, I would have gotten up and walked out. I would not sit there and do the Amen, and Praise God, in the midst of hatred. We are supposed to be closing the gap of hatred. not upholding it. You believe in what you believe. And he just supported this by not wanting to sport the Flag of this nation. He is grilled and prepped to hate America aa much as those terrorists hate us and want to kill us. We are in this financial situation because of them. This is beyond reasonable doubt. This man is a mistake, and one America may already know but too embarrassed to admit he got that far, being who he is. Don’t be blind, open your eyest o the truth, he is not the hope, he is the Anti Christ. It is all unfolding before our very eyes. Do not give in to the temptations of the evil one. and war is war, he changed his story n\on everythign he preached on from day one. I understand we grow as we learn, b ut much like McCain said, there is not time for on the job training. I do not agree with McCain on some issues either, but the worst of two evils? And I cant say McCain is evil. But he is behind and all know the evil seems to prevail in this country since we so boldly kicked God out of it. Then we want to wonder why we no longer have the protections, status, financials, and all the ills we face today. Kicking God out stripped this great nation naked and without protection, or any hope. And I will not bow down to this man nor worship Obama as you will all find yourself doing when he is in office. his body language dictates his hate, and his selfishness beyond a bold ignorance. He has no laws, no lines, he is in his own right, Obama. Vote American, Vote McCain this election. Be sure you are making the right choice for your Country, God,Man, humanity. Thank you. Remember, reasonable doubt. It isn’t there for Obama. McCain is an American.


  • flavaz

    Well with all these great points and great support Ron doesn’t even let us vote for him ??!??!? If he can’t fight to get on the ticket then how can he keep yelling at us to change things?

    why did he have to be so stubborn to stay a republican??

  • Mike

    Chuck, if you were so damn smart how come you still are dumb enough to think that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11, that’s why we went to war in Afghanistan (a war that is still going on by the way), and if we really wanted to target who did it we should’ve attacked Saudi Arabia instead of protecting it from a dictator that we armed in the first place. Considering I was in the military during the Gulf War and also knew back then that Iraq was a threat to know one but Iran, and that war already happened and know one won (not that it ever stopped for the past thousand years until we gave them both someone to hate more, the US0). Iraq wasn’t a harborer of terrorists until we made it one.

    As for the abortion issue goes, no I do not support aborted alive killings. This is actually the only the thing Sarah Palin has said that I agree with on, abortion should not be a Federal issue, but a state issue. This issue is so divided especially based on where you live (i.e. religious suppressive areas like the south in midwest, which is really just male dominating suppressiveness disguised as religious values). It is women that fought to legalize abortion back when they lived in a male suppressive America that had many women being raped and not having anywhere to go for help. No woman who has been raped or has been subjected to incest should ever have to go through having to have a baby that might result from such a horrific thing. To completely make abortions illegal as Sarah Palin has said in the past would be just going backwards on woman’s rights and lead to underground abortions being conducted that aren’t safe. Anyone, no matter what their opinion is can live in a Pro-choice world, but only Anti-choice believers can live in a Anti-choice world. This concept is un-American. I personally don’t believe in abortion, but I don’t conduct myself in a way that would ever make a woman have to use that as an option for an unwanted pregnancy. Enough on that subject because that endlessly will be debated to no avail.

    As for Obama being a Marxist, that is almost laughable. Which side has been wire tapping, torturing (which to McCain’s benefit, does strongly oppose, use secret interrogation bases, supports censoring the media, books, libraries and has classified more documents than any other presidency in the history of America? Oh that’s right, the Bush regime. McCain’s voting record sides over 90% of the time with Bush, that is certainly not change. Again remember the Keating 5, that McCain was a major player in the downfall of the S&L’s in the 80’s, if for nothing else than not blowing the whistle on what was going on because his campaigns were financially supported by Keating. It was McCain that supported the deregulation of the banks and stock market that has helped create the rampid greed that we see in today’s CEO’s. And guess what, mark my words that this is only the tip of the iceberg (that has probably broken off due to global warming that is both cyclical and man made in nature): hedgefunds are next! I am disgusted that both candidates supported the bailout, I say let the market crash and sweep away the trash and start over, it has been overinflated for years now anyway. There is nothing to support it without manufacturing in the US, the only thing that is supporting it is credit. You can all blame Clinton for that, but Bush Sr. was going to sign an even more unregulated version of NAFTA if he would have won, which once again proves that when it comes down to it, neither side truly cares about the middle class and poor.

    As for McCain’s “tax cuts,” learn the facts (you are debating a tax accountant by the way), he may want to lower the tax rate on businesses to 25%. but he also wants to take away many of their deductions & credits, such as the R&D credit. Which in the end means though a business may have a lower tax rate, they will have more taxable income, essentially making their what’s known as their effective tax rate the same as it is now. Besides the federal government can’t cut it’s only revenue source (taxes…duh) when it is $500,000,000,000.00 in debt. Can you afford a pay cut when prices are going up? No…again duh! So what makes anybody think that lowering the government’s revenue while our infrastructure is crumbling apart around us is going to help. If the government really wanted to bail out the credit crisis, why not give the money to the homeowners that are facing forclosure, then they could pay the banks, they the banks would have their money, people would have their homes and everything would be fine, but no, instead we keep applying the trickle down nonsense, which in a pathetically greedy nation like ours, only helps the already greed enriched households and leaves the middleclass left footing their bill. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a successful business, so long as your employees that work to give you that success can live respectable lives and not have to worry about their health and home for their families.

    As for the Clinton’s, I have no doubt that they took advantage of their power to do what would be illegal for any common American, every politician in our government probably does to some degree, some not as bad as others. Poor judgement is what the government gets to call it when a politician does something wrong that would be criminal for the rest of us. SO yes they are probably criminals too. I am not so blind and don’t get my info. from left winged blogs, I lived through it (they didn’t have internet back then)!

    As for Palin, I don’t want a president of a VP that thinks that winking at a crowd will win them over, how beauty pageant and pathetic. No one in the world would ever take her seriously! She couldn’t even name her own supreme court case, Alaska vs ExxonMobile. This whole election process has become cast of sideshow freaks. I don’t think Obama is a great choice, and I do think McCain is a horrible choice. Has anyone stopped to think about how McCain went from being out of money and way behind everyone in January and by March he was the clear front runner? Who did he sell out to? It is especially funny since most republicans I know hated McCain (thanks in part to the old Bush smear campaign against him in the 2000 nomination process) before he was nominated and now they have his bumper sticker on their car. Talk about blind loyalty to a party.

    As for illegal immigration, both candidates suck on this issue. Reagan screwd up in the first place when gave the first round of amnesty to them. I think it is simple, send them back unless they can prove political amnesty period. Crack down on all employers, which of course will lead to dramatic increases in our produce since most farms hire illegal immigrant to harvest, but that is part of the process to taking back our country. I do believe we should make English the official language (by the way, I also believe in the right to own a gun to protect ourselves from an overly oppressive govt. like we are starting to have these past 8 years). Right away you start assuming, which we all know what that means, that you can know what all my other beliefs are because I am probably going to vote for a democrat. I support Ron Paul’s conspiracy theory about the highway from Mexico to Canada, talk about a drug trafficing, illegal immigrant trafficing, licensing nightmare! As far as actually putting up a fence along a border that is already has a river surrounded by dry desert land (for the most part, there are cities along the border like Laredo, talk about a drug plagued criminal disaster of a city), why do we need a mega million dollar fence, when what we really need is more border patrolmen and real sophisticated survailence equipment. Actually, what we really need is a government that stops letting Mexico tell us what to do with their people coming here illegally and tell them to straighten out their corrupt mess of a govt. and fix their economy so that their people won’t want to leave it in the first place.

    As far as making govt. bigger, that is one thing Clinton didn’t do, he cut more govt. jobs than any of the past 3 republican presidents (he is still a crook, not for Monica though, that was just sleazy). Bush created the biggest, most wasteful and unnecessary dept. in decades, the Dept. of Homeland Security. What do we have the CIA and NSA for? Why are so many Americans so afraid? Do they subconscioulsy know our big businesses and government been meddling in other countries affairs for too long and so they might actually understand why so many in the world hate us? I am much more afraid of China than N. Korea, Iran, Iraq, Al-queda, Syria or whoever. We owe billions to the Chinese govt., which is where we have been borrowing the money from to fund the Iraq war, talk about pathetic judgement. We should have never normalized trade with China. They still oppress their people horribly, feed their own people poisoned food, can are now able to call the shots on our financial future since if they called in our loans from them our govt. would have to claim bankruptcy. All because our dictator we supported for decades decided to not listen to us anymore.

    Okay, I have rambled on like Joe Biden without a time limit. But, hopefully you get my point, I am fed up with both sides and am now choosing what I believe to be a lesser of two evils, although I still might “throw a Ron Paul” as we like to say amongst a group of friends that are similarly fed up. If some of his other ideas weren’t so out there, I would no doubt be voting for Ron Paul; I like his stance on illegal immigration, the war, and a lot of his economic viewpoints. I just feel it is too important to not let Republicans win the Presidency again. The world will condemn us even more if we do. I will probably vote to keep my Republican congressman just to try and keep Dems from having too much control, I don’t like the idea of them having an overwhelming majority, because it will be just like the first 6 years of the Bush presidency, with just different positions. We need debate in America for America to truly work. Otherwise a large minority, or even the majority will be ignored. Just like this past week, when an overwhelming majority of Americans didn’t want a bailout of the banks, D.C. thought they knew better than the people they are supposed to be representing. In this modern world this shouldn’t happen anymore, especially when most Americans receive the same sort of education as each other now. We can no longer say the poor are uneducated, mayber undereducated, but they still aren’t ignorant because of their class. Although No Child Left Behind is doing a good job of trying to reestablish that. Woops, another topic I’m going to leave to another day. Obviously my button was pushed and I need to just stop.

  • Thomas V

    I would like to know what Hillary Clinton ever did except lie and she is only for her

  • chuck

    I can’t believe all the unintelligent things I’m reading here. As Mike Church says “liberals say the most damned dumb-ass things”. All any has to do is go to Obama’s website and got to the socialist party’s website and see that their platforms are exactly the same. Obama is a Marxist, there is no denying this. Barrack Obama as President is unacceptable (for all you true racists out there, it has nothing to do with the color of his skin but his utter absence of character).
    As for Bush; he was right on the war(WE were attacked, remember 9/11) and on his tax cuts(which still benefit the middle class) but after doubling the size of government with a prescription plan that’s already bankrupt, supporting amnesty for illegals and open borders, and pushing this socialist “bailout” it is impossible to support him.
    to Mike Drayer: 1. Do you think babies that survive abortions should be killed? Obama does. Although he prefers to vote “present” on tough issues, this is one he felt strongly enough to actually cast a vote. He not only voted against the “Born Alive Act” he actually gave speeches against it.
    2. You libs sound really dumb when you say McCain is “Bush’s 3rd term”. Obama is Carter’s 2nd term.
    3. You shouldn’t get your info from far left blogs. You should actually read about the Keating Five. There were no criminal charges and the Ethics Committee found only that McCain exercised poor judgement. Sidebar- I’ll bet you don’t throw the term “criminal around with the the Clintons, do you?
    4. The S&L crisis and the present crisis we find ourselves in both had the same cause. The government had its tentacles in the economy, where it doesn’t belong. (Can you name one thing, besides the military, that the gov’t- any gov’t- does right?) Obama wants massively more gov’t, McCain wants a little more gov’t, and the light at the end of the tunnel, Sarah Palin, wants as little gov’t as possible. Tha choice is clear to me.
    I’m realizing now we all were wrong on Ron Paul. He seems to truly know what needs to be done here.

  • Mike Drayer

    Anyone that says they were a Hilary supporter and isn’t voting for Obama and is voting for McCain is completely illogical! McCain is the exact opposite on women’s rights, the war and so many civil and domestic issues as Hilary is that is like saying I like George Bush but I’m going to vote for Obama. I have to be honest, I like what Ron Paul says on the economy, and immigration. My problem is I don’t want McCain to win, come hell or high water. We do NOT need another 4 more years of the same. Does anyone remember the S&L crisis in the 80’s and McCain’s involvement with the Keating 5? Do we really want a financial criminal as president when there is a financial crisis? I will probably throw the switch for Obama just to keep McCain & Palin out. It is time we do something to support more third parties that would might help bust up this status quo, but we need two better candidates in the first place so people won’t be afraid to throw their vote towards someone else in case they don’t win.

  • Bill Hicks

    I’ll show you politics in America. Here it is, right here. ‘I think the puppet on the right shares my beliefs.’ ‘I think the puppet on the left is more to my liking.’ ‘Hey, wait a minute, there’s one guy holding out both puppts.’

  • American Farmer

    I have faith that Ron Paul would be a wonderful President. He has strong beliefs, tells it like it is and has a consistant voting record. He follows the Constitution. Pulls no punches and does not hide behind a bunch of mumbo jumbo and tired old cliches’.
    He has my vote if I have to write him in.

  • Cindy

    To all of the Ron Paul supporters here:

    Why are you jumping ship to vote for Barr or Baldwin? Where are your convictions? We still have the power to write-in at the polls and I will be writing in Ron Paul in November. Want to send a real message? WRITE IN in November and say NO to the status quo and say NO to candidates that you really don’t wish to vote for.

    Ron Paul……2008!!!!

  • Meetra

    Oh and I have a lot to say about Obama, he is just a joke. Maybe later though, I have to get to class where I learn how to be a better American everyday.

  • Meetra

    John McCain gets a bad image even though he has contiuously been a moderate voter; he isn’t my pick for president either but I feel really sorry for the way he is being portrayed. No one ever quotes the whole of what he says, ever. All people do is over analyze things he says before anyone ever lets him finish. Hillary Clinton is just not living in the real world. Did any of you know she worked on the Barry Goldwater camapaign when she was younger? Yeah. She fought hard for that guy, but everyone was so concerned with Mitt Romney changing his mind on abortion rights. I can honestly say that Hillary Clinton is contuniously saying and doing things that suggest she does not believe in the rights of citizens; most significantly she thinks that my health is a matter for the government to get involved in, and that my doctor should succumb to the salary the government thinks he/she deserves. Oh and I almost forgot that she would like to obliterate my Grandparents that are living in Iran; if bush or McCain had said that, it would have ended their careers in a heartbeat and there wouuld have been a riot at UC Berkley; some ugly, manish pest says it, and it only makes headlines for a day. This is it folks, pure and simple. John McCain doesn’t know what kind of money the middle class makes, and Hillary Clinton is just well, ugly and heartless. The real issues in this country include things that no one on this website other than Ron Paul and a few others speak of, like the opressive unconstitutional institution known as the IRS. This country needs an enema; we need to get back to the progressive principles that this country had at the beginning of the 20th century; social responsiblity should dictate the lives of Americans, everyone in this country thinks that the government owes them something just for breathing and eating Mc Donalds hambugers. In this life, the government owes you nothing unless you deserve it, and for everyone that complains and hasn’t been proactive to rectify those complaints by getting involved in political ACTIVITIES OTHER THAT MOTIVATIONAL RALLIES should be shipped to Afghanistan or even Calcutta for a while. Get with it people, instead of writing tirelssly on these websites (seriously don’t some of you people have a life? Don’t you think a few comments are quite enough?), write your congressman and get something done!

  • rca_44_kc

    Of this race I find Paul and Obama (and now Binden, who I actully think is a man of deep integrity) to be the most honest.

    Hillary is an ego-centric and McCain seems to believe that it is more important to the American people to leave Iraq with victory than to accept the fact that most mothers and fathers would rather have their children come home from a war to secure oil in a nation which never was a military threat. Bush lied to the American people and McCain doesn’t have the desire to call it like it is.

    I would have voted for Paul, but that’s not the choice I’m given, so I’ll have to go for Obama. He may be inexperienced, but some times an experienced person can be the most dangerous. In my mind McCain is experienced at being comfortable with interests other than those of the American public running the show. I honestly think he, as Bush, will act as a puppet.

    For the love of God, the man didn’t even know how to “use” the internet only months back. How can such a person understand the geopolitical aspects of a world in which communication via the net has created a new worldview? His time has passed, and if he picks Romney as his VP, I am sorry to say that the Obama/Biden ticket is more likable, dynamic, diverse, interesting, and in the end, likely to win.

    It’s really too bad Paul isn’t leading the Rep. ticket.

  • myth

    Ron Paul says plenty.

    Re: do not change minds. They add noise to the channel.

    Move with momentum friends.

  • I have an idea to whomever will be the president of this countries mess. The issue is a possible solving of the immigration issue. That is, not making it a crime,but making it into a win win situation. The illegals would be paid differently than naturalized willing citizens. They would be paid the same only they would be issued different currency(US PAY certificates) that could be redeamed at a local state redemption center, that would tax it accordingly and give them options for green cards or citizenship also teach them the english language if they wish to learn it. Also any US employer of all kinds would have to pay them with these certificates(to be purchased from any given state office),
    that will change colors every month just like your DMV tags. I have thought this through very carefully, and I can’t see how it would harm this country in any way. It just might relieve a lot of pressure from this over amplified topic that the media keeps on pounding. Best of luck withis idea if any good president is elected to this republican massive failre and ruse!

  • Ann Raabe

    I have a good idea. Why doesn’t Ron Paul run for Vice President with McCain? At least 5% of the population would vote for him if for no other reason. But then maybe when McCain’s face falls off we will see he is an alien and be sceptical of Ron Paul.(what about those short little arms on McCain?) Of course we still need Ron Paul in the Senate keeping all those other guys on their toes. Let’s just vote for Chuck Baldwin and ask him to appoint Ron Paul as the Secretary of the Treasury.

  • deborah

    I wil never again vote for the best of the worst. I am voting for Ron Paul. I will write in my vote if he is not on the ballot. Neither of the other two are a choice of any kind. I’ve told people about the “Fed” and other things over the last thirty years, and was called a conspiracy wacko plus other choice terms. I have lived to see myself vindicated. Ron Paul is the only vote of integrity. We should also march in mass on our own state capitols. Let them know we are sick of their corruption. A famous quote said something about if the people only knew what we (those in power in washington)have done, the trees along the main avenue world be bending low with those hung for their crimes. Justice is necessary. Those in power have flown in drugs to sell to those lost or those seeking elicit pleasures, for filthy money to corrupt other countries clandestinely and do not care what happens here. To dominate a populace you overpower which angers them and they will fight no matter the outcome, or you corrupt so they no longer stand. Most do not even know there is a war going on for the very soul of this country. The bodies go first. Corrupt them, and then the soul,the mind follows.
    The statue of Liberty has under her feet the chains wherewith she was chained. She walks over them to liberty, and turns to offer liberty to the world.To free us she must inspire our minds to the smell of freedom. WE have become so used to the chains of drugs, entertainment, gambling, sex/pornography, violence.Distractions cover the smell of the muck.
    Ron Paul is that breath of fresh air, and more.Vote for the only real choice. Pray that God will clean out that which is destroying this country,and allow a man of real integrity to lead. I am ready to actively follow.

  • This message is for Dr Paul, we are approaching an election in which one of two men will be our president. Obama and McCain are different as night and day (no pun intended). Wouldn’t you think that it would suit a constitutionalist moreso to lean democrat in this case giving the shared positions on war healthcare and poverty held by Obama and Dr. Paul. I wish you were running sir and I wish you had a chance to win without a major party behind you but for now reality is reality. Anyway my point is why not reach out to Obama and try to instill and educate on some of these economic and constitutional issues we all care so deeply about. I believe in you Dr. Paul I only hope it will be enough to save us from the neocons.

  • Paul V

    You would say that ,, I have a lot of black friend, And I do think this country is ready for a black president, Just not Barack Obama,

    People like you are dangerous, if they say wben a candidate does criminal act,, there racist, it has nothing to do with the color of there skin, it has to do, with criminal acts, and if they are right for the job, YOuR one of those barack obama voters if you don’t vote for barack your a racist right,, that is so funny to me more,,,

    Well let me educate you a little bit more, Most black don’t like being Called, African American, that implies that they lived in africa and became us citizens The correct term, is african Decent,,
    There so many famous black people who like using the correct term,
    For someone who supports black candidate with criminal Ties, you should get it right, or even worse, if you are a black person,
    Then the only thing I would say at this point, Barack has so many un-Educated Morons voting for him why would you add to there numbers,, Also try reading the news,, YOu do know barack did refuse to denounce Rev: wright until he had to ANd even then he did it under protest, Rezko the slum lord , who was indited,,,we are still going to find out what going to happen to that,

    Don’t for Micheal Obama, has who is not proud of her country, I love how everyone say it now what she means or said, when I have the video of her saying that,

    Don’t for get a few weeks ago Jim Johnson who was in charge of finding a VP for barack he had to quit, because, His involvement of Country WIde Loan Scandal he is involved in,, Let go even go further,, All the democrats been voting against the patriot act, so big companies are not allowed to spy on us, Barack Just Voted for it, Why do you think that, Well this way he can get information on other people to keep presidency if he wins,,,

    Also why did Barack say in a interview He wishes gas prices go even higher, just not so soon, and want to raise even more tax’s for Americans

    And Why did Obama steal and make a SEAL for him that look like the commander & chief ,,, an office he is trying to run for, There many people who have SEals,, Hitler & Stalin, , Your right about one thing,
    I don’t have what it takes to vote for Barack Obama, BUt YOu sure do Sam, I hope you do vote for Barack this is what I call a free country,, until Barack becomes prez, Me and most Hillary supporter will vote who we want, and you By all means and Please do vote for Barack Obama,,,, remember when he Ruins this country,, be the one and stand up and say yes I voted him, BUT NO you will tell everyone like most rest of them, I never voted for him,
    Good Luck LOL