Questions for the Candidates

While more than 90% of Americans know who John McCain and Barack Obama are, third-party candidates like Chuck Baldwin, Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney and Bob Barr are virtually ignored by the mainstream media and prohibited from participating in the televised Presidential debates.

The current election is falling into the same old routine. There are two candidates with very few real differences from each other. They answer the same meaningless questions at the debates, each side calls the other a liar and hypocrite, there’s class warfare, fear is planted in everyone’s mind, and so on.

Would it really hurt us to ask some of the below mentioned questions of both candidates, along with some follow ups so they can clarify their answer? And then ask 2-4 smaller party candidates the same questions, and give them some national exposure as well?

These questions are the ones I would ask, based on my ideas of what we should do to fix our once great country.

1. What are some advantages / disadvantages of our current fiat money system?

2. Would you be in favor of a simpler, easier to understand tax code, where money is only taxed once?

3. Do you think we are getting our money’s worth in the war on drugs? What tangible benefits does this war on drugs have?

4. Which would be more beneficial to an individual, a properly managed mix of 401k, Roth IRA, CDs, bonds, money market funds, etc. or government run Social Security?

5. Are we getting fair value for the money we spend on education? Why are some schools falling apart? What benefits do teachers unions provide to our children?

6. Do you agree or disagree with the statement that our infrastructure is crumbling? If yes, why is this the case? Could private companies handle the roads, bridges, and jails without as much waste?

7. Are the wars we are involved in constitutional, and why exactly are we at war right now? To capture Osama Bin Laden? Secure our oil supplies? Promote our way of life?

8. Why are we in the United Nations and what purpose does a UN declaration serve if we ignore it?

9. Do you think free markets could set interest rates, or do we need the Fed to set these rates? In your opinion, has the Fed played any negative role in the current economic situation?

10. Is it a good idea to let third-party candidates participate in the Presidential debates?

Can you think of other important questions that should be asked but are very unlikely to be asked in tomorrow’s televised debate?