Rally for the Republic to continue as planned

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  • terry webster

    My name is terry webster a female from Michigan, so I hope this clears any misconception on your or anyone elses part, who made the coment,on Sept.2nd 2008.
    I am sorry,I hope it has Not made a problem of any kind for you, but I think he should still run for office and thought I would leave my comment.

  • The Real Terry Webster

    I am not sure who is using my name, but I am a reporter and it could be a real problem if the name Terry Webster is on this Web site.
    This is to verify that Terry Webster the reporter did not leave the Sept. 2 comment. I found this when I was Googling a past article that I did (which had nothing to do with politics). Thank you.

  • terry webster

    You should Campaign more, to many people believe that you quit trying for the Presidency. Go for it. You have my vote.

  • Hali


  • Power to the people! Obama / Paul 2008!