Poll: Do You Support The Bailout Bill?

Poll Results:

Yes, they should pass it: 146 votes (3%)
No, they should reject it: 5,000 votes (94%)
Not sure: 173 votes (3%)

The House of Representatives is approaching a crucial vote on the Bailout Bill later today [Update: The bill passed 263 to 171]. The mainstream media claims that public opinion is increasingly in favor of the bill, so we decided to run our own poll to verify these claims.

In your opinion, should the House pass the Bailout Bill? Please take a second to vote in our poll, then tell everyone you know about the poll to make sure that all our voices will be heard.

(Feel free to post an explanation of your vote in the comments section.)

  • MaryAnne

    It crazy to think, you can get a loan to pay a loan with no income to pay the loan. Ask Arnold Gov of California, he is now asking for congress to bail out his 5 year balloon loan with another loan. Our kids in our schools don’t even have there own school books, no P.E., some no music or classes for vocational training. Why is now the country doing the same as California. How about Jobs and resetting the morgage loans to the value of the homes with 4.5 or 5.0 percent rates to keep their homes. And I live in Temecula, where your job is 70 to 90 miles away. Foreclosure started because they couldn’t pay gas, mortage and food. So, now they insure 250,000 dollars in the bank. People like me don’t have 250K, but a have Husband laid off from retail industry (furniture) and can’t get a job because he is over quailified and made to much money. I can’t refiance the house because its upside down, not that I can’t make the payments… Now how stupid is that???? Bail out! Bail out Me!!!


  • Sherman Okst

    Hello Katherine:

    Ugh, with all due respect, I think it has been going on for almost 100 years not 20, we got bought off in 1913, 1933 and then 1971.

    Personally I think the most egregious of the three was 1913 because we tossed the Constitution out the window.

    From 1665 until WWI there were only about 4 BRIEF periods of inflation, all during wars. Other than those few wars there was no inflation at all! So for 250 years everything worked fine. People didn’t have to gamble in the stock market to try to keep up with inflation because save for 4 wars there was no inflation.

    In 1913 The Federal Reserve was created.

    In 1933 FDR created money out of thin air and ordered US citizens to surrender their gold for these paper bills that they printed. He did pay them 20 bucks an ounce for gold. After he stuffed the US vaults with all the gold he then set the value of gold to 35 bucks an ounce.

    Nice touch, I’m certain all those that lost 15 bucks felt even better then. (Back then cars sold for 600 bucks so 15 bucks was a LOT of money.)

    The US was then on a quasi gold system whereby one (“one” as in a a foreign country not a US citizen) could give the US a buck (well 35 bucks) and get an ounce of gold for it. (Well actually the US gave gold coins not bars whenever possible because the coin’s face value was less than the melt value due to impurities.)

    At the time the Country was on the Brenton Woods Accord. The glitch was that this accord didn’t prevent the US from printing money out of thin air, via the Fed and Fractional Reserve Banking. The Fed is a private bank and NOT part of the government. Vietnam was, like Iraq and Afghanistan VERY expensive. Even with taxes (unlike now with tax cuts.) And they printed a but load of money. When countries called us on the dollar, the US started running out of gold. Nixon took us off the quasi gold standard.

    Since then we have been printing money out of thin air and it isn’t backed to anything – but faith and we don’t have a lot of that these days.

    THAT is when we got bought off by “these people” and that is how long this has been going on for. Things have to compound and go exponential before the $hit hits the fan and now we are seeing a lot of hockey stick charts. Unemployment, inflation and M3 (money printing), foreclosures, business closures….

    Our dollar is like Ron Paul says, it is like Monopoly money now.

    Our Constitution is specific about gold and silver coin as a tender in payment of debts, as was Thomas Jefferson and what he said about the creation of money and inflation and the people controlling it.

    The sad part, is that it is my guess is that like Paul says, no one in Congress knows the Constitution. W was saying we need new laws for the 21st century. I suppose if we don’t go back to the Constitution they will need lots and lots of new laws. I listen to the news, to Congress and I wonder if any of them realize that the Fed is not federal or that Congress in 1913 legalized counterfeiting.

    Legalized counterfeiting. That, in my book is the crime of the century and we are going to be left holding the kahuna of all bags. Of course, don’t fret, our kids and grandkids will be here to help hold the kahuna of all bags. The burden won’t be on us alone.

  • Katherine Allen


  • Katherine Allen

    When are we going to wake up and stop being so apathetic andSTOP RE-ELECTING THESE PEOPLE? I’VE BEEN DOING AN ANTI-INCUMBANT


  • Katherine Allen

    When the media began reporting that calls to the senate/house was
    changing in favor of the bail out it was discovered that several of these companies affected assigned several of their employees to sit at the phones and make repeated calls to senate/house in favor of the bailout. The senate/house phone lines were so busy they weren’t asking what district or who their representatives were.

    Of course our idiot politicians fell for it especially after “pork”
    was added. They do love spending our money. The wooden arrows was a project of my Gordon Smith from Oregon (sorry every one – I never voted for him).

  • Sherman Okst

    Hello Jose:

    Just to clarify- I was saying that the elected officials (save for a few like Dr. Paul) are ignorantly blissful. Well you put it nicer than I could have said it.

    I think most American’s know how bad things are – heck we all have to eat and drive to work and put clothes on our kids.

    Enron Cook Book Authors:

    Kennedy – removed workers from unemployment reports

    L. B. Johnson – put Social Security payments you and I make as income and removed that SS money which they spend from the debt column

    Richard “Break in Dick” Nixon – Removed gas and food from inflation figures (COME ON YOU HAVE TO LAUGH NOT ONLY FILES WERE REMOVED ON THIS GUYS WATCH)

    Bill “I didn’t have sex with that woman” Clinton – put Hedonics (Greek for the pleasure of) (COME ON YOU HAVE TO LAUGH AT THE IRONY)into the inflation formula, basically if you buy a computer for 1 grand today in the store the BLS says it sold for say 600 bucks because it is has more memory and a faster processor. So even though the price went up 400 bucks they count it as going down 400 bucks. He also enacted substitution (pretty funny if you think of that famous cigar that was substituted for….) so if we buy steak and it goes up in price sooo much that we can buy it anymore they replace it with…. say cat food. (Yummy). Well they may not use cat food – today anyway it may be Ballpark Franks.

    So when you hear inflation is contained that is a lie. Yet the liar knows no better. Even the best economist use BLS (which should be renamed to BS) inflation rates/statistics.

    When you do your own math you will see (I pulled these receipts this morning) that inflation is up there in the stratosphere:

    2001 gas 1.27 2008 gas 3.89 Increase of 306%
    2001 half and half 1.14 2008 2.48 Increase of 151%
    2001 Cigarettes 2.74 2008 Increase of 144%

    Enron cookbooks work great until we all can afford just food and gas, the only things not counted by the BLS. Then we see unemployment, foreclosures, bank failures – and well a depression.

    Because they say inflation is contained and GDP to debt is a good ratio it all works until the rubber hits the road. We can say we aren’t in a recession/depression when using cooked books but banks failing, abundant foreclosures, prime delinquency rates surpassing subprime rates, record high unemployment and – well reality indicate otherwise.

    There is a lot more to this. Yeah, it gets even better and I don’t even see Paul talking about this stuff.

    The OPEC member nations use Enron math for their “proven” reserves. The more reserves the more they can pump/sell.

    Then there is population – think China ans SUV’s.

    Well, I’d write more here but I need to get back to the book I’m writing. Take care.

  • I agree with the prior posting. Are elected officials are idiots, and they are crooks, too! Why can’t our elected officials bail out the American people who are losing their homes. The status quo is just not working anymore. We need more honest elected officials like Ron Paul. This so called “bailout” is so flawed and unconstituional. Our country is still a great country becuase of the American people, but we are such a financial crisis. Whoever gets elected in November can’t fixed the crisis that we’re in right now. What a mess we’re in!

  • Jose Spenceros

    Hey Sherman,

    You might be right about the gen pub and the ignorantly blissful. I just wish I could join them. But I have a daughter and her future to consider. And I don’t like the idea of soup lines or bread lines. And just for the record, you can count me out for gang showers, too. So we work hard to ensure a safe if not prosperous future and try to pass on the limited synthysis to others. I think that is all we can do, isn’t it?

    I just think the Feds know enough about the truth to hide the M3. Providing it will, at least, provide some transparency. It just cracks me up that they claim the elimination was due to a lack of funding. They say that info. was too expensive to report. Unreal.

    Did they really eliminate the gas from the CPI calculations?

  • Sherman Okst

    Hello Jose:

    Good post! The only thing I don’t agree with is asking the government to tell us the truth.

    I really don’t think they are lying to us because they don’t know the truth.

    Which is worse? I don’t know but personally I’d rather be lied to because it implies the official voting laws actually know their collective a$$ from their elbow.

    Except for a few like Ron Paul, until the truth bites them in the a$$/pocket book – they won’t know it. And even then I’d imagine that the vast majority of them will wonder what really bit them.

    Case in point, we tossing 1.8+++trillion at a symptom, we are not fixing the underlying problem. Also, tossing good money after bad money is well, not fixing the problem. It is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of, other than printing money out of thin air.

    I think we have elected a nation of idiots.

    On interest rate cuts: I think all the Central Banks around the globe will cut rates. Prices are falling – my hunch is because a vast majority are tapped and to get prices up again they need the ability to amass even more debt. Oh boy!

    California can’t sell bonds to keep the government open. California sets a lot of trends. What will happen if the Fed. Govt. can’t sell bonds to China? We borrow about 2 billion a day.

  • J. K. Amerling

    Just wanted to thank Ron Paul for the forum. I’m just sorry I didn’t learn about R.P. before all of this “bailout mess” because I would have voted for him. I think the media did a nice job of marginalizing his legitimacy and silencing his messages. But the truth will prevail. Thanks again, Ron.

  • Jose Spenceros

    This is a mess of epic proportion.

    Years from now we can look back at this page and others and know who was right and who was wrong and I find that very interesting. Of course I am uncomfortable with our future outlook, but I take solice that what I read today is the TRUTH as it is repeated over and over on almost every informed website I can find. Only politicians and Pollyannas disagree. Many of you have done your homework and most of what I read today is at least from a seemeingly informed public. This offers me a bit of hope for the future; that we can mitigate the ongoing damages inflicted upon us my our culture of debt. Only people like Veggie Dan scare me, not implicitly, just that his level of understanding is the norm rather the exception.

    1) Live within our means, and (gasp) actually spend less than we earn. This must be done as a country, businesses, and households too.
    2) Drop the prime lending rate to 1% from 2% temporarily.
    3) Insure FDIC insurance to 500K or more.
    4) OUR gov needs to level with the people and tell us just how broke our country is, that we cannot even afford to operate day to day without the assistance (greed) of foreign banks. Most of the recent $800B fleecing package is going to foreign banks anyhow. JUST TELL US THE TRUTH big gov, cause we can handle it. Someone earlier said that our GDP is probably closer to 40% less than reported and I agree. David Walker is a MAVERICK if there ever was one. We risk turning a bad year into a bad decade!

    The future pain that we will likely feel when this whole thing corrects is merely a function of the amount of lies we are willing to accept and the duration that this deception lasts. Make no mistake about it: Sometimes it’s sooner, and sometimes it takes longer, but in the end the piper ALWAYS gets paid.

    Debt and lies are a deadly combo.

  • How much of this bailout money goes to Dubai to pay for that mess?

  • james johns

    the bail out will be the same as bailing out the losers in las vegas wallstreet will be back to gambling the next day and wast all that money. the bank still lend money to any body with a good back ground. the depression will still get worse.

  • Danny Banks

    i own silver. of course i want them to trash paper money some more!

  • bridgette dolgoff

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1697805906900297328 , i posted yesterday. the issue is that most of us do not understand the law that governs us. go to the web data i have left here, copy and paste. this is the truth, it will be hard to swallow, but listen to it all the way and then sit with it and you will get the full scope of what is going on! b

  • Dave

    check out this link

    we united have to change

    write in Ron Paul

  • markus

    I’m LIVID… and don’t really get that way often about politics……. Ron Paul said it eloquently.. we ought to be ashamed of ourselves. A year or two’s worth of “adjustment” pain is far far superior to the abject calamity we now face in 2009 or 10–who knows when. This is such a sorry political calculus…

  • The Dude

    Let me just say the word. Oligarchy. Your voice is heard and clearly ignored. go back to sleep, you might escape the coming oppression. extermination for the dissenters. The Fascists and Commies have taken over. McCarthey wasn’t Paranoid. The Pirates have authority. pack up your stuff go hide in the woods. get off the grid. Like swiss family Robinson. Lord Bush is crashing the Liberty plane into the socialist mountain.Our home is nothing more than a market to the Globalists. you are a number, a statistic. you are living the last farcical days of a disease laden whore called democracy, who has compromised her values for a little bit of money. i hope the words upset you.perhaps you’ll get active.

  • Kip Day

    You know this country has gotton so away from common sense that it makes me sick! We need to take this country back! Do you realize if this economic scandal would have happened in 1776, they would have taken these people out, tied them to trees, and shot them for selling out this country and the American people! We have gotten to comfortable in our every day live’s, we gripe about the government and how they have done us wrong, but we are not prepared to do anything about it. We need a revolution people before it is to late. Every day we lose a little more of our freedom’s, we need to Govern ourselves, throw these political hack’s out of Washington and say “NO MORE”

  • Macbizzle

    I HATE the media idiots that are calling congressman who voted against the will of their constituencies patriots. If I hear any more bullshit about how it isn’t a popularity contest and that they are doing what’s right for America I’m going to vomit. You’re a congressman… you are the VOICE of your constituency. That’s why you’re in office you swine. If they wanted what was right for America we never would have gotten into this mess in the first place.


    TIM K- 1,000,000 X 300,000,000 = 300,000,000,000,000. Three-hundred TRILLION is a lot more than seven-hundred BILLION. Like, 430 times more. Learn some math. You’re an idiot and your post makes everyone else on this website look dumber. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Richard- If you’re going to quote Franklin, do it right. “Any society that would give up a little liberty for a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” It sounds way better that way.