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  1. Mark Magill

    Most folks don't understand why we have hyper-inflation; thank god Ron Paul knows the score! Inflation occurs when the sum of all the Federal Reserve Notes(our "money") in circulation(a.k.a.,"currency") is artificially greater than the American Gross Domestic Product. Our economy is out of balance!
    Ron Paul wants to return balance by limiting the amount of "easy credit" that has sadly flooded our markets!

    For example: let's say that we have a 100 hamburgers that are worth $1 a piece. So if we circulated $100 worth of $1 bills...there would be no hyperinflation...a hamburger will remain $1. But what if we flooded the market with "$100" more of "easy credit"....there would be an imbalance...therefore vendors must sell their hamburgers for at least $2 per hamburger to restore balance back to the market! If the vendors didn't raise the price of a hamburger from $1 to $2...then ultimately vendors would run out of resources(hamburgers) and there would be chaos. And to further complicate things...only the ones with the most "money" will be able to afford our limited resource of hamburgers!
    This is how hyperinflation works. Too much currency and too little resources.
    This is why Ron Paul is against the government mortgage crisis bailout! Increasing the money supply artificially IS NOT TRUE GROWTH. It's more like a free lunch at the expense of hard working american taxpayers! This is why our US DOLLAR is so weak...there's just too much money in circulation and too little resources! So who really suffers? The poor and the middle class. And who does hyperinflation hurt the least? That would be the super rich elitists.
    Why do you think gas prices are so high? Because it is a limited resource... The Federal Reserve aren't helping by injecting more US Dollars into the market...because this will only cause gas prices to increase. We need to inject more alternative fuels into our markets in order to lower gas prices.
    Conclusion: We must stop the printing presses and limit the amount of currency in circulation in relation to our Limited Resources. Our money should have a limited lifespan...or it will continue to devalue the US Dollar via hyperinflation.


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