A Dark Day For America

The controlled media’s “shock and awe” propaganda blitz and fear mongering campaign had its desired effect: Last night, the Senate passed the Bailout Bill 75 to 24.

See who voted “yes” and “no”:

Alabama Sessions (R) No Shelby (R) No
Alaska Murkowski (R) Yes Stevens (R) Yes
Arizona Kyl (R) Yes McCain (R) Yes
Arkansas Lincoln (D) Yes Pryor (D) Yes
California Boxer (D) Yes Feinstein (D) Yes
Colorado Allard (R) No Salazar (D) Yes
Connecticut Dodd (D) Yes Lieberman (I) Yes
Delaware Biden (D) Yes Carper (D) Yes
Florida Martinez (R) Yes Nelson (D) No
Georgia Chambliss (R) Yes Isakson (R) Yes
Hawaii Akaka (D) Yes Inouye (D) Yes
Idaho Craig (R) Yes Crapo (R) No
Illinois Durbin (D) Yes Obama (D) Yes
Indiana Bayh (D) Yes Lugar (R) Yes
Iowa Grassley (R) Yes Harkin (D) Yes
Kansas Brownback (R) No Roberts (R) No
Kentucky Bunning (R) No McConnell (R) Yes
Louisiana Landrieu (D) No Vitter (R) No
Maine Collins (R) Yes Snowe (R) Yes
Maryland Cardin (D) Yes Mikulski (D) Yes
Massachusetts Kennedy (D) Absent    Kerry (D) Yes
Michigan Levin (D) Yes Stabenow (D) No
Minnesota Coleman (R) Yes Klobuchar (D) Yes
Mississippi Cochran (R) No Wicker (R) No
Missouri Bond (R) Yes McCaskill (D) Yes
Montana Baucus (D) Yes Tester (D) No
Nebraska Hagel (R) Yes Nelson (D) Yes
Nevada Ensign (R) Yes Reid (D) Yes
New Hampshire   Gregg (R) Yes Sununu (R) Yes
New Jersey Lautenberg(D) Yes Menendez (D) Yes
New Mexico Bingaman (D) Yes Domenici (R) Yes
New York Clinton (D) Yes Schumer (D) Yes
North Carolina Burr (R) Yes Dole (R) No
North Dakota Conrad (D) Yes Dorgan (D) No
Ohio Brown (D) Yes Voinovich (R) Yes
Oklahoma Coburn (R) Yes Inhofe (R) No
Oregon Smith (R) Yes Wyden (D) No
Pennsylvania Casey (D) Yes Specter (R) Yes
Rhode Island Reed (D) Yes Whitehouse (D) Yes
South Carolina DeMint (R) No Graham (R) Yes
South Dakota Johnson (D) No Thune (R) Yes
Tennessee Alexander (R) Yes Corker (R) Yes
Texas Cornyn (R) Yes Hutchison (R) Yes
Utah Bennett (R) Yes Hatch (R) Yes
Vermont Leahy (D) Yes Sanders (I) No
Virginia Warner (R) Yes Webb (D) Yes
Washington Cantwell (D) No Murray (D) Yes
West Virginia Byrd (D) Yes Rockefeller (D) Yes
Wisconsin Feingold (D) No Kohl (D) Yes
Wyoming Barrasso (R) No Enzi (R) No

The Bailout Bill will now be sent “back” to the House. Our final hope rests on the brave Congressmen and women who already defeated the bill on Monday. Let’ keep contacting them and ask them to remain firm in their opposition.

More on the Bailout:

  • DL

    Man, this site is a lot better than the revamped C4L site. That went to crap at the worst moment.

  • I’ve e-mailed and faxed my representative today! And i’ve also e-mailed my Senators, even though they’ve already voted.

  • The extra incentives are a good measure that could help the economy, if they were voted on apart from the 700 billion.

    I’ve send messages to by the senators from Colorado in hopes one continues to vote no and the other changes his vote from yes to no.

  • I have been listening to the news and been disgusted at how little credit is given the American people.

    I hear over and again that we just don’t understand how this bill will work. That the government and these talking heads KNOW more than us. That the bill has been unfairly tagged as a “bailout” when it is in fact a “rescue.” Rescue who? Me? I never asked to be rescued and obviously a large portion of the public did not either. In fact, we’ve been specifically asking NOT to be rescued.

    The arrogance of these people is astounding. To assume that those of us who are against the bill are just not educated enough or just don’t have the same understanding that they do is ridiculous. Both my state senators voted for the bill although I have not heard one person in my circle (which varies widely politically) who was for it.

    I hope for a future for my children when I can assure them that their voices count in more than a philosophical manner. It is up to us to ensure that happens.

  • Ruben

    I want to thank you Ron Paul for having the guts to stand up for whats right in America!!!!! You truly are a patriot and i thank God every day that you understand our fundamental rights libertys and freedoms that our founding fathers wrote. I just pray that more politicians grow a back bone and start passing legislation that is based on our constitutional rights and that dont violate them to “protect Americans from terrorism”. Im just worried about our children and the real threat to there civil libertys with these laws that are out right unconstatutional and should not even have been passed. AMERICA IS GETTING TIRED OF POLITICIANS PLAYING GAMES WITH OUR RIGHTS, FREEDOMS, AND LIBERTYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you Ron Paul for speaking out

    God Bless You

  • LeRoy Haynes

    Personal responsibility is a myth. No one stands alone. All we have and all we have become is built on the foundation provided for others. the college I attended was there because of the dedication and sacrifice of previous generations. The people who provided the education were people who saw teaching students as more important than making money. Their salaries were barely adequate. As a Presbyterian pastor I never expected to have money as it turned out we did manage to save a relatively small amount, but now even that little bit is now in jeopardy. It is in jeopardy because people in charge were not personally responsible. They cared only for themselves and further believed that was the right thing to do. Now we are in a position of serious loss for many people like myself. It appears to me that we do need to make right the terrible things people did in the name of profit at any cost. How else do we do this other than together, as we all share the risk of rebuying these bad mortgages. There is no such thing as personal responsibility.

  • Go Ron Paul!!!!!
    I’m a big fan of yours. I hope to see you president some time, maybe not in 08, but there’s always next time ’round 🙂 America needs you!


  • This bill is bad because it rewards poor bussiness practices, very un-American and the tax payers who had nothing to do with causing this problem should not have to pay for these mistakes. Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulsen had been asuring us these past few years all the way up to “the crisis” that the economy had been going strong when obviously this crisis just doesn’t happen over night. It just seems to me that when ever a crisis arises, their fix it plan is to throw money at it and hope it works.

  • Yo this message is to Ron Paul:

    I am a very big fan of your politics, and I just wanted to say that I thank god there are still a few people like you in D.C. You are absolutely right on pretty much everything. I love the U.S.A., and I dont like seeing it destroy itself from the inside. I live next to Geneva Switzerland and I’ve heard you speak about how you would like our government in the U.S. to be more like that of Switzerland. I agree with you, because Switzerland is very democratic, they vote for almost everything that happens in their country.

    I support you Ron Paul and I sincerely hope you make to the oval office, if not in 08 then go for it next time round!

  • Talk about “lipstick on a pig”… this NEW bill is even worse than the one before it. The new plan is to spend even more money that we don’t have and then give away the same amount as before (that we also don’t have)…

    Thanks to Ron Paul. You are the only beacon of light in these dark, dark days.

  • Andy

    Once again the will of the people are ignored. Why? Is it because they know better? I really don’t think so since they got us here. The people overwhelmingly said NO shows that we can and will do the right thing and are willing to sacrifice. Congress, they’re more interested in adding to the tree for personal reasons even in this time of crisis.

    Here’s what got us here in the first place. No jobs…they are all outsourced. We’re either employed by the government or in the service fields. No wonder the home loans can’t be paid back because we were funding the economy with home value increases. So now, who’s gonna pay the taxes that must be increased. The oil companies??? I don’t think so, they’ll just raise the price to offset.


  • I have seen this type of financial work before …SAME thing ,same technique..This is tactics used when a company has been useing its income as capital, when there is neither in hand…This is mearly the calm before the closure…they hang on until they cannot hang on any longer …I have seen it several times …LIQUIDITY has nothing to do with an entity that has a sound business …the income can be used, sometimes, to stem the tide of profitability but when profitability & capital are gone the business is doomed…That is where AMERICA is , NOW…TIME is the only thing this money will buy …The makets here in PA are totally flat which is why the income for the GOV’T has all but stoped…WE have been running in the RED so long, we no longer can operate without income from some other, source …That is the way of a failing company, in this case a failing GOV’T..WE only have a short time to last as this bailout is not nearly enough to get the county’s finances back to solid ground before, market sources ,of income can come back to pick up the DEBT we are in ….This bailout will only take all the solid citizens along for the fall….THANKS SENATORS you don’t know the sign of a failure ..
    Your big shot social programs have sold us down the path of socialism & I am confident Obama will make YOU a good leader to continue with the distruction of AMERICA…LET’S get it over with ..I’m NOT voting for any more scumm…..SEE you in the future..TLF

  • Betty McCorkle

    I wrote both my California Senators and asked them to vote no. Thousands of others did the same thing but both still voted yes. All we can do is try to vote them out. Down with Boxer and Feinstein.

  • Frank

    The reason there is such haste to pass this bill is that the insurance industry, the holy grail of capitalism, is beginning to shake.

  • digicane


  • Richard Gambrill

    Another thing, and it comes as no surprise that McCain and Obama both voted yes. Maybe after 4 years with these guys, Americans will finally wake up and vote for somebody who stands for liberty, personal responsibility and sound economic policy.

  • What can we do??? How do we pusht he house not to vote for this. I will burn the american flag and renounce my citizenship if this goes through. I’m married to a European, i can do that. Shame others aren’t so lucky.

    Europe is less socialised then we are. Sad time in America. The crooks in Congress are so see-through, yet nobody does anything about it. The news doesn’t cover it. Glen beck does. But that’s it.

    I say everyone get out your armour and revolt!! We need a new America!!!

  • Richard Gambrill

    For the last week I have been bombarding Bob Casey and Arlen Specter with calls and emails, but still, I am not surprised that they both voted yes. My representative Charlie Dent voted against it on the first go through the house. I am going to keep after him and hope that he continues to take a stand against it.

  • Those c*nts. I am absolutely sickened!!! Even if a depression came I would welcome it, why? Because then everyone would be forced to regain this lost notion of Personal Responsibility. If you don’t assume it in such a time, well you die probably. If you embrace it, you should make it just fine. Then that notion might be alive again once we come out of it.

  • Kevin

    hey, just wanted to say that i applaud and appreciate your work here! keep the Ron Paul message going 😉