Freedom Starts At Home

Ron Paul’s writings and speeches have assisted me in finding faults with myself and my own logical processes, and maybe a way to fix them and make myself a better person. So today I’ll take a break from bashing the government – instead, I’ll spend some my energy on what each and everyone of us can do to increase the degree of freedom we enjoy.

For all the complaining I hear around me, I see a disproportional amount of action being taken to offset what is going on all throughout the country. For example, everyone loves to moan about “high gas prices.”

While I will agree that gas prices are much higher than they were a few years (even months) ago, I really don’t see the problem. The higher prices are just a signal that we need to consume less gasoline. This can mean carpooling, riding a bike, walking, taking less trips out, or buying a more fuel efficient vehicle. It can also mean an investment in oil and/or gas companies such as Exxon may be called for, to hedge against higher prices at the pump.

But who among us is doing any such thing? All we get are excuses, such as “I just bought this new truck” or “I work too far away” or (although no one says this) “I’m lazy.”

There are consequences to every action we take. Buying a gas guzzling truck means you will pay more for gas. Taking a trip out to eat twice a week raises your gas consumption. I’m not trying to deny anyone that choice, but don’t come running for help when you can’t cut back on the non-necessities.

Also, I always wonder why people who complain about “price gouging” don’t get in on the alleged gouging. They can do this easily by purchasing Exxon stock, which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). That way, they can profit from everyone else’s gas purchases! Funny how, if anyone actually looked into this idea, they would find out that gasoline isn’t the exorbitant business proposition that it’s made out to be in the “Big Media.”

Gas companies such as Exxon only make around 8% on each dollar in sales as profit, which is well below many other industries. If there was “price gouging” going on, why wouldn’t people want to get in on it? You have the chance, go buy Exxon stock and let us know how much gouging you can do!

Then we have housing. There is word from Philadelphia that the mayor isn’t enforcing foreclosures. Basically, everyone is looking for a bailout because they couldn’t be bothered to read the “fine print” on their mortgage.

Either that or they agreed to an exotic loan that they didn’t understand, and now they need someone to help them sort it out. Funny how no one was complaining a few years ago when things were going well. Now that the tides have turned, people are outraged. That’s part of the price we pay for everything, from a car to a bagel to a house. If we are misinformed or simply ignorant about the product itself or its financing terms, we will lose in the long term and end up with a situation that we didn’t foresee.

In other words, do your homework before running to someone else for a bailout. This goes for businesses too, such as Bear Stearns. Get your act together before coming to us (the taxpayers) for help.

What’s worse than people looking for help out of a tough situation is the fact that those same people will gladly fork over $1 or more for a bottle of water, $5+ for a pack of cigarettes, and who knows how much for unnecessary extra clothing and knick knacks such as toys, dolls, cell phones and basically anything else.

If you can’t budget your own money, you don’t deserve to run to anyone else for help. Stop smoking 3 packs a day. Start drinking tap water, or at least buy pitcher with a filter for much cheaper than $1/ bottle. You would be amazed at how much money you can save by foregoing dessert and brewing your own coffee. Check your cable bill, maybe you can cut back there.

After you have done your own due diligence, then you might be in need and can look to other individuals for guidance and perhaps a helping hand. But too many in this country are simply looking to “big brother” to help us with all of our shortcomings, regardless of who caused them. It’s time to look within to fix some (if not all) of our everyday problems.

We can do this by being more sensible.  Who can support a smaller government while blowing their entire budget on Starbucks, needless trips to the mall, and other non-essentials?  If you can’t save for yourself, don’t expect the government to do it for you. 

Also, educate yourself.  Read political and historical books and other publications.  Browse the Internet and get your news from various sources.  Basically, be well read and always skeptical towards what you are reading. 

I’m all for freedom, and that’s why we need to either tailor our actions to line up with the expected consequences, or continue to face problems with basics such as filling up our gas tank or making our mortgage payment.  Government intervention cannot be relied upon to “bail out” anyone who ignores the consequences of their actions.


  • #######

    PROTECTION begins at home!

    If the Honorable Ron Paul
    would embrace radical
    immigration-, refugee- and
    asylum-policy reform, which
    PROTECTS America’s founding
    race and culture, he’d
    garner massive support!

    For example, why isn’t he
    opposing the granting of
    ESCAPE-VISAS to Iraqis?

    Read my letter to a NYT
    reporter on that issue:


    July 26, 2008

    Dear Alissa,


    Please, Alissa, send this missive to one
    of your paper’s editorial writers, as
    the plan to give visas to Iraqi employees
    of the U.S. military flies in the face of
    White House claims of great advances in
    SAFETY there.

    Why would the U.S. give visas to the most
    capable Iraqi citizens while that badly
    damaged country is going to need every one
    of it more-capable citizens, to rebuild

    It’s utterly insane to claim the need to
    grant protective visas while claiming that
    the surge has made Iraq far safer for


    Also, the U.S. is facing, possibly, another
    Great Depression. So, who is going to
    employ those tens of thousands of Iraqi
    arrivals (( the principal visa holder may
    bring his/her immediate family, then, under
    another program, the entire extended family
    may apply for asylum in the U.S., which
    policy amounts to what anti-immigration
    folks argue against: NEVER-ENDING CHAIN
    IMMIGRATION!, which, potentially, allowS for
    millions of Iraqi asylum entries–far
    beyond the 5-year time-frame ))?

    Please ask one of your editors to write
    a piece about WHY this new, safer Iraq
    requires giving escape-visas to Iraqis



  • I don’t know exactly what to think here, except there are flies in the ointment. We are not generally equipped with the info to make a correct analysis. Especially here in Red Canaduh, where gas has been over $5 for more than a year under the gov’ts velvet glove of tyranny here.
    For us to have to turn back the clock & live more like the existentialist druids the tapeworms want all producers to be is regressive; an obvious symptom of failed economics on behalf of big, parasitical, non-productive policy, & criminal-minded, immoral government reps. However, it is true that folks have lost everything several generations have toiled for, & we each urgently need to become self-responsible, because if the R3volution is about anything, it is about firmly establishing inalienable individual rights of freedom & consciousness, & certainly not about any collective privilege.
    I am thinking that no matter the market losses, the big fed companies incl. nearly every oil producer, (like in the mortgage fiasco we are now witnessing,) has an unlocked secret back door to the public’s coffers; thru inextricably contrived taxpayer bailout, amortized over many generations. Investors & consumers are losing here, but you can bet your pay on the fact that the lobbyists & elite directors at the top of these boards are not worried about losing anything in the long run.
    In this 2000 yr. old vortex of dishonesty we are unable to live function or prosper as humans; like Alice in Wonderland in someone else’s false, discordian world where 2+2 don’t ever add up to the same thing twice.
    We each need to become ‘sly as a fox’ ~ now that we’ve excelled at the ‘meek as lamb’ part.
    Start by just saying “NO!”
    History is made by people, not events.
    The real Uncle Sam is just now standing up; Luv ya’ Dr. RP.

  • Mr. Self Sufficient

    Having years of inside knowledge and experience in the markets I must support “NEVER MCCain”‘s comment. Buying stock in the problem is, in itself, foolish. Not to mention it may reflect selfserving greed. I strongly advise everyone against buying any stock (these days). But if you must support the enemy (Wall Street) at least invest in US owned alternative energy entities. Opinions are like sphincters… everyone has one and they all stink. Many of my township neighbors need their “trucks” for work , not being able to afford a new 2 seater because they have children and a mortgage, and they want to eat and drink healthy food and water, they are faced with paying the “skies-the-limit” gas prices a result of this modern day bank caused depression and as a result their whole familiy suffers. The cost of petro directly affects the cost of ALL goods and services. On the topic of potable water, most municiple tap water around the country has between 45 and 140 volitle and harmful “things” in it. Most of these “things” are added intentionally and incidentally. (When I had municiple water my water lab tests revealed 131 carcinigens, heavy metals, pesticides, petroleum by products and solvents) On the topic of food, why are companies and the FDA adding and allowing things like aspertame (a popular rat poison and known brain enemy and cancer cause) in candy, gum, soda and juices? They ban lead paint but instead they allow the decades of consumption of a poison carcinogen by our children. Sodium benzoate, a polularly used preservative in soft drinks, is another cancer window. Alone the chemical is benign but when it interacts with Vitamin C inside our bodies the reaction produces BENZENE… a big cancer catylist. I can go on and on with my years of research and laboratory knowledge, but I will spare you a lesson in reality, truth and facts.(“poisoned” food and water= Big Pharma profitability)
    This modern day depression that we are experiencing is severe in more ways than one. The last great depression occurred when many in the US had farms, we had manufacturing jobs and people were more self sufficient with more common sense and discipline. Things are different now. I have traveled throughout the US this year and I have spent most of my time talking with the people. Although there is a small percentage who may be a bit lazy, as Mr.C implied(more like afraid and too trusting of the “system” or they are suffering from a lack of personal confidence and good information),and in turn procrastinate at being proactive. But, what the media and our illustrious gov. reps (RP excluded)almost intentionally fail to connect with is the silent sufferers. Those who have been living within their means, who have saved for a rainy day, who have sacrificed to provide for their families, invested their retirement dreams in Wall Street and worked hard at the job they ended up with. Is it possible that Mr.Cuneo also stands disconnected from the uniqueness of each families’ sittuation? Perhaps more of us are so influenced by the BoobTube that we actually believe that we know what is good for everyone and that we are in control of our own opinions? The screaming of Americans (Mr. C referred to) is not a simple result of a “one size fits all” ignorance, wasteful spending and carelessness. I am aware that only approx. 9% of the families affected and hit hard now are reaping what they sowed. The remainder are purely victims of “Bankers Greed”, the media, and Megalomaniacs. This 90% of our countrymen are experiencing a myriad of conditions which created a unique hybrid of socially imposed trouble under their roof. I was saddened and aggitated after reading “Freedom Starts at Home”. Although, I understand why Mr. Cuneo made his claims, I find it quite blind to the broad based reality and working solutions that exist and are needed. Propaganda is a strong and powerful science that controls and influences our minds. Having a BS in Social Psychology and a MS in Behavioral Science, I am disgusted to state that I worked for 15 years applying this science in the boardroom and on the masses. In my educated and professional opinion, it seems that the influence behind “Freedom Starts at Home” reeks of major media propaganda. Just take notice of some of the phrases and suggestions contained there in. It is obvious to me that someone thinks they are being part of a solution yet, unfortunately, they are just an enlightened head in the flock. I am sorry if this offened anyone but sometimes the truth makes us flinch. Hopefully, it will makes us all THINK and REFLECT more constructively and effectively.
    I wish you all hope, stregnth and perseverence. Stop spending all your money, read history, become more independent, eat healthy food, educate people, practice random acts of kindness, get active in your town and most of all God be with Ron Paul in his selfless patriotic mission. Good Luck.

  • Theresa Jones

    Mr. Cuneo:

    Everyone is saying that there is no obvious reason for the recent increase in gas prices. There has been no major increase in consumption or decrease in production; this is not a matter of supply and demand.

    The less obvious reason for the rapid increase in gas prices is the election. No party in our history has maintained the office of President when gas prices are high. The countries who control the oil want a weaker America and what better way to accomplish that then to have us elect a weak President, Mr. Obama.


    The last thing anyone would want to do is buy stock in the gas markets..
    I sold mine because it lost a third of it’s value last quarter for some weird reason..I called my broker and asked why and how such a profitable market lose me so much money and he laughed!!!!
    He said that gas should be going for 7 bucks a gallon..that I should start riding a bicycle..WTF? I sold out and took the loss..
    The market is so manupulated and so unstable..don’t get caught up in that TRAP!
    People, get out of debt! Cut up those charge cards and pay them off as fast as you can! Hard times are coming!