Ron Paul, the Young Right and New Media

While Ron Paul will not be our next president, his memorable run for the Republican Presidential nomination will be heralded forever as the beginning of the “Young Right”.

For many, including myself, Dr. Paul represents both a practical form of modern libertarianism and proof that the truth can actually survive in modern politics. These are very important realizations, yet we’ve also learned that the truth is capable of much more than just surviving. It’s capable of winning. Perhaps not today, but in the near future mainstream politicians will speak of Ron Paul as Reagan spoke of Goldwater.

Most of the grassroots volunteers didn’t stop fighting when McCain was the declared the presumptive nominee. They moved to building infrastructure for the future. Indeed, a considerable amount of the Ron Paul Revolution is in the middle of shifting gears. We are not winding down, but gearing up.

The grassroots found new ways of communicating quickly and effectively. Websites like started popping up all over the Internet. Today most of us can’t even name all the Ron Paul related websites, podcasts, forums, or media outlets in existence and be sure that every one of them is visited, heard, or read. We should have no doubt that, though scattered throughout cyberspace, the revolution continues.

While the mainstream media continues to salivate over McBama’s ludicrous stage fight for the presidency, Ron Paul’s newly awakened “Young Conservatives” are patiently building their own media empire. Everything from social networking, to radio, to interviews, to scholarly journals, even to cable channels has been created to promote ‘pro-liberty’ media. How about a media company that caters instead of panders? How about a source for relevant news, not ‘brain candy’? How about a million new ways for people to communicate? They’ve been built, they’re being used, and we must be familiar with them.

One day the horn will blow for the Ron Paul army to re-emerge and push our next liberty loving candidate into the mainstream. Our success rests in our own hands and in our ability to use the tools we have been given and the tools we have created. While I can’t list all the sites dedicated to filling the gap left by our mainstream media, I’d like to list a few below. I believe that by using the sites below, and other independent media movements, we give even more power to truth.,,,,,,,,,

Feel free to post additional websites in the comments.

Phillip Mabry

Phillip Mabry is a student of economics, a full time communications engineer, and a contributing writer to and
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  • Phil Champ

    It sounds to me like, if Dr Ron Paul was a Texas senator, it would
    have even more coverage. People need to realize this printing of
    money is unconstitutional.
    I would suggest for Dr Ron Paul to run for Senator of Texas and once
    elected, to form a committee to return to the gold standard.
    I am sure that within a few years, people will start to agree on this! – Well, this could still be possible as congressman too.
    If Dr Ron Paul was trying to pass a motion for the President to sign an executive order destroying the Fed Act…


  • rememberremember

    Great article, Phillip. Just finished Ron Paul’s Manifesto. The Revolution clearly continues…

  • DoctorZ

    Interesting analysis. It annoys me that most Americans don’t care about candidates who tell the truth; it’s how “cool” they are is what matters, you could say. And did you know that there have only been like, two short presidents? They care about the looks, too, I can see.

    This country needs to wake up. The tea kettle has been whistling for far too long.