Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic: Tickets!

Ticket sales for the Ron Paul event in Minneapolis (now officially named Rally for the Republic) start today, July 25, at 10 am CST. You can purchase your tickets at,, or at your local Ticketmaster location. Tickets are limited to 8 tickets per customer.

Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic takes place at the Target Center in Minneapolis on September 2 from 11:30am to 10:00pm. There will be additional events on August 31 and September 1. Check out the schedule here.

Purchase your tickets today to send a powerful message that we will not be silenced. The number of tickets sold on the first day will be reported to the media and if that number is high, it could generate additional media coverage for the Rally for the Republic.

See you in Minneapolis.

Ron Paul Rally for the Republic Ticket

  • Hi guys! Following the voice in my head and heart, as well as the words I’ve read here, I started a myspace page for a Write in Ron Paul campaign. I could use all the help I can get to really get it going. Please let me know ANY suggestions you may have.. I’m VERY excited about it!
    Click here to see it:


  • Cassandra Bachrach

    To Kelley Boggs:
    Are you the Kelley Boggs who attended Norman High School??? If you are, WOW! This is Cassie Bachrach. Please contact me. P.S. I am a 110% full phledged Ron Paul supporter!! GO DR. PAUL!

  • Kelley Boggs

    Even though I agree that we should have intelligent Presidents, it would be wrong for us to make them pass certain requirements. It’s up to the people to decided if someone is ready to take care of our country. If we’re too stupid to make the right choice ( the majority, or if people just don’t care ), this happens. I believe in freedom, and looking deep into who we’re voting for.

  • mike zia

    I believe by allowing our country being mismanaged by a an unprofessional or uneducated person is the biggest crime against American people , now in the 21century we have to pass a law in congress that the future presidents and elected government officials must pass a very strict government examination test in economy world politics and …., if was happened sooner we would have saved the life of all the men who died in our unjust wars like Iraq .. I like to ask you Mr. Run Paul , that i think is the only hope our country has left to look in to this , this sure make a lot of sense , every company ask for resume and qualification before giving you a management job , why not our governing body ?? Thank you

  • Brian

    I’m definitely purchasing a few tickets.

    Sorry to make an off topic comment, but…

    I’ve recently stumbled across information that raises some startling issues regarding this presidential race.

    1) Obama’s Birth Certificate is likely a forgery

    Since this would disqualify Obama from being a natural born citizen, this would also disqualify him from the presidential race.

    2) McCain technically isn’t a natural born citizen either.

    These points should be brought to media attention IMO, hopefully at the campaign for liberty.