Ron Paul on Glenn Beck – 07/30/2008

Ron Paul appeared on the Glenn Beck show on July 30, 2008 to talk about the important issues facing our country. Watch the interview below.

Part 1:

Part 2:


  • Gordon Freeman

    “…corporatism is fascism…”

    Doctor Paul, you just got my vote!

  • Morgan Painter

    Forgive me if I got it wrong, but it seems that Glen Beck almost hurt himself trying to pat his own back. He jumped in at every opportunity to interrupt Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul said,
    “They don’t want to challenge the federal reserve”.

    Of course not, there is a huge fear factor.

    It has been speculated President Kennedy was killed because he talked about eliminating the federal reserve from control of the money system.

    That is only a theory but looking at the consequences to the ultra wealthy people behind the fed reserve gives it a wee bit of credibility.

  • MoDaD

    “When did he come to his senses?”

    When supporting Paul didn’t matter anymore. Beck is a scumbag, an actor and a shill. He’s the token CNN wannabe neoconservative, saying he’s a “conservative” or “libertarian” depending on the weather. He advocates for freedom from big government and for a totalitarian police state in the same breath.

    At least O’Reilly is talented at being a hack.

  • Richard Gambrill

    I remember a time when Glenn Beck would make fun of Ron Paul on the air. When did he come to his senses?