Peace & Prosperity or War & Inflation?

In a passionate appeal to Congress Ron Paul unmasked the real causes of rising energy prices: inflation, and fear about a possible attack on Iran by Israel and/or the US. He went on to criticize Israel’s massive war propaganda effort which is based on what may well turn out to be lies, and warned against a coming resolution (S.RES.580) which, if passed, is going to basically “shut down” Iran by hitting it with massive sanctions, boycotts and embargoes.

History shows that choking and all-encompassing embargoes such as this one might well be designed to provoke a desperate response (like Pearl Harbor or 9/11) which could then be used to shore up public support for a forceful counter attack.

This may well be our last chance to stop the propaganda and the devastating war that a small group of people is trying to force upon our country against the will of the vast majority of Americans. Spread the message and join Ron Paul in his courageous struggle to restore peace, prosperity and freedom.

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  • Bush

    The people of America must wakeup and stop supporting Jews of Isreal.

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  • Ann Raabe

    Below is the Response from my Congressman on the issue of HJ Resolution 362. I encourage all others to write to their Rep now, let your voice be heard.
    Dear Ann:

    Thank you for contacting me with regard to the ongoing situation in Iran. It was good to hear from you and please know that your comments regarding this issue are appreciated. I am pleased to have this opportunity to respond.

    As you know, the matter of Iran’s nuclear determination continues to be one of the most significant obstacles to peace in the Middle East and our goals of freedom and prosperity for that region. Be assured that your government is actively pursuing a peaceful and diplomatic resolution to the nuclear standoff. America has no desire to create enemies out of the people of Iran, and I understand that our response to this crisis will significantly impact our countries’ future relationship. I am hopeful peace will prevail, and Iran will continue to make steps toward democratization. Please know that as your Representative, I will share your concerns with my colleagues in Congress.

    Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts with me. Please feel free to contact me about this or any other issue of interest to you in the future.

    With my regards and best wishes, I remain


    John L. Mica

    Member of Congress

  • Ann Raabe

    When will all of this stop? I am writing my Congressman right now telling him to vote No to HJ Resolution 362. I will tell him that I am watching him and if he supports this Resolution I will campaign against him in the next election. Will this help? I hope so. We can’t go on like this and we apparently don’t know how to control our dictator anymore.
    We must put the blame for all of this where it belongs, on our Congressional Representatives.
    Don’t forget to follow up on writing to your Senators in case the Resolution passes the House.

  • History shows that choking and all-encompassing embargoes such as this one might well be designed to provoke a desperate response -from Iran-. (-Edit mine-. You didn’t make this last part literally clear, but you certainly implied it. Just making this more clear.)

    Basically what The US gov’t is doing is calling Iran names, saying they are bullish agressors, all the while covertly (from the public’s eye) provoking Iran, then when Iran is provoked enough to attack back, the hypocritical US gov’t will say “Aha! Look, we told you so! We told you they are mean bullish agressors” and use the attack from Iran as an excuse to impose more totalitarian laws in America – anything from more surveillance (& retroactive immunity for the telecomminacations companies the government hires to do the surveillance), to cancellation of the elections (or at the very least, public support for John McCain’s candidacy because he looks “tough” on the supposedly bullish agressors of Iran), to nationalization of major industries, price & wage controls, and/ or martial law.

  • Lurker

    Is it just me, or did Ron’s rhetoric getting better? Somehow I think he got real improvements in intonation and tempo….

  • Jeremy Olson

    I did not contribute money to your presidential campaign, but I did help spread your name, thanks to you several friends of mine have been awoken. I still intend to vote for you this November. Lies always crumble, the truth forever stands!

  • Dan W.

    Israel Prodding U.S. To Attack Iran

    Israel, go fight your own wars and leave us alone!