Peace & Prosperity or War & Inflation?

In a passionate appeal to Congress Ron Paul unmasked the real causes of rising energy prices: inflation, and fear about a possible attack on Iran by Israel and/or the US. He went on to criticize Israel’s massive war propaganda effort which is based on what may well turn out to be lies, and warned against a coming resolution (S.RES.580) which, if passed, is going to basically “shut down” Iran by hitting it with massive sanctions, boycotts and embargoes.

History shows that choking and all-encompassing embargoes such as this one might well be designed to provoke a desperate response (like Pearl Harbor or 9/11) which could then be used to shore up public support for a forceful counter attack.

This may well be our last chance to stop the propaganda and the devastating war that a small group of people is trying to force upon our country against the will of the vast majority of Americans. Spread the message and join Ron Paul in his courageous struggle to restore peace, prosperity and freedom.

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