Ron Paul Announcement

Update: Click here to read the Ron Paul Announcement

In a press conference scheduled for Wednesday, September 10, at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., Congressman Ron Paul is expected to urge supporters to reject John McCain and Barack Obama and vote for “any” of the four smaller-party contenders in the coming presidential elections: Libertarian Party nominee Bob Barr, Green Party contender Cynthia McKinney, independent Ralph Nader or Constitution Party standard-bearer Chuck Baldwin.

Update: Click here to read the Ron Paul Announcement

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  • we don’t want to take back the crooked 2 party system we want to take back our country. you are asking us to settle in hopes we can win later. we don’t have much time to be playing games.

  • L.E.Peachey

    To Ron Paul,
    I have been voting in every election since I was 21(I’m 63 now)
    And every election,I ask myself,which of these two people are
    going to hurt me the least? I know that each will hurt me(when I
    say me,I mean my country).
    Now for the first time ,I see a candidate that could help my country and I hear he is dropping out of the race,for the presidency of the USA??!!
    Well sir,my heritage will not permit me NOT to vote,but my
    conscience will not permit me to vote for the rebublican or
    the democratic parties candidate.
    So congressman Paul,in all good fiath and conscientiousness,
    I’m writing in your name,and voting for you.YES,this will probably
    be a wasted vote,but what the hell,everything else in this land
    is being wasted,including the best man for the presidency of these
    USA….Third party endorsement won’t do,commitment will.

    NJ patriot
    (for God and country)


  • If you really want to send a message to the Republican party, you should vote for Obama. Push him over the top and put him in the White House. Every single person who voted for Ron Paul should vote for a Democratic candidate. And keep doing it. If the Republicans lose election after election their tiny pea brains may get the hint. You can then take back your party. Voting for a loser is only going to give a loser more votes, and will do NOTHING to punish the real problem: McCain-Palin.

  • RHartman

    I was once a republican. When they stood for smaller government, less intrusion into people’s lives and fiscal responsibility. They have long abandoned those issues, and the “2” party system has helped it happen. It’s a symptom of a larger problem they have. They have used the “culture war” and waved 9/11 in everyone’s face every time they get int trouble, and it’s saved their a**. It’s become a crutch. It’s kept them from having to address issues or create real solutions or any real new ideas. McCain showed his intellectual bankruptcy with the pick of Palin: her choice was him pandering to the neo-cons, knowing that once again the religious right was the republican’s only chance of winning because they have nothing else. No new ideas and 8 years of failure. The “republicans” are in the same position the democrats were in pre-clinton. With no new ideas, all you got is emotional appeal and scandal. In other words, Rove… whom McCain has obviously sold his soul to.

    Thankyou Mr. Paul for your statement today. I don’t agree with you on every detail, but am heartened to find at least one candidate whose foundational principals I do agree with and who has the strength to stand beside them. Unlike McCain, who’s sold his soul to the neo-cons of the faux republican party. May he lose enough votes in a swing state to a third party to finally wake the republicans up: get back to values of liberty and the free market, or die from irrelevancy.

  • I think he should run a 3rd party as the..

    Ron Paul/Hillary ticket.

    He would win for sure.. well at least I think.

  • JD4x4

    It’s a BIG deal because as he says.. votes not made support no one, and why would you express your support of a specific candidate if you didn’t agree with them? Only votes made for candidates outside of the 2 parties are public knowledge and can (hopefully) express true public sentiment.

    It’s the same conclusion that I came to myself this year after 35 years of voting for the “lesser of the two evils”. No one looking at the stats has a clue what I REALLY wanted to see in my elected officials because I thought it would ultimately be one of two who is elected so go with the least painful.

    No more. From this election forward.

    I’m lucky in that my state allows write-ins, so I’m writing in Dr. Paul, and I’m going to make sure the stats are public knowledge. But his point about voting for neither of the big 2 party candidates in places that don’t allow write-ins is well taken, and good advice, imo.

  • If you support Ron Paul, write him in on an absentee ballot in November. Write in “Ron Paul – President”!

  • David

    If this is true, it is not a real surprise. He doesn’t endorse any of the two main canidates. So why a big meeting about it.

  • Country

    So what was the big announcement?? I have been looking all over the Internet and find nothing about what the big announcement is?

  • john

    considering ron paul’s decision not to be a contender in the november elections, i had decided not to vote for anyone.
    it has been far too long to have anyone of abraham lincoln’s or john f. kennedy’s high standards.
    only ron paul meets or exceeds the standards. i wish him well.