Poll: Do You Support The Bailout Bill?

Poll Results:

Yes, they should pass it: 146 votes (3%)
No, they should reject it: 5,000 votes (94%)
Not sure: 173 votes (3%)

The House of Representatives is approaching a crucial vote on the Bailout Bill later today [Update: The bill passed 263 to 171]. The mainstream media claims that public opinion is increasingly in favor of the bill, so we decided to run our own poll to verify these claims.

In your opinion, should the House pass the Bailout Bill? Please take a second to vote in our poll, then tell everyone you know about the poll to make sure that all our voices will be heard.

(Feel free to post an explanation of your vote in the comments section.)

  • Marco

    I think the House should still reject it even more so because of the “pork” spending bills now attached to this latest revision. Chances are that they won’t because they end up doing whatever the hell they want to do anyway.

    Main Street America doesn’t count anymore and threats of; “We’ll remember at election time,” are empty and carry no weight since their overloaded Congressional pensions aren’t affected. This country is speeding to an end quicker than the Roman Empire! Democracy WAS a nice idea while it lasted, but we all share the blame for that, folks! We’re so damn busy hi-fiving each other and telling the rest of the world how super-bitchen we are, that we plum forgot to keep our leaders in check. We demand REAL CHANGE”, yet we are too scared to make the sacrifices needed to bring about that change. We’re even more frightened as to what the results of that change will be and how it will utimately affect us. Thus, we get the government we deserve and we go back to our whining and complaining routine as usual; all the while we are channel-surfing to see what happened this week on “Dancing With The Stars”. Pretty pathetic, huh? Welcome to America folks!


  • This whole thing – that it’s even being considered, SCARES me. I seldom get scared by the government incompetence, thinking it will work out, eventually. But this one? :-0

    I was embarrassed for the President to hear him give that speech. I know he was reading what he was told, and prob didn’t understand it…. but, still. To get up on national television and pitch that “thing”.

    Who is gonna value those loans, that the government is buying from the moronic crooks who made them?
    This plan is gonna pass, eventually -and I think it’s gonna totally suck. :(((

  • Katherine Allen

    I don’t think the bail out is even needed. And I’m sure not in favor of bailing out anyone other than American companies. It’s not my fault the market has gone global.

    It seems the banks, etc. have done a fine job recovering as they should. Did anyone ask why $700B? Can we do it for less? Of course not. That’s not the government’s way. The banks and businesses will take care of themselves.

    What we should be doing is voting no on the bail out. Then our
    “leaders” should be sitting down and undoing the laws from the Clinton area that are causing the mess with credit card rates and penalties and the laws that have caused these sub prime loans to people who cannot pay them. These should have been changed long ago. Can anyone see their socialist/communism goals are not working.

    Also, did you hear? Some of the banks and business affected have been having their employees sit by the phone and call Congress over and over in favor of the bail out. That’s why Senator Reid said they were getting more positive calls on the bail out. Is there anything these crooks won’t do?

    No the bail out scheme should be dumped. Loans and lines of credit

  • David

    Passed… the people’s opinion no longer matters… wait, it hasn’t mattered for a long time. *sigh* I am saddened and sickened by what my country has become.

  • I Don’t think most Americans realize this is a desperate attempt to line the pockets of the grotesquely rich before Bush leaves office. The American people need to wake up and take a stand against corporate greed or soon the class system with be slovenly rich and horridly poor. I am a mother of 3 and I fear for the future of my children. What kind of world do we live in that we can’t stop and really look at the happenings in our government. Only we the people can unite to change this rape and pillage from happening.

  • ML (California)

    If I take away the fluff and distractions of the wording of the bailout-handout bill, of course it should NOT pass. This is a bailout of a system that does not work ultimately. The broken system is continued and never fixed. Unfortunately, I think that the constitution of the American people has been made fragile.

    I call for House to pick their balls up off of the floor and push their tits up and out and vote this down like it should be. I call for the American people to straighten their spines and back the not voters up and vote the yes voters out of office.

  • Jordan (Minnesota)

    I don’t know. The Senate put so much junk in this thing that I can’t sort through it. I think congress likes it when we don’t understand what to think, so that they can tell us. Isn’t this an end-and-around on the constitution to have it start in the Senate this way? I just don’t know anymore.

  • BlackWater-DomesticMilitia

    WAG THE DOG and pass the ammunition,

    This bailout will not stop the impending financial crisis.
    We haven’t seen the worst of it yet.

    The dollar is broken the paper market is at stand still. The bailout is just that’ not a solution but a way out, for all the well lobbied “RICH” folks who lost money on bad bets.

    Let the market right itself. Because the first casualty in this administration is always the truth.

    Stock up on food and ammunition. Be very worried when you see paramilitary people that do not represent local law enforcement or US military if you decided to organize or demonstrate for real change. You just may have to face Bush’s personnel security force.
    Like in Iraq, or in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

    “The Black Water Civil Militia” Because your government is scared that you may smarten up to their real plans of total control. Losing your civil rights and freedoms in the name of homeland security is just the start.




  • By borrowing money in our name and giving the money to their friends this does not help anything except the politicions and their friends. If by chance they are not “friends” yet, they will be after getting 700B.

    This is not the end of the financial problem, were prolly still in the first half, so do not think of this bailout as the “fix”. The real fix would be to back a currency with gold and allow the public decide what they wanted to be paid in…

    Vote early and often!


  • Ima

    This Congress will go down in history as the Breavest since our Founding Fathers or The Congress that finally destroy The Constitution of the United States and our GREAT Nation.

    What is going on with “Ameros” being sent to China?

  • We have to vote NO! The reason is the bailout is loaded with bloat.

    Millions for a kids toy wooden arrow company

    Millions for a rum company who is not even in America

    Millions perhaps Billions for Golden Parachutes for CEO’s that got America into this mess in the first place.

    Foolish systems that are destined to fail. Now we have politicians who want to prop up businesses that made big mistakes that hurt everyone in the USA.

    We are in trouble folks. At some point, a REAL adjustment will have to be made and we will have to put up with the consequences short-term to correct all of the mistakes of the past 8-years long term.

  • Marci

    No, I don’t feel it should be passed. Why should we be responsible for big business practices gone wrong? It is another ploy to take the taxpayer’s money to satisfy the greed of the special interest groups. In the first bail out plan, there was a 20% allotment to the ACORN group!! WHAT!!?? We all know that this group has been the root of all of this to begin with. It is a group of people who have lied, conjoled, threatened and interferred with voting in several states. They have used ficticious (either made up or deceased) names as voters to obtain what their goals. Is this the segment of our population that we want to give our hard earned monies to? No, I don’t think so!! No wonder John McCain hurried back and discontinued his campaigning!! No wonder the Democrats were angry with him. He knew about the OCORN allocation and I believe that because of his presence there, it was ommitted. No telling what else has been added to this plan that we are unaware of and would disagree with. The ACORN monies might even be in there disguized under another name. I’m going to continue to read the replies here! Mr. Paul, we depend on you and your knowledge and honesty to help us with some of these worries.

  • Dave M. Ph.D.

    I absolutely DO NOT support the bailout, “rescue” or whatever they want to call it. Fortunately my Congressman voted against it which was wonderful. However my Senator voted for it and he is on the banking committee. What a disgrace.

  • bridgette dolgoff

    i think that if the economy is in that bad of a state nothing we do will hold it up for long. we need to allow it to adjust and we may not like what happens, but sooner than later feels better to me. i am ready for a new way of doing business and creating income. many amazing people and business have surfaced out of sure need during past economical down turns. for example the co-op was built, the idea was created in the 1850 period, but it was a business during the great depression. to this day it is the most trusted way of doing business as well as can with stand economical down turns. iam personally being tired of constantly feeling like i am under the gun traying to stay afloat aren’t you? we need to change the markets that make us worker harder for them with no benefit to us, we need freedom, relaxation, play time and security! we are the only ones who can change this and it is by allowing the old to die off and in time, could take years we can create a win win situation for all of us!

  • Rick S

    We are creating a dictator with this Paulson Plan enough said.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3k-DEwd0vY
    Great American Wall Street Bailout

  • Oh, I forgot to mention that our books are cooked worse than Enron’s.

    5.1% Inflation is bogus!

    Gas is 242% more expensive today than it was in 2003. Oil is in everything. 400 Gallons of oil is used to plant, grow, fertilize, package and ship to each US citizen every year.

    Our Government backs out gas and food from inflation. Can you? Worse things like Hedonics and weighting skew the numbers.

    GDP is 40% less than calculated.

    Our debt to GDP is a disaster, especially if you include the 40 or so trillion that isn’t recorded.

    We are already in a severe recession.

    I used to be an airline captain. It is like our instruments are showing a full tank of fuel and because we use Enron math to program our onboard computer they are lying to us.

    Any economist who uses cooked data to determine if we are in a recession should not be an economist.


    Look around. Banks don’t close when we aren’t in a recession. Unemployment doesn’t reach record numbers when we aren’t in a recession and housing foreclosures don’t happen en masse when we aren’t in a recession.

    David Walker is right—-Our biggest deficit is a leadership deficit.

  • TIM K.

    There are 300 million people in these the United States. How about telling those PINHEADS that even if they gave every American $1 million dollas it would still be way under their CRIMINAL WALL STREET BAILOUT!!!!


    IF you don’t Wise up all you senators and congressmen ” YOU WILL BE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Emilio Cinelli

    A resounding “no.”
    The whole “Bailout/Rescue” is a scam to enslave the American Taxpayer to a revolving door ” tap the till” policy by Bush and Co…This includes most of the Senate and a good number of House Representatives. These people believe the “hype” that we are doomed and that only the “Bailout/Resucue” can save us.
    The only thing to save us is “turning back the clock” and repealing a lot of what brought about the wrong.
    We need the Gold Standard back, less Socialism, No Federal Reserve, no IRS, no UN, no NAFTA, but definitely “True Free Enterprise.”
    Yes, the world changes but we have to get back to a solid monetary policy, a better work ethic, less greed and more sanity at every level of governement. Above all, we have to stop the ‘outflow of cash”, the outlandish spending and the uncontrollable growth of governement.
    Who needs all these “laws”, ordinances and high taxes? I don’t and neither do others…
    Please vote “No”…Thanks, EMC

  • Harold

    Check out the people that run the hedge funds.