Ron Paul Responds to Greenspan Testimony

Ron Paul was interviewed on CNN’s American Morning today. He responded to Alan Greenspan’s Testimony to Congress, criticized the former Federal Reserve Chairman’s contribution to the financial crisis, and talked about the upcoming election.


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  • Take it as you will. I don’t think it’s as easy a decision as you suggest. But come November 4th, I will vote what I think is best.

    I’m no fan of either major candidate. But I do see wisdom in looking at the bigger picture — whether that means voting for the lesser of two evils or voting for someone who probably won’t be elected. As Mike points out, Obama being elected might eventually lead to a better president next time. But then again it may turn into eight years as with Clinton. There are no guarantees.

  • Mike

    Yes, voting for the lesser of two evils may eventually worsen the extent of the two evils, and hey, the “better” next election may be as bad as the “worse” this time around. So there is some value in voting your conscience. The economy may be worse with Obama, but then, that may be a wake-up call for next election. If you are not willing to “die” (suffer 4 really bad years with the worse of 2 evils) when you vote for the good, but unelectable candidate this time around, then you don’t deserve to “live” (get a really decent conservative candidate elected 4 years later).

    I’m sick of being told how bad Obama is and how bad his distributive policies are. -I know it myself, I’m not stupid. But to vote I need to know there is a good choice that will stand up for the people and what’s right.

    McCain’s voting for the bailout was the tipping point: it was not right, and it was against his own anti-pork policies, a spit in people’s face. If he couldn’t stand up for the people before the election, why should I think he’ll be any different after? His campagn is probably the most energy-deprived feeble campaign ever, alive only because of Palin (not in the single-digits yet at this point) and Lieberman (the primaries hurdle). He said he would take the fight to California, but pulls out even out of Michigan, he isn’t much of a leader/fighter either.

  • Peter B

    With all due respect to your pastor, make up your own mind. If you’re fine with “lesser evil” voting, then your complacency is helping to ensure our nation’s descent into bondage.

    You might want to ask him if we’re supposed to be motivated by the fear of man, since that’s effectively what you’re doing by voting “McCain to prevent Obama”.

  • Last night, our pastor spoke about the Christian’s opportunity and responsibility to influence our government for good. During the Q&A time afterward, I asked what to do when neither candidate was appealing. His response was that the time for being picky is during the primaries. But now that there are only two viable candidates, it’s time to look at the bigger picture. If I vote for a conservative who has little to no chance of winning, I’m actually giving a vote to the liberals. So, he said that it is better to “hold your nose and pull down the bar” as you vote for the best of what’s left.

    If I vote for a conservative write-in candidate, then the more liberal of the candidates will actually do better.

  • AJ Bower

    Nah what im saying is I do absolutely understand the system and where to write and what to say.

    What is the absolute problem I believe is or one of them is when people tell me I don’t have the right to speak or as they say it complain about what goes on in this country.

    Which I think is wrong.

  • Peter B

    AJ, I’m confused: what are you saying? If you don’t vote, you haven’t exercised the fundamental right of an American citizen to have a voice in government.

    There’s at least one good candidate on the ballot in every state. In some — as with Chuck Baldwin in Texas — they are official write-in candidates rather than listed on the ballot, but they’re THERE and ready for you to vote for them.

    If you want to do something besides just moaning and complaining, write your elected officials, and do what you can to vote them out. Heck, if there’s nobody else and you feel that strongly about it, *you* can run for office. Don’t try to be a victim; do something about the problem.

  • AJ Bower

    I absolutely hate it when somebody tells me or someone tells somebody they have no right to complain about anything in this country if they don’t vote.

    When in fact I think I do because there is no real solution with picking the lesser of two evils like Jesse Ventura has been saying.

    I absolutely wish there was a vote of no confidence option be whatever it may on the ballots. Then maybe I would vote this year.

    The fact of the matter is when you just vote because of skin color or party(which may not be bad considering policies) you show the true failure of the American voting mechanism.

    Nobody votes with their heart or conscience anymore like the way it should be.

    Anybody with me on that? If we don’t vote, we don’t have voices? Anybody else disagree?

    And there use to be a day when people that broke the law went to jail. Where has those day’s gone. AIG? Give me a freakin break. Crooks most of these people that caused this failure in the first place. But not one person is being charged. A shame really.

  • Obama Chicks in Bondage is the name of an article by Ed Hudgins, Ph.D. of the Atlas Society (

    I am convinced that most of Obama supporters like him because of his superficial personal qualities but are unaware of his collectivist ethics and their consequences if elected.

    Of course the consequences of a McCain presidency are equally horrific.

    What we need is for both to be rejected and Ron Paul to be elected, but that prospect is remote this time around.

    This article should be widely disseminated.


  • Well if they gave him a voice then, they had to worry about people listening or “Ooooh Scary” they may have ended up losing a statist like McCain for him.

    Heaven Forbid that we end up with a Good person in office just once since before the civil war.

  • Peter B

    Gee, it’s nice of them to give him a voice *after* the primary.

    Unapologetic truth is so refreshing (while at the same time damning because we know what’s probably coming).