Revolution March 2008

The Revolution March and Rally in Washington D.C. on July 12, 2008 was pretty amazing. There were some powerful and informative speakers. John Darash recorded the event and put the videos on Youtube. You can view them below.

Video 1: Chuck Baldwin introduces Ron Paul; Ron Paul speaks.

Video 2: Ron Paul speaks.

Video 3: Ron Paul speaks.

Video 4: The March on Capitol Hill

Video 5 to 26 now online!

Were you there? Feel free to post your memories in the comments.

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  • U r my hero Ron Paul,I thought there was no hope for the U.S till u my friend,iam sick like avery1 else being slaved.
    my familey and I had a small buisness for 22 years the last 8 been bad losing people cant pay my bills to were i have no power,
    my house even went days whitout gas for heat.
    I was ready to sell 1 store that my wife and I bought 6 years ago from my grandma but i have so much faith in u Iam going to try to kept it going and see if u will be our next presadent.
    much love 2 u Ron Paul.

  • Richard Haven

    As a contributing writer for a small Florida newspaper, I attended the March in Wash.,DC and my paper has published the article that I wrote. Would you be interested in the article and where might I post it with the accompanying pictures……….Rick


    TO DR. PAUL,I missed the march on washington, wish i was there
    i’m a black man in america and we love this country as much as you do and some of us are ron paul supporters and most just don’t know and the one’s that do know, we get our new’s sources from places other than corp. media.I thik DR.Paul really need another march on washington before this election but with alot more leaders other than himself. people like alex jones, minister Louis Farrakahn, and other true Americans that care about this country and were it is headed, they have a large base and the call for americans will show.. we need this event, we need a million plus to show up and close down and expose everyone, everything so that we have accountabilty, lets expose the truth lets get real people who care for this country show up and be counted, and those would be the one’s we would put in office. the true patriots,real leaders would come, so lets call out for our revolution..


  • Rick Haven

    Who was the congressman that spoke about the Real I.D. during the Ron Paul March on July 14th. I had Jim Geist but can find nothing on the net about that name. Please resond ASAP……….Rick

  • I was extremely inspired by the march! I’m currently beginning to work on a grassroots level to get involved with my local government. I created a website with the videos, along with some action items and resources. You can view it here:

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  • Patriot

    egad @ that song and her screeching voice..

  • WE