Poll: Do You Support The Bailout Bill?

Poll Results:

Yes, they should pass it: 146 votes (3%)
No, they should reject it: 5,000 votes (94%)
Not sure: 173 votes (3%)

The House of Representatives is approaching a crucial vote on the Bailout Bill later today [Update: The bill passed 263 to 171]. The mainstream media claims that public opinion is increasingly in favor of the bill, so we decided to run our own poll to verify these claims.

In your opinion, should the House pass the Bailout Bill? Please take a second to vote in our poll, then tell everyone you know about the poll to make sure that all our voices will be heard.

(Feel free to post an explanation of your vote in the comments section.)



  • Joe

    It appears that even the Wachovia saga is going to have a good ending with those that are crying for government backing vying against those that did not. Wells Fargo should get to purchase whatever it wants regardless of deal, if the other whiner needs some fed backing, boo hoo.

    In that regard the market was working itself out just fine.

    If the money was destined to go directly to the money markets vs. buying up junk paper that wall st. had created out of thin air then I would have had some support for a bill, but not this bill obviously.

    If the money was for that purpose alone, i.e. to fill in the gap in lending created by some bad decisions vs. forcing us to buy up worthless paper at a price set by the banks… I would have supported such a bill. Obviously, any alternative voices were promptly silenced.

    This could have shaped up better, with multiple trips though the house and the world still would not have collapsed. I think American’s just got a knee-jerk right to the ribs this time and the clueless senate hoodwinked by the bushites one (hopefully!) last time.

  • Dave

    The 700 billion should come out of the pockets of all the supporters of this bill.. O wait do you have any more to give to uncle sam ? … I would really like if some of these supporters of this bill would post on here and tell us NON supporters where they think all this money is really going…..

    I my self do NOT support this bill… I do not think that all these people (sheep)can understand or even fathom how much 700 billion really is…

    people sit in their little boxes (homes) watching their little boxes (tv) getting crammed full of cnn, fox, cnbc, and all this network crap and their all overspent and credited out saying “o yeah we should spend 700,000,000,000.00 to help us”. They seriously do not know the first thing about how money works other than ” I get my paycheck and I spend it ” …. Wasn’t every body told when they were a kid ” Do you think that money grows on trees” , where do they think all this (counterfeit) (monopoly) money is coming from?

    WAKE UP!!!!!! NAP TIM IS OVER… Time to play with the big kids and have a mind of your own. Ron Paul is the real free America…

    ps: Has anyone herd of the amero currency….


  • terry odom

    At 54 years of age I think back to the time when I was around 18 years old and working in a bank. I attended AIB classes and had to write a paper on money and power. One of the books I used as a reference was entitled “The day the dollar dies” by Willard Cantelon (spelling?). Man that guy was right on!!
    I’m always leary of an elected “leader” that dose’nt feel like being truthful with the people that gave him that office with their ONLY source of power. Their lone vote. Each person that voted for these folks is partly responsible for this mess and abuse of power. Everybody has the RIGHT to vote for the candidate of their own choice. Party line voting is a thing of the past my friends and it will lead us to destruction.

  • Norma

    Plesae wake up befour it is to late please i am voting for Ron Paul thank you

  • John

    Okay, so we have a bill that, from all appearances, was not sanctioned by the majority of American voters?

    What recourse is there when this supposedly elected government does not do the will of the people? ( and what and where is their proof that they did?).

    They could ship us all to a Gulag? Or, we need to ensure that the Tax Paying, Working, Voter has recourse. This will not be overturned by a higher court, and we all knew, irrefutably, that it would pass.


  • Richard

    I have a very simple question for all of you, and that is when are you all going to wake up and smell the roses…..AS for myself I clearly state that I am not a income tax payer, haven’t been one for 18 years and IRS knows knows why. I hope my email infuriates the bunch of you because you are all a bunch of sheep. You need to wake up and take back the liberties that you have been deprived of because you are like a ostrich with your head in sand. Benjamin Franklin once was quoted as saying,”Those that give up liberty for safety, deserves neither liberty or safety.” Thomas Jefferson was said that the american people NEEDS to have a revolution every ten years, so they can keep the government in line. The one outspoken leader we have today is congressman Ron Paul….listen to him. In the mean time pull your heads out of your behind and strat doing something to get youR rights back..IN OTHER WORDS WAKE UP DUMMIES..

  • Mattynr

    copy of my email to the bunch of them:

    Subject: Vote..NO… NO .. on the private Business bail out.
    Letter sent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and My congressman Howard Berman, both
    of my Senators….. Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer…
    and to Senators John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

    Honorable Senator Barbara Boxer, September 30, 2008

    I would like to share with you, and join the millions of Americans, my request to not…… do not… bail out this “private business” problem.

    Please do not downplay the intelligence of the American people of not having an understanding of the severity of this problem. The complexities of this problem are well understood by many.

    1. Private Business was given the freedom to operate without regulations.
    2. They abused this freedom.
    3. They do not want to take responsibility of their mistakes…. and want the tax payers to clean up this mess.

    No.. the answer is No……

    Business managers are doing what they know and do best… that is Business….
    and that is shifting their loses down to the consumer?

    Give them an opportunity to save themselves and if they can’t? Then what we do won’t help in the long run anyway……..

    Where we are is were we are heading……. they will have an opportunity to skim off the top money to protect their bottom line.

    IMPORTANT……IMPORTANT….. There is a lot of money at the top of this in the Private Sector.. this is a private Business Problem, they created it and they need to scramble and save themselves.
    The motivation is there…… they can do it..
    I have been watching European news….. the world will survive….. Their consensus is just that,
    if we do not bail this out. We need to bring this to where it belongs…….. the private Sector.

    You and the rest of “You” in Washington work for us….. not Business and Wall Street.
    If their problem does effect us…. this does not justify ….. “You” and the the rest of “You” jumping in bailing “Them” out without our permission….

    “You”, and the rest of “You” do not have our permission to do this.

    Now, there is so much angry out there, there is a campaign to vote against any member of Congress, Republican or Democrat who votes “yes” on this bail out……..

    Sky is falling? It has already fallen!

    Many Americans should not be in these homes with bad mortgages…. we can’t save that and shouldn’t……… but there should be a freeze and something retroactive to X date to keep those in their homes if they can manage the payments and have been paying all along.

    Take that $700 Billion and pour it into our infrastructure creating JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, you cannot outsource a Bridge, Dam or Levee……. The government will grow with income tax moving in and people will be able to pay their own mortgages………… it is not our job to pay mortgages, nobody paid mine and I was a single mom.

    Thank you with respect,

  • Anyone else more committed than ever to run for office? I’m tired of this crap. I’m so tired of it. Utah had 2 Reps smart enough to say no. One incumbent Chris Cannon has lost favor with so many in this state that he didn’t even make it past the primaries this year. He voted yes. I got an email from his challenger (who will almost certainly beat the Dem candidate this year) stating he would have voted no. Both of our Senators voted yes. I’ve been saying words in my head that I don’t say, repeatedly.

  • lea winn

    We are saddened to hear of the betrayal of the sell out.
    It is not a bail out, but a sell out.
    God be with us in our undertakings. We are not deceived by this evil.

  • Rob Martin

    This has to be the saddist day for America. Our elected represenitives have let the American people down. I will join any movement against getting rid and of the sorry of the communists that have taken over the government. Piece of s*** congress whom I wrote several emails and called—-I live and work in developing African country—and I still made time to try and communicate my feelings. So Bush, Paulson and Bernanke got their way. Unbeliveable!!!

  • The markets have to work this out. Congress is complicit in this situation going back to Johnson’s Great Society and the Community Reinvestment Act which was subsequently loosened by Congress through the Clinton Administration. I am at the cynical point in time believing that we just “follow the money” to determine why something is happening. Perhaps we should ban PAC money and other consideration to Congresspeople and we might solve the problem of lifelong legislators too as well as legislation benefitting just some. I was appalled at the pork in this bill which passed the Senate. This is a sad day for the United States and the economy…band aid surgery can only make it worse in the long run.

  • Ima

    I agree with the TAX Revolt. Can we get a 2 million to join us?

  • Hello to all Real (and future)Patriots! All of our “bitchin & moanin” will do dillysquat in terms of results. Did all our calls and emails help sway the whores in Congress? Our true and effective revolution must be financial punishment to all the Congressional parasites that grow more cancerous to all Americans who bleed for their paychecks everyday. We need a massive and effective TAX STRIKE. Instead of filling out tax forms in April, we need to send letters to the I.R.S. and Congress that we, collectively, as American Citizens are fed up with being “raped and pillaged” by the so-called “American Government” and they are welcome to keep what they have but NO MORE MONEY! Fini. Done. If a tax strike could be accomplished in this Nation we just might be able to save ourselves from the gang of thugs that set up their circus tents in D.C.

  • claude bufler

    ron paul is absoutly right

  • claude bufler

    listen to ron paul or we are in big trouble

  • claude bufler

    we better listen to ron paul or we are financially destroyed

  • C. Jodon

    Re-elect no one that voted yes on this bill

  • David

    H. Michael Fu:

    So you support fixing a problem by doing the same thing that created the problem in the first place (printing worthless money)? Isn’t repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result called… insanity . . . ?

  • H. Michael Fu

    Personally, I would simply support the bailout bill with admendments, and beside it has already pass the House, if you all have watch C-Span Live.