“Dear Ron Paul… HELP!!!”

This is a letter to Ron Paul and to all who are sick and tired of the “big money” running our country’s affairs. We “little people” are what make this country work…they are NOT listening to us!

You just watched them pass another bail out bill under pressure by Bush and the cronies! They’re killing us fast!

If you feel this way as well, please copy this video and get it out there among the peeps who care. Maybe we can get Ron Paul back in action somehow, “write in”, Independent”? Whatever.

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  • If you feel this way as well, please copy this video and get it out there among the peeps who care. It is run by private bankers and they are the ones who have engineered all of our financial crises for their personal gain. Depending on what state you are in, and what type of ballot you have, a line should be there for a write-in candidate.


  • jack

    Please stay objective watching the Zeitgeist movie. Read this as well before you make up your mind.

    However i believe the FED must go, and the Worldbank, and IMF, and many other banks within that organisation. Money supply belongs to a (public) controlled government.

  • Shane Gibson

    Dr. Paul has done much to open people’s eyes and we should appluad him for that. However if we want a true revolution we must have revolutionary idea’s, we must go beyond anti-establishment idea’s. We must have an end game plan, a goal, a vision.

    I present to you ladies and gentelmen the true revolution:

  • Jeff C

    GOD BLESS YOU, Dr. Ron Paul! Please reconsider re-joining the race for president. we need you, this country needs you! Save our lives! Know that if your name does not appear on the ballots, many people will be writing your name in.

    sightedprey: excellent video! Can you spell NWO? So many sheep…


  • Lion

    Dr Paul,
    I made a video bedtime story that is on youtube. Type in the words bedtime and bailout, and listen to a story that is much like your predictions. Funny I had not seen your website or even heard of you before I made that video, but the similarities are compelling. I also have been warning my compatriots that with our current debt woes we are destined to go the way of the soviet economic collapse. I am very unhappy about these developments How can I help stave off econmic ruin, stop the quest of the rich elite to finally create two classes, rich and poor? They are already making education so expensive that in 3 generations only the rich will be able to afford college, thus ensuring that the poor and uneducated stay that way. It is a frightening and backward development. Please make sure that the people understand that the FEDERAL RESERVE is not a government bank it is not run by the US treasury. It is run by private bankers and they are the ones who have engineered all of our financial crises for their personal gain. NEVER Privatize social security. It will then be owned by someone other than the federal government and they will take that money and enrich themselves leaving the us worker with NOTHING, just as the FEDERAL RESERVE has done with our tax money since their inception in 1913. About one hour’s worth of research on the internnet concerningthe federal reserve will educate anyone interested in the truth and our future. Thanks for reading this. Let’s all work together for the greater good of all US patriots.

  • Vic

    Ron Paul 3. Other suggestions would be to negiotiate a better loan rate with the Chineses, such as you would do by refinancing your home or credit card debt to a lower rate. 4. Lastly propose moving hurrican victiums into forclosed homes.
    Vic – Idaho

  • Tim

    Dr.Ron Paul, Nye county in Nevada was there for you when you needed us, now Nye county and the country NEEDS YOU. I am an Independent and I am asking you as a retired Air Force member, as a citizen, as a concerned father and grandpa, and one who loves his Country, Please reconsider and run as an Independent. Your Country and your People need you……. Tim

  • Like seriously!? like for @!#$in serious!?
    With the bailout bill passing on top of everything else

    does everyone remember back in the day when you’d still see
    gobs and gobs of advertisements for candidates before the elections
    Hasn’t anyone noticed there aren’t as many as there *should* be?
    Maybe it’s me, but it appears as though someone out there already
    knows who the next president is going to be…

    Let’s take a long hard look at the problems at hand, with the inflated government, money that doesn’t buy anything, people getting killed in countries that most of them don’t even care about. Housing market that is bust, an economy that’s been to the Dr more times than venereal ridden hooker and gotten nothing but a whole mess of band aids

    I have the answer for all of you, These are not our problems, they aren’t even close, the war isn’t in Jordan, or whatever’istan’s. It’s here and it’s going to be Civil and I’ll be the first recruit. We’ve done it before with the British parliament and taxation, and we did it again when southern states got all pissed off for whatever reason, and I’m thinking we’ll do it again and only this time it’ll be to end this corruption. This country (*not bush*) wants to start a war and remove a dictator from power who’s supporting terrorism and killing all sorts of innocent people, ya fine, I’m for that. But my war will be to put someone into power and that’s Ron Paul

    At first I’ll fight this war with my Mind
    And Second I’ll fight this war with my Heart
    And Third and Finally – I’ll fight this war with my fist


  • sightedprey

    “Before It’s Too Late”

    Before it’s too late, consider your fate.
    Before it’s too late, observe where you stand.
    Before it’s too late, take action against those
    Who lie and deceive to destroy our great land!
    Before it’s too late, take time to do homework.
    Look into the options not fed by the “Man”.
    His money owns media and works in dark places.
    His soul has been sold to destroy all he can.
    Before it’s too late, to fight for your Liberties,
    Before all the doors have closed to our stand,
    Before it’s too late, speak out for your freedoms
    They’re swaying the voters like birds in their hands.
    Before all is over and this great land fails
    And citizens rot in their new FEMA jails
    Before Marshall Law demands your respect
    Before all you didn’t do, you come to regret
    Before you watch families, left out on the streets
    And hear all the agony of regret and defeat
    Before New World Order is “soup of the day”
    Before every Liberty is taken away
    Before all the poor are devoured, enslaved
    And patriots lay in freshly dug graves
    Before they stop by to pick up your guns
    Before you pack light and live on the run
    Give Wisdom her hour, and listen with care
    She speaks for your freedom and warns of despair
    She cries through the mouths of the lowly and poor
    She walks your street shouting, and pounding on doors
    Awake, you who slumber
    Awake those who sleep
    Awake before Wolves
    Devour the Sheep
    Awake to the process, so cleverly designed
    By devils and foxes who devour the vine
    The fruits of this Nation, the poachers do steal
    While blissfully you slumber, accepting their deal
    Let no one deceive you, let no lying lips
    Cause further destruction and fast sinking ships
    For fear and control they set up these crimes
    And do well by media to sell all their lies
    Search for the party, give care who you quote
    This may be the last time we all get to vote

    Here’s the link where you can find and comment on my MySpace blog:
    “Before It’s Too Late”
    God bless!

  • sightedprey

    I find it terribly suspicious when our government sends our own troops to other countries to help develop “democracy” when they are causing democracy to crumble right here at home with each tyrannical bill they pass against the people!

    As far as removing guns??? Heh, they remember all too well how this great country was won and founded…it is the true Patriot’s spirit that is rising up during this time of oppression and deceit. They fear the possibilities of outrage and revolt against the government. That is very clear…especially since they have shown their “fear” of Ron Paul and his supporters getting any publicity and not even allowing them near certain rallies, etc. to be further heard by the people.

    This is the reason they have threatened Marshall Law within the group of Reps who were voting on the bailout bills. They know that “We The People” are awake and watching their every move against us! Bush has been planning Marshall Law for quite some time in our own domestic regions…preparing for something very huge to happen. He knew all along what he was going to pull on us, and he is setting the troops up as our “monitors and oppressors” even as we speak. One call-does it all, huh, Bush?

    You don’t get my guns! Period!

    This present US government, which was formed “by the people, for the people and OF the people” has risen it’s head far ABOVE the people. It’s time for getting things back into order and there is little time indeed when following the political trends pushing toward a New World Order, National ID’s, total monitoring of the population and every detail of our personal lives.

    Obama and McCain are typical puppets. I think McCain KNOWS who’s pulling his strings, but I get the impression that Obama hasn’t quite figured this out yet. He is being “used” by them, however, as we have heard his speeches and can hear their same agenda running throughout his agenda.

    Both present candidates “sway” in their thinking as you have no doubt noticed how their convictions change throughout their campaigns. One time they are sending MORE troops in to other countries and the next time they are promising to remove the troops…What???? and we are supposed to put up with this type of wavering agenda in the White House??? I don’t think so.

    Ron Paul “killed” them all in the debates and any honest soul would admit that. He answered each question such skill and thought on the mater while the others scrambled and tripped over their own tongues searching for the answers “on the spot”. this is because they have NOT even taken these important matters into consideration, I’m sure.

    I realize that it is not only Ron Paul who can make a change, that we are the ones who must effect the greatest change in our country, but we do need to back a leader as President to help us to orchestrate these great changes in Washington and throughout this great land. We need to back a leader, and they need to back us as well!

  • sightedprey

    Josh, “DITTO” !!!